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Record lows dispel global warming myth
By Philip Brennan


5 Aug 09 - (Excerpts) Former Vice President Albert Arnold Gore Jr., the father of the great global warming hoax, is having a serious problem with Mother Nature: she's refusing to cooperate with his campaign to convince the world that our planet is well on the way towards barbecuing itself on a spit fashioned from Carbon Dioxide (the dreaded CO2).


Mr. Gore's problem with the climate is ...well ... The climate. It simply won't do what he says it should be doing. Instead of raising the planet's thermostat  to heat, it's turning on the air conditioning to cooling. In summer!


This is August, mid-summer, and it is usually hot and steamy here in the U.S. To Mr. Gore’s discomfort, it's been downright chilly in much of the U.S.


'The New York Times' remarkable front page article on July 31, 2009 titled 'In New York, It's the Summer That Isn't' by reporter Sam Roberts detailed the record breaking cold summer in New York. The article warned 'this could be the coolest summer on record' and 'this will have been the coolest June and July since either 1903 or 1881.'"


With the kind of summer much of the nation has endured just what can we expect this coming winter? In a word: a very cold one, starting in early Fall and continuing into a very late Spring.


The recent record shows that the alleged global warming stopped in 1998 and it's been getting colder since then even if the warmist fanatics, in the face of the evidence, insist otherwise.

Button up your overcoat Mr. Gore. It's going to get colder out there if Mother Nature has her way - and she always does.

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