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Slowest July Arctic Melt Ever

Indeed, global sea ice is above normal
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18 Jul 10 - Excerpts from P Gosselin's "No Tricks Zone."

NOAA has declared 2010 the hottest ever, even though it’s only July! What’s the hurry? You have to get them scary global-hotting headlines out while you can.

When you’re desperate - you’re desperate. 

They’ve seen their own forecasts for the rest of the year, and so they know it’s their last chance. Just check the leading climatic indicators on Gosselin's homepage and you’ll see why. 

Now Gosselin uses the same NOAA “scientific” method to declare that the Arctic has experienced the slowest July ice melt ever! (Well, at least  so far). 

Look at the ice melts from June 30 – July 15 for previous years, taken from AMSR-E

                 Sea ice melt               
Year      6/30 to 7/15                     Daily rate
2002     1.126 million sq km             75,000 sq km / day
2003     1.014                                  67,000
2004     1.019                                  68,000
2005     1.152                                  77,000
2006     1.210                                  80,000
2007     1.742                                116,000
2008     1.216                                  81,000
2009     1.413                                  94,000
2010     0.807                                  54,000 

July melt rate at an all-time low!

Never has ice melted so slowly in mid-summer as it has this year - less than half the rate in 2007 - far below anything on record. Would NOAA already call it a record low melt for the month? 

Indeed, global sea ice is above normal. See here and here, just at a time when  it’s supposedy the “hottest ever”.  "

"Someone is wrong, obviously," says Gosselin. "Do you think anyone in the media is going to run this story?"

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