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Record cold in Regina

Coldest daytime max in at least 130 years


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1 Mar 11 - Regina, Saskatchewan - "Tuesday afternoon's high of -25 C would be the coldest daytime temperature on record for the Queen City in 130 years," says David Phillips of Environment Canada. (Phillips' statement is apparently incorrect. See note below.)

"That would be a cold day in the dead of winter, let alone in March," says Phillips. "We've changed the calendar, but not the weather."

Regina's weather records date back to 1883, so this may have been the coldest daytime max in even more than 130 years.

This is a continuation of this winter's trend, said Phillips. February was 2.7 degrees colder than normal, January was about a degree and a half warmer than normal, and December and November were more than a degree colder than normal.

What you see is what you're going to get for the month of March, Phillips said.

April is also expected to be colder than normal.

See entire article:
Thanks to Alen Bendbow for this link

Note: I don't know if this was the "coldest daytime temperature on record," as Phillips said (see first paragraph above), or if it was "the coldest March 1 in 130 years," as he also said.

According to reader Mark Darrow, there have been "numerous daytime high temperatures much colder than -25C (-13F).  Just during the month of January since 2008 (a span of only 4 months) there have been 6 days with high temperatures as cold or colder than -25C.  In fact, on January 29, 2008 the daytime high was -31.6C or -22F!"   

Either way, it doesn't look much like global warming.



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