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 I'm including extreme rainfall here because that's  what causes ice ages ... excess precipitation. If  you want to know how much snow would fall  if a rainstorm should change to snow, just add a  zero.  (One inch of rain - add a zero - will turn to 10 inches of snow.) Rainfall has increased so dramatically that I'm only including accumulations  of two inches or more.                                                     


Record Lows - 2007  
Record low temperatures in the United States

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Dec 31 December snow piling up
29 Dec 07 -More than double 30-year average
See December snow piling up

Snowfall in one day:
Albany, NY---10"
Saratoga Springs, NY---10"
Guilford, VT---9"
E. Charlemont, MA---9"
Keene, NH---9"
Binghampton, NY---7.6"
Pepperell, MA---6"
Nashua, NH---6"
Dec 30 Snowfall records about to fall in Idaho and Wyoming?
"Over here in E. Idaho, Jackson, Wyoming area we are buried in snow ... records about to fall.  The Idaho Nat'l Lab's data will tell the tale for '08."
William Sellers, Idaho Fall
( says there are blizzard warnings in Idaho)

Snowfall records about to fall in Boston? 
"According to the Accuweather web site, the snow storm this weekend in Boston is expected to cause Boston to have the greatest amount of snowfall ever, for the month of December. That will be a striking statistic, if it happens as expected. Doesn't sound a lot like global warming, does it?" 
Thanks to Michael Jenkins for this info
( is calling for another snowstorm in New York and New England)

Dec 30 Record rainfall:
Macon, GA---2.67"
Augusta, GA---2.16"
Raleigh, NC---1.92"
Columbia, SC---1.84"
Dec 29 Rainfall in 30 hours:
Mobile, AL---3.12"
Evergreen, AL---3.01"
Augusta, GA---3.01"
Albany, GA---2.73"
Dec 28 Record low
Alamosa, CO
Dec 28 New winter storm disrupts holiday travel - More than 450 flights canceled at O'Hare
A new winter storm moved into the Great Lakes Thursday, blanketing the region with several inches of snow and disrupting holiday travel.

The storm was expected to generate significant snow in the Great Lakes states - up to ten inches in northern Michigan - and leave several inches in the central Plains. Denver residents were expecting several inches of snow on Thursday adding to the 8 inches that fell on Christmas Day.

In the West, rain and high elevation snow was forecast from Washington through central California.

Snowfall in one day:
Sussex, WI---7.4"
Brighton, IA---7"
McPherson, KS---6"
Scottville, MI---5.7"
Gilson, IL---2.5"
Chicago, IL---2.2"
Kansas City, MO---2"

Dec 27 New winter storm brewing - A new winter storm brewing over the central Rockies will impact a large part of the nation over the next few days. By this afternoon, the storm will spread snow from the Rockies to the central High Plains. The accumulating snow will spread into the Great Lakes Friday, then over southeastern Canada and northern New England by Saturday.
Dec 27 Snowfall in one day:
The Summit Ski Area (Snoqualmie Pass, WA)---19"

Snowfall in two days:
Mt. Hood Meadows, OR---20"
Timberline Lodge, OR---15"
Sunset Summit, OR---12"
Willamette Pass, OR---12"
Dec 26 Denver Breaks Record For Snowfall On Christmas Day - Denver officially recorded 7.8 inches of snow on Christmas Day, the most snowfall on Christmas Day in more than 100 years. The previous all-time record for snowfall on Dec. 25 in Denver was 6.2 inches, recorded in handwritten records in 1894. This storm boosted Denver's December snow total above 15 inches -- about 7 inches above average for the month.

The weather service predicts an additional 4 to 8 inches of snow by Thursday evening.
Thanks to Steven Woodcock for this link
               As Steven says, "Boy, this ‘global warming’ just gets weirder and weirder...."

Dec 25 Snowfall in one day:
Coal Creek Canyon, CO---13.6"
Littleton, CO---13.5"
Genesee, CO---13.3"
Conifer, CO---12/6"
Dec 24 Record snowfall in Wausau grounds flights and keeps plows busy  - A winter storm passing through central Wisconsin dumped at least nine inches of snow in the Wausau area Sunday, breaking a record of 6 inches total snowfall for the same day in 1933. A total of 10 inches of snow was expected by midnight Sunday, said Scott Cultice, meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

See entire article by Tracey Ludvik, Wausau Daily Herald
Thanks to Clay Olson for this link
Dec 24 Storm leaves 22 dead, thousands left without power - The storm rolled through Colorado and Wyoming on Friday, then spread snow and ice on Saturday from the Texas Panhandle to Wisconsin. On Sunday, snow fell across much of Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota and Indiana. Up to 15 inches of snow fell on western Michigan. 

