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Sixty earthquakes in Yellowstone

Including magnitude 4.1


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8 Apr 11 - Reader Karen Russell writes:

"I recall a short while back that a teacher notified you when the Yellowstone count was about 34 on this site; now it is up to 60 and I have never seen it that 'busy' but then I have not bookmarked that site for that many months either.  WOW!

It would seem that the solar storm that took us for a ride yesterday and messed with a few systems is going to mess with the earth some more.  The seismographs were wilder earlier in December and January when no really HUGE quake was apparent;  yet the activity at really deep levels was marked. 

There was an article which stated that the scientists were not too concerned at recent activity at Yellowstone 'because it was at such extraordinary deep levels.'  It was also at very deep levels off the coast of Japan for months before this happened, yet the silence of just why this was occurring was DEAFENING.  Same thing for the trench off Yemen and in the Carribean, although the magnitude of quake in both sites was not as high as off Japan (though higher than usual). 

Yesterday the quakes in Yellowstone were up to 50 and 55 count and I assumed they would soon stop, but no, now it is at 60.  Wonder what is about to boil over? 

This link shows several earthquakes near Yellowstone
today, including a 4.1 near Spencer, Idaho.




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