Snow in Brasil and Uraguay  

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Snow in Brasil and Uraguay

5 Sep 08 – Here’s an email from a Brazilian reader
Hi dear Felix, my name´s Dimitri, i´m a daily reader of your site and i´m sending a photo of snow in plains of south of Brasil. Not on mountains but IN PLAINS! This does not happen in MORE THAN ONE DECADE!. Congratulations for your great job and site!

Dimitri Ramos da Silva

Clique no link para ler a notícia completa no UOL
Imagens do dia (photos of the day) Notícias - 05/09/2008



Rare late winter snowfall in Southern Brazil
Friday, September 5th 2008. This day will go in our climatic history of the southernmost state of Rio Grande do Sul as one of the coldest ever witnessed in September. It was an amazing day. Temperatures below 5 degrees Celsius during afternoon hours are quite rare even in the coldest months of calendar from June to August, but today temperature dropped to 2 degrees in several cities after midday with the lows occurring during the afternoon. What began in the morning as granular snow and sleet quickly became moderate to heavy snow in the afternoon. The city of Pinheiro Machado (450 meters) never could expect to be whitened, despite the snow forecast from MetSul Weather Center, the only public or private weather institution in Brazil to warn on the snow..

See entire article, with photos
Thanks to Bonnie First and Ron de Haan for this link

Snow also observed in Northern Uruguay
In the southern areas of Rio Grande do Sul, temperature dropped in the afternoon to 2,5ºC in Bagé, 2,7ºC in Santana do Livramento, 2,2ºC in Canguçu and 3,1ºC em Caçapava do Sul. MetSul’s chief meteorologist Eugenio Hackbart notes that it was for sure one of the coldest ever recorded afternoons in September in a century. Hackbart explained that the synoptic pattern that favored this Friday snowfall in Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil) was very similar to the one that produced the first snow in Buenos Aires since 1918 last year.

By Alexandre Aguiar
MetSul Meteorologia Weather Center / Porto Alegre – Brazil
Pictures from Zero Hora newspaper and from readers.
More on the snow in Southern Brazil at  (Portuguese only)
Thanks to Marc Morano for this link




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