Record snowfall sets Heavenly up for endless winter

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Record snowfall sets Heavenly up 
for endless winter


South Lake Tahoe, CA/NV— 7 Feb 08 — Heavenly Mountain Resort received 167 inches of snow in January - 14 feet in one month! - marking the most snowfall in a single month since the resort began keeping snowfall data in the 1975-76 season.

"We’re in one of those epic snow cycles that the Sierra mountain range is famous for," said Blaise Carrig, Heavenly’s chief operating officer. "We beat the next closest month by 20 inches. There is no destination in the U.S. that has the kind of snow we have right now."

In addition to the record snowfall, Heavenly’s snow pack is 23 percent higher than average, its base depth ranges from 78 to 100 inches, and it has received over 300 inches of snowfall to date this winter. May. The resort had planned to close for the season in April, but has extended the closing to May.
Thanks to Perry Morris in Lodi, CA for this link


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