Siberian Snow Depth has Doubled

Not by Fire but by Ice



  17 April 2006      



Siberian Snow Depth has Doubled
That’s what the headline should say, but instead, it says:

Arctic water flow speeding up

6 Apr 06 - A team from
the University of Alaska, which included two Russian
scientists, analyzed records of precipitation, snow depth and runoff in the
catchment area of the Lena River, an area of more than a million square 
kilometers east east of the Ural mountains in Siberia.
They found that the 
average winter snow depth
there has doubled [italics mine] to 44 cm 
from 22 cm in 1940

The Lena River, one of Siberia's largest rivers, "is dumping about 10% more 
fresh water into the Arctic today than it was some 60 years ago, thanks to 
the complex effects of increased snowfall, melting permafrost and changing

The way the article is written, it leads one to assume that that old 
dreadful bugaboo, "global warming" is rearing its ugly head yet again. 

But for someone who believes that we're headed into an ice age, as I do, 
think the fact that average winter snow depth in Siberia has doubled
is extremely important information.

As far as I’m concerned, this is yet another misleading headline.

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