Retired teacher challenges Gore with billboard decrying climate 'hoax' 

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24 August 07


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Retired teacher challenges Gore with billboard
''Man-made globull warming is a huge hoax!''
Oswald Czolgosz, who believes environmental activists such as Al Gore are suppressing debate about global warming, spent about $3,000 to have a dissenting perspective publicized last week.

"I am just an individual citizen. I am not a member of any organization, any political party. I just like to read up on the facts and be informed and I got the feeling that my sources of information were being stifled," he said.

"Finally, the other side is being heard. Consensus [about global warming] has arrived, nobody is allowed to disagree, according to Al Gore. I am pointing out there is no consensus."

The billboard in the city's northeast end reads: 'Al Gore is a warm monger!; Man-made globull [sic] warming is a huge hoax!' ''

Mr. Czolgosz, 56, purchased the ad when he tired of peers who labelled him "a denier" for questioning the cause of the greenhouse effect."I got fed up to the point where I was making arguments and everyone was calling me an 'idiot.' The consensus is out there and you're a 'denier' if you don't agree with [environmentalists]," he said. "Every issue has two sides and the other side has a right to speak out and be heard as well and not be closed down as a denier or a neo-con. I've been called every name in the book."

Mr. Czolgosz has provoked ire in the past with bumper stickers that display a message much like that found on his billboard. His car has been egged and keyed, he said. "I don't even want to tell you about fingers. I have a guy down the road who beeps and fingers and angry scowls just because someone has a different opinion." Supporters, on the other hand, have honked at him on the highway, pulling over to collect the complimentary stickers he has on offer.



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