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Sawtooth Dynamics - Life vs Ice Ages

The ice-age cycle


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18 Apr 11 - World-renowned mathematical professor, Claes Johnson of Sweden, created this graph showing the sawtooth cycle of ice ages and of life.

The graph shows temperature variation during the 4 major glaciations of the last 450,000 years. It shows:

         a fast increase of temperature over 10.000 years,

         followed by slow decrease over 90.000 years.
(I don't think it's all that slow.)

In this perspective an interglacial warm period (of about 10,000 years) is an explosion in human progress ignited as the happy result of certain favorable conditions (Earth orbit, Earth axis tilt, Earth-Moon interaction, Sun activity...)

We are now approaching the end of such a happy explosion and will have to wait about 100.000 years before the next burst allows humanity to thrive again...and populate North Europe including Sweden.

Johnson's graph clearly shows that "climate change" - driven by totally natural cycles - has occurred over and over again, even before we nasty humans arrived on this planet.
Thanks to Hans Schreuder for this link


Claes Johnson, author of many books, is also co-author of the controversial new book, Slaying the Sky Dragon.

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