Snow causing roofs to collapse

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Snow causing roofs to collapse

26 Dec 08 - OLYMPIA, Wash. - Piles of snow are causing roof damage throughout the region, creating dangerous situations.

In Bothell, a carport collapsed on a City of Bothell firefighter as he was bringing a stretcher to transport a patient at Green Acres Mobile Home Park.

In Tumwater, 65 senior citizens were evacuated from the Olympics West Retirement Inn after a doorway buckled due to snow piling up.

In Olympia Thursday, a roof collapsed at Capital High School.
Olympia high school roof collapses under snow

Also in Olympia this week, firefighters had to use the Jaws of Life to rescue a man trapped beneath his own roof.

More than a dozen of Don Sheppard’s neighbors had similar problems with their flat roofs, which were not meant to support almost 2 feet of snow.

Olympia building inspector Tom Hill says anyone with a flat roof should try to lighten the snow load if it can be done safely.

And with warmer rain in the forecast, they should clear their gutters and drains.

"If the drains are frozen the rain won't necessarily go down through the roof system," he  said. "So it could bring additional loading on that roof."

Be aware of the dangers of overloaded roofs and watch for early warning signs of excessive snow and ice such as:

     - Severe roof leaks, indicating torn roof membranes
     - Ripples or bends in metal supports
     - Loud popping noises emanating from the building structure
     - Water ponds in areas where it never accumulated before 
     - Obvious deformities in the roof
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30 Dec 08 - Roof collapses at a church, a grocery store and a building supply company were among 19 collapses attributed to the wet, heavy snow, officials said.

The National Weather Service on Tuesday forecast more hazardous weather for Eastern Washington. A major winter storm also was forecast to begin New Years' Day, followed by another storm Sunday.

Winter storm warnings were also posted for the Olympics and Cascades through Wednesday afternoon, expected to bring 1 to 2 feet of new snow.

As of Tuesday, the weather service said Spokane had received 59.7 inches of snow in December., breaking the one-month record of 56.9 inches set in January 1950. Snowfall records in the area have been kept since 1893.
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