Record snow wallops Michigan, Northeast hit again 

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Record snow wallops Michigan, Northeast hit again


1 Jan 08 - A fast-moving New Year’s Day storm dumped more than a foot of snow on southeastern Michigan, and threatened to do the same in New England.

The storm left 10 to 16 inches of snow across parts of Oakland, Lapeer and St. Clair counties north of Detroit.

"This storm most definitely packed quite a wallop," said Weather Service meteorologist David Shuler in Oakland County.

It was the region’s heaviest New Year’s Day snowstorm on record, said Shuler, and was unusual for its intensity. In the heart of the storm, snow fell at a rate of at least 2 inches an hour, with periods of 4 inches an hour.

Farther east, the snow spread across upstate New York and northern New England, where it was expected to drop as much as a foot of snow on parts of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

On Monday, 11 inches of snow fell on the Albany area and more than a foot in central New Hampshire. Concord saw 10.1 inches, beating its December record — 43 inches in 1876 — by an inch and a half.

December’s snowfall at Concord, N.H., totaled 44.5 inches, toppling a record of 43 inches that had stood since 1876. Burlington, Vt., got 45.7 inches, far above its 17.2-inch December average, and Portland, Maine, amassed 37.7 inches for its third-snowiest December on record.

New Hampshire has already spent $30 million on snow removal out of the $75 million budgeted for the entire winter, said highway department spokesman Bill Boynton.

In Vermont, where it’s been snowing almost nonstop since Thanksgiving, as much as 7 inches fell overnight.

In Maine, the storms provided a fresh layer on top of the roughly 6 feet that the state’s two biggest ski resorts, Sugarloaf USA and Sunday River, each got last month. "It’s been unbelievable," Sugarloaf spokesman Bill Swain said. "It just keeps coming."
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