Five to 10 inches of snow is still possible in Buffalo and other parts of western New York by Tuesday morning, the weather service said.

Dec 23 Snowfall in one day:
Willard, KS---11"
Bushong, KS---11"
Topeka, KS---9"
Cedar Rapids, IA---8.5"
St. Joseph, MO---8"
Vinton, IA---5"
Dec 22 Rainfall in one day:
Port Wentworth, GA---7.75"
Savannah, GA---7.31"
Mobile, AL---2.90"
Valparaiso, FL---2.38"
Dec 21 Snowiest New England December in more than a decade - Parts of New England are on track for their snowiest December in more than a decade. The area is on pace to get up to 112 cm (44 inches) by the end of the month, an amount not seen since 1995. The latest winter storm dumped up to 25 cm (10 inches) of fresh snow throughout Maine and New Hampshire.

This is the third storm to hit Massachusetts in the past week but is less severe than the powerful snow storm that barreled into New England last weekend. More winter storms may hit New England before the end of the month.

Dec 21 Snowfall in one day:
Deer Valley, UT---16"
Boscawen, NH---15"
Alta, UT---13"
Concord, NH---13"
Brighton, UT---12"
Boston, MA---7.3"
Portland, ME---6.1"
Millcreek, UT---5"
Dec 20 Arizona – "Come up and enjoy the wonderful snow!"

Four feet of snow at Sunrise Ski Area in eastern Arizona

45 inches of snow at Snowbowl Ski Area in Flagstaff, Arizona
Dec 21 Rainfall in two days:
Savannah, GA---6.99"
Mobile, AL---2.90"
Pascagoula, MS---2.57"
Valparaiso, FL---2.38"
Dec 20 Snowfall in one day:
Andover, ME---6"
Salisbury, NH---6"
Methuen, MA---2"

Guymon, OK---4"
Pampa, TX---3"
Salina, KS---2"
Russell, KS---2"
Dec 19 Expect 2 to 3 feet of snow in next 24 hours in Oregon Cascades
(That's feet, not inches)

Snowfall in one day:
Mammoth Lakes, CA---26"
Kirkwood, CA---25"
Alpine Meadows, CA---24"
Squaw Valley, CA---20"
Prosser Creek, CA---10"
Echo, OR---10"
Glenwood, WA---6"
Dec 18 Record snow in Rochester, NY -  Snowplow and tow truck operators were out in full force Monday as the Rochester area dug out from Sunday's record snowfall.

Since the snow started Saturday, between 10 and 15 inches blanketed Rochester, including a record 6.9 inches on Sunday, said Rick Ansuini, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Buffalo. Up to 4 more inches of snow was expected in some areas.

Thanks to Clay Olson for this link
Dec 17 Snowfall:
Peru, NY---18.4"
S. Burlington, VT---13.6"
Salem, MA---10.5"
Dec 16 Winter storm leaves 3 dead, more than a foot of snow  
The National Weather Service posted winter storm warnings from Michigan and Indiana all the way to Maine. Nearly a foot of snow had already fallen on the Chicago area and meteorologists said accumulations of up to 14 inches were possible in parts of Michigan by late Sunday.

Boston received 8.8 inches of snow, with heavier amounts likely in northern New England and upper New York state.

Dec 16 Snowfall in one day:
Walden, VT---16"
North Webster, IN---16"
Bronson, MI---14"
Detroit, MI---9"
Boston, MA---8.8"
St. Louis, MO---7"
Dec 15 Record low:
Marquette, Michigan. -9F, beats previous record of -7F set in 1985
Thanks to T. Meyer for this info
Dec 15 New Storm moving in - Heavy snowfalls are expected in Colorado and New Mexico, with sleet and snow across Kansas, Texas and Oklahoma. The storm will work its way across the Plains today and is expected to intensify as it moves into the northeast USA.
Dec 14 Snowfall in one day:
Goshen, MA---13.9"
Berkley, MA---12.00"
Hartford, CT---10.6"
Boston, MA---10.1"
Albany, NY---8.2"
Providence, RI---8.2"
Binghampton, NY---6.8"
Scranton, PA---5.2"
Dec 15 Rainfall in one day:
Hot Springs, AR---2.58"
College Station, TX---2.50"
Dec 14 Record snowfall in New England - More on the way - New England dug out on Friday from a record-setting storm that dumped 10 inches of snow on Boston, more than typically falls in the city in the entire month of December.

