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Record cold in Thailand and Vietnam

reak weather conditions totally unexpected
in a region that is supposed
to be embracing the hot season at this time of year


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22 Mar 11 
Hi Robert, 

I am an Italian reader of your website and of your marvellous book 
not by fire but by ice... I've found some links very interesting about cold 
record in Thailand and about unseasonal snow falls in Sa Pa, Vietnam.
17C in Bangkok at 14.30PM!!
New Coldest record at noon 17C!! 
The coldest daytime maximum temperature was 19.9 C (68 F), recorded 
in December 1992.(wiki)
thank you Robert, ciao!
Michele Brucalassi

Here are some of the articles that Michele sent:

Mercury plummets in Thailand
18 Mar 11 - "The sharp drop in temperatures over the past few days makes it seem as if winter has returned to Thailand," says this article by Chularat Saengpassa.

The mercury plummeted to between 16-18 C (61-64 F) in Bangkok and its neighbouring provinces, while the temperature on Doi Inthanon, the country's highest peak, plunged to just 3.4 C (38 F) yesterday.

"Never before in my working life have the temperatures dropped as much as 10 degrees in a single day. Never before have I experienced a winter in the summer," said Meteorological Department acting chief Somchai Baimuang.

"This reminds me of the movie '2012'," said one post on a social-networking site.

Unseasonal Snow Gives Backpackers a Shock in Vietnam
17 Mar 11 - The Sapa region of North Vietnam, a hugely popular tourist destination in the Southeast Asian country woke up to snowfall this morning as temperatures across the region plummeted to the lowest levels recorded in over a decade.

The normally sun-baked paddy fields were blanketed in snow

These freak weather conditions are totally unexpected in a region that is supposed to be embracing the hot season at this time of year.

Cold weather kills old man
17 Mar 11 - The cold weather has killed an 83-year-old man in Phitsanulok's Muang district, reports said. I'm thinking that liquor had more to do with his death than the cold.

More articles about cold in Thailand:
And more about unseasonal snow in Vietnam:







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