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Snow in Brazil, below zero in the River Plate,

tropical fish frozen

Power consumption sets new records

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5 Aug 10 - For a second day running it snowed in Southern Brazil and in twelve of Argentina’s 24 provinces including parts of Buenos Aires.

In Argentina the phenomenon extended to Northern provinces (geographically sub-tropical).

In Patagonia and along the Andes snow reached over a metre deep, isolating villages and causing yet undisclosed losses to crops and livestock. Temperatures went as low as minus 10C, even lower in snowy regions. Maximum temps ranged from zero to 7C.

Power consumption set new records in both Argentina and Uruguay, and hundreds of industries suffered blackouts.

In Uruguay the lowest temperatures were registered in the north and west: minus 7C.

In Bolivia, temperatures in tropical areas in the east plummeted to zero causing “millions of dead fish” in rivers that normally flow at 20C.

Santa Cruz governor Ruben Costas said the province was suffering a “major environmental catastrophe” and warned the population not to make use of water from rivers (because of the dead fauna and flora) promising to send drinking water in municipal trucks.

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3 Aug 10 - More than six million fish and thousands of alligators,
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rivers, the cruel aftermath of the extreme cold in South America.
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