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Snow in Peru in August

Hello Robert!

After several months of no writing to you I decided to send you another report from the Peruvian Andes.

I have to admit that the report about children deaths around Puno, Peru repeated after BBC, London is a bit exaggerated, because here in the highlands of Peru around Lake Titicaca temperatures fall at night well below freezing every May, June and July and the calamity of children`s death from pneumonia is a yearly event although it seems that temperatures there hit record lows in recent years.
Another very interesting phenomenon is apparent lowering of freezing level in the high Andes.

To document it I`m sending you 2 very recent pictures of Mt.Umantay and the surrounding mountains.

The snowy mountain is around 17000 feet high and always covered with snow.

On the right hand side there is a lower mountain covered with a bit of snow.

A few locals who dwell in this secluded village where I am at the moment tell me that it is highly unusual to see snow on that mountain that actually lingers for more than few hours.

Snow at night falls relatively frequently here in the Andes around Cusco at 12000 feet and above, but below 14000 feet it does not stay for much time and usually is gone in the afternoon.

Curiously enough, it looks that the freezing level in the Andes has dropped consistently in recent several weeks.
However down in the valley at around 7000 feet where I stay it is hot, dry and sunny...
Roman Andrzejczyk






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