Severe Winter Storm Targets Eastern US Early Next Week

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Severe Winter Storm Targets Eastern US
Early Next Week
1 to 2 feet of snow possible


31 Jan 09 - “Git yer milk, eggs, and bread early kiddies,” says reader Charles Patrick, “the stores are gonna be swamped.” Expert Meteorologist Joe Bastardi expects several major snowstorms in the East over the next four- to six-week period.

The first storm is likely to bring major snowfall to parts of the East on Monday into Tuesday.

At present, it looks like the storm will trek just inland of the coast (along or near I-95) through the Southeast and the mid-Atlantic into Tuesday morning, then near or just west of the Hudson Valley of New York state later Tuesday.

In the Appalachians, a heavy - possibly crippling - snowfall could hit, with some locations blanketed with 1 to 2 feet of snow.

Accumulating snow could hinder travel as far south as northern parts of Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia Monday.

The storm will intensify over New England or the eastern Great Lakes on Tuesday, potentially leading to dangerous blizzard conditions west of its center.

Regardless of the storm's track, harsh cold and blustery winds will grip the entire eastern third of the nation Tuesday into Wednesday.

A difference in storm track by a couple of hundred miles could mean the difference between heavy snow, heavy rain or nothing at all in your area, so if you live in the eastern third of the nation you’re urged to check with through the weekend for updates.

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