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Snow in the UK in June!

Days before the start of Wimbledon

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10 Jun 11

Hi Robert,

First off, thank you for your spectacular book “Ice Age Now.” My eyes (and hubby’s) are opening wider than they ever have before! This book is a serious must-read for anyone with an eye to the near future.

Although British, I now live in central West Virginia.. hence this news item of interest.

I had a report from an elderly aunt today saying that it had snowed in parts of Wales and that they were under a FROST warning for tonight! Indeed, I checked, and they are plummeting to an unprecedented low of 3 C (37F) overnight in the English Midlands. This could spell disaster for many crops.

Then I checked the town of Betws-y-coed at the base of Mount Snowdon for Saturday night. This location is only 103 metres above sea level. Temperatures are predicted to fall to -2 C (28F).  

Best regards,
Caroline Snyder

The BBC article has this to say about the snow:

"In the middle of June, days before the start of Wimbledon and just over a week before the summer solstice."

"It started hailing around lunchtime, then it snowed for about an hour," said Jonathan Tyler, manager of Snowdon Mountain Railway's visitor centre at the summit of the mountain.

"We are going through a little bit of a cold spell at the moment, with temperatures of 12-13C (53-55F) when the average temperature for this time of year is 18-19C (64-66).
Thanks also to Jeremy Wickins, Slan Lusan, Bradley Haythornthwaite and John Brown in Ardrossan, Scotland for this link

"Apparently, being six degrees Celsius (10 degrees F) below the average temperature for this time of year is 'a little bit of a cold spell' according to the Met Office," says Jeremy.

If you want to check the temps for yourself:
Thanks to
Caroline Snyder for this link




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