Record snowfall across Canada

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Record snowfall across Canada
This follows record snowfall last year -
but both of those facts are buried toward the end
of the article. Instead, it talks about
a nationwide white Christmas.
Is this attempt to deceive the public?
You decide.
(Be sure to read the comments by climatologist Dr. Timothy Ball
at the end of this article.)



21 Dec 08 - Environment Canada senior climatologist David Phillips told CTV Newsnet that "it looks like a very good chance" it will be a white Christmas for all parts of Canada for the first time since 1971, the first one in 40 years.

"It's just sort of the beginning of winter, and it's a little much to expect when we have so many different climatic types in this country for it to be frozen and snow-covered from right across the huge country," he told CTV Newsnet on Sunday.

"In 10 provinces, every one of them has got some weather misery out there, and an advisory," he said.

               The article was much longer than this, when it finally got around
               to what I consider the most telling statements:

“Phillips said some parts of the country are seeing snowfall amounts that have outpaced last year's record and near-record totals at this point in the season.

"Already in many places in eastern Canada, we're ahead of the record from last year," he said.

See entire article: hub=CTVNewsAt11
Thanks to Tom Weatherby and Marc Morano for this link

               Canadian climatologist Dr. Timothy Ball had this to say about the
               above article:

               David Phillips is listed as a Senior Climatologist at Environment
               Canada. He has a BA in Geography and made his name by producing
               a weather calendar; "Weather Trivia." He has been the spokesperson
               for that  department giving lectures all across Canada pushing the
               AGW thesis. (Anthropogenic Global Warming)

               Nature will follow its usual natural course and there will be periods
               of thaw across the country as the Rossby Wave pattern asserts itself,
               that is a general 4 to 6 week cycle of general weather conditions. It
               will result in the pattern of one half the country being warm the other
               cold with the dividing point being the western end of Lake Superior.
               They will latch on to the warm portion and emphasize that in their
               stories to the media - its Phillips' job as spin doctor for his department. 

               Generally, the weather stories in Canada are a function of what is
               affecting Toronto, so if the warming occurs in that city so much the
               better for the spin. The joke in the Canadian west is, "How many
               Torontonians to change a light bulb?" Answer, "None. They hold
               on to the bulb and the world revolves around them."

                Tim Ball




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