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Snow hampers Japan relief efforts

Below freezing in much of the area


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18 Mar 11- Very few reports have surfaced about the harsh weather conditions in Japan, but a photo on MSM shows a gas station worker in Ichinoseki in northern Japan telling drivers who camped out overnight in the snow that no fuel is available. Harsh, snowy conditions have contributed to a severe fuel shortage in the country. (See photo at the link below.)

The harsh winter weather is complicating an already difficult relief effort, said Kirsten Mildren, a spokeswoman for the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. "The level of destruction is just monumental and you've still got flooded areas, and now on top of that you've got this rain and this snow."

Temperatures below freezing in much of the area

Kids are sleeping on the ground in near-freezing temperatures on nothing but pieces of cardboard because there are no beds and they have no blankets and they have no warm clothing, said Casey Calamusa, a spokesman for World Vision.

You'd think that people would simply evacuate the devastated areas, but they can't - there is no fuel.

Lack of fuel, created by the difficulty of getting supplies to the neediest areas and aggravated by hoarding, is "throwing a spanner into everything," said Francis Markus, a spokesman for the Red Cross in Japan.

"In many places, the shops are empty and there's nothing to buy because there is no fuel to deliver it," he said.

Cold and snow curtail U.S. military supply missions

Meanwhile, U.S. military officials admitted that relief supply missions flying from the USS Ronald Reagan and the USS Constellation have been curtailed because of wind and snow. They have been able to fly far fewer missions than expected,
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