Record cold in Peru   

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Record cold in Peru


22 Nov 08 – E-mail from a reader in Peru

Hi Robert!
I visit your Web Site regularly and read the posted articles. I completely agree with your standpoint that the solar activity has changed in the recent years.

I spent first 31 years of my life in Poland, then 23 years in Vancouver Canada; now I live in Cusco,Peru.

I have to say that living at the elevation of close to 11000 ft is a different experience than living at or close to sea level.

I`ve talked to many people in Cusco about weather changes here in recent years and practically everyone says the same: the climate has recently changed!

You don`t see any extremely violent weather events here, but in late May, June and July (Winter here!) the temperature drops down to record levels before sunrise. In Cusco it was down to -4 C but the lowest temperatures recorded in Peru in still populated areas in the even higher Andes in the last 3 years reached -27 C between Cusco and Lake Titicaca.

Every year scores of newborn animals and young children die here directly from cold or cold related causes like pneumonia.

The sun seems to be even stronger than ever and causes skin burns even to the locals exposing themselves to sun radiation for the whole day.
More intriguing though are the prophesies of the Native people in North and South America saying, that this situation will last only for few years and will terminate with 2 huge explosions on the sun ruining the civilization...
Regards and greetings from Cusco!

Roman Andrzejczyk





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