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Sacrifice Our Way of Life for Nothing
.1 October 07 - Here’s a sad email from a reader that I unfortunately agree with:

"It looks like we're losing the global warming battle. Now Secretary of State Rice has said, "the world must cut emissions or sacrifice the planet". The Bush administration has caved in.

With all the science coming out debunking so much of the global warming myth, are our elected officials just ignoring it? Apparently they are. If it doesn't fit with the hysteria, they don't want to hear about it.

It saddens and angers me that they are going to sacrifice our economy and way of life for nothing.

Steve Hollar
Lake Elsinore, CA

                                                * * * 

And here’s a great addition to the above email:

"The problem here is that we are not just sacrificing our way of life "for nothing". We are in fact sacrificing much more. While all this hype is going on about Global Warming, no one is preparing for a potentially catastrophic cool change. So all this money which is being pumped into pumping up the GW band wagon wheels is ultimately completely wasted, except for those few in positions of power who will benefit hugely from the folly. Where is the hype about the potential for cooling, or did we miss that band wagon, and since it fell out of favour last century no one listens to it anymore?

"For the common man, this is really tragic."

Lloyd Robins.





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