Record snows crush Antarctic hut

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 Updated 2 December 2006      




Record snows crush historic Antarctic hut


28 Nov 06 – "An Antarctic hut used by Captain Robert Falcon Scott is 
being crushed under record snowdrifts."

Four conservators with the Antarctic Heritage Trust (AHT) spent a week
shoveling 85 tons of snow from around Cape Evans hut in a bid to prevent 
more damage from the snowdrifts, one-third bigger than any snowdrifts in 
95 years.

"A quirk of global warming is that more snow is predicted to fall in Antarctica 
as temperatures rise, putting more strain on a fragile hut located in one of the
planet's harshest environments." (That’s what the article says, but in fact,
temperatures in Antarctica have been falling.)

"For the last two years rafters in the stables have partially collapsed under the
weight of the snow," said AHT executive director Nigel Watson. "That's never
happened before. "It's all been in the last three years with an unprecedented 
level of snow accumulation. There's been a significant change in terms of the

Amy Ng, a Wellington, New Zealand-based conservator, said snowfalls around
the hut this winter were much higher than in previous years.

From an article in The Press by John Henzell

Note Watson's words: "an unprecedented level of snow accumulation."
This, ladies and gentlemen, is how ice ages begin. Not because it may,
or may not, be getting colder, but because of  an "unprecedented level
of snow accumulation."

Thanks to Fridtjof Lafeber for this link.








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