Record Snowfall from Spokane to Kalamazoo

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Record Snowfall from Spokane to Kalamazoo


Winter seasoning: heavy on the salt
The Kalamazoo Gazette - 24 Dec 08 - If the near-record snowfall in December is any indication of what the rest of the winter might look like, trouble could be down the road for county and municipal street-clearing agencies.

December snowfall is already one for the record books more coming Wednesday
The Oshkosh Northwestern - 23 Dec 08 - An inch of snow fell Tuesday in Oshkosh, adding to the record snowfall total in the city for this month of 29 inches dating back to at least 1948, according to the Midwestern Regional Climate Center and even more is on the way tomorrow, according to the National Weather Service.

Trash service stalled by Portland, Oregon snow  
KGW NewsChannel 8 Portland – 26 Dec 08 - Trash is piling up around Pioneer Courthouse Square, businesses and residences across Portland metro area because the past week's record snowfall prevented garbage haulers from making pickups.

Crews moving lots of snow  
The Bismarck Tribune – 25 Dec 08 - Bismarck-Mandan city officials are drawing on manpower hours, salt and sand, fuel and equipment to manage December's record snowfall, but say they aren't running low on supplies yet.

Mayor declares State of Emergency for Spokane  
KXLY-TV Spokane -24 Dec 08 - Citing last weeks record snowfall and another round of winter weather scheduled to blast Spokane over the Christmas holiday, Spokane Mayor Mary Verner has declared a state of emergency.

Statewide emergency declared by Washington’s Governor Gregoire  
24 Dec 08 - On Christmas Eve, Gov. Gregoire proclaimed a state of emergency in Washington due to the state's ongoing series of winter weather and storms. Gregoire notes snowfall has reached record or near-record level in 30 of Washington's 39 counties. Meanwhile, Spokane Mayor Mary Verner declared an emergency within the City of Spokane as a result of the record snowfall.

Mercer Ice-land | Storm delivers winter to Island doorsteps  
Mercer Island Reporter -24 Dec 08 - Record snowfall threw Mercer Island into to a white flurry last week, canceling school for three days, closing roads, and keeping most Islanders at home for a long weekend.

USDA Weather: Record Snowfall in the Upper Midwest – 23 Dec 08 - December snowfall records have already been broken in parts of the upper Midwest, and current snow depths of 12 to 18 inches are common across the northern Corn Belt.

Kennewick closing in on record snowfall  
Tri-City Herald -22  Dec 08 - The National Weather Service warned Mid-Columbians on Sunday to brace for more snow on top of the 3 to 5 inches that fell overnight Saturday.

Fear of roof collapses mounts with snow  
26 Dec 08 - Spokane - Another round of snow is expected this weekend, and forecasters say that the expected warmer temperatures will make for more wet and heavy snow.

Snow totals in mid-Michigan will likely reach record levels  
26 - Dec 08 - Yet another winter storm had Mid-Michigan in its crosshairs Tuesday.

Fargo nears record Dec. snowfall
Fargo Forum - 23 Dec 08 - Fargo is inching closer to a record snowfall total for December, heightening concerns about the potential for spring flooding on the Red River.

Snowiest December on record at Beaver Creek
26 Dec 08 - Since the ski season began, Beaver Creek has
received over 8ft of snow, making it the snowiest December
on record.

Statewide emergency declared in Washington State
25 Dec 08 - On Christmas Eve, Gov. Christine Gregoire proclaimed
a state of emergency in Washington State, saying that snowfall has
reached record or near-record levels in 30 of Washington's 39
counties. Governor has egg on her face..

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