The storm hit hours before the afternoon commute, snarling roadways and leaving some travelers stranded for hours. A second storm is expected to drop 6 inches of snow and sleet starting on Saturday evening.
Thanks to Clay Olson for this link

Dec 13 Northeast prepares for foot of snow - Some parts of the Northeast could receive up to a foot 
of snow, forecasters said. Schools in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut
announced closures, in some cases before flakes even began to fall.

Meanwhile, another winter storm approaching from the west could dump heavy snow on parts
of Oklahoma on Friday. That second storm could then wallop the Northeast over the weekend.

'Historic' storm in Oklahoma - On Wednesday, Oklahoma Gov. Brad Henry toured an
upscale, historic neighborhood in northwest Oklahoma City where debris from trees felled 
by the ice littered lawns and roadways. He called the storm one of "absolute historic proportions."

Dec 11 Snowfall in one day:
Franconia Notch, NH---4"
Twin Mountain, NH---4"
Bar Harbor, ME---3"
Augusta, ME---2.8"
Dec 10 Biggest power outage in Oklahoma history - A thick glaze of ice brought down power 
lines and cut electricity to nearly a million homes and business, closed schools and 
canceled flights Tuesday as a major storm blasted the nation’s midsection.

At least 23 deaths had been blamed on the storm system since the waves of sleet 
and freezing rain started during the weekend. .

About an inch of ice was expected Tuesday over parts of Iowa, followed by up to 
5 inches of sleet and snow. Ice as much as an inch thick had accumulated on trees, 
power lines, streets and car windshields Monday in parts of Oklahoma and Missouri, 
with thinner layers elsewhere.

Nearly 600,000 Oklahoma homes and businesses still had no electricity Tuesday — 
the biggest power outage in state history.

Dec 10 Snowfall in three days:
Red Mountain Pass, CO---43"
Alta, UT---39"
Crested Butte, CO---39"
Solitude, UT---38"
Dec 9 Ice storm plasters Plains, Midwest - An ice storm slickened roads and sidewalks, 
grounded airline flights in a swath from the Southern Plains to the Great Lakes as even 
colder weather threatened. Ice storm warnings stretched from Texas to Pennsylvania.

Some communities in Missouri reported ice as thick as three-quarters of an inch, 
where utilities reported tens of thousands without power. Tens of thousands more
 lost power in Oklahoma, Illinois and Kansas.

Dec 9  Rainfall in one day:
Tanbark, CA---2.84"
Ash Mountain, CA---2.76"
Dudley Ranch, CA---2.58"
San Gabriel Dam, CA---2.16"
Dec 8 Snowfall in one day:
Fraser, CO---16"
Boulder, CO---12"
Chadron, NE---6"

Snowfall in two days:
Crested Butte, CO---36"
Red Mountain Pass, CO---35"
Brighton, UT---32"
Alta, UT---29"
Dec 7 Record lows in four states:
Chicago, IL
Syracuse, NY
Pittsburgh, PA
Morgantown, WV
Dec 7 Snowfall in one day:
Newman Grove, NE---6"
Little Sioux, IA---6"
Omaha, NE---5"
Des Moines, IA---4"
Columbia, MO---3"
Springfield, IL---2.5"
Montgomery City, MO---2"
Dec 7 Rainfall in one day:
Sacramento, CA---2.01"
Dec 6 Snowfall in one day:
Chicago, IL---6.1"
Indianapolis, IN---3.4"
Pittsburgh, PA---3.3"
Dec 6 Rainfall in one day:
Kapapala Ranch, HI---8.87"
Kahuku Ranch, HI---6.30"
Puu Kukui, HI---5.56"
Glenwood, HI---5.00"
Dec 5 Record Snow in Indianapolis - Indianapolis set a record today with a snow depth 
of 3 inches, breaking the record of 2 inches set back in 1942.
(Thanks to Dan Hammer in Indianapolis for this info)

Snow sets more records in Grand Forks, Fargo - The National Weather Service says 
the Grand Forks airport had 8.1 inches of snow yesterday, setting a record for the date. 
And Fargo set a record with 5.9 inches. The previous mark in both cities was set in 1926.

Grand Forks and Fargo also had record snowfall last Saturday.
Thanks to Benjamin Napier for this link

Snowfall in one day:
Grand Forks, ND---6.2"
Chicago, IL---6.1"
Fargo ND---5.9"
Madison, WI---5.6"
Rockford, IL---3.9"
Minneapolis, MN---3.5"
Fort Wayne, IN---3.2"
Indianapolis, IN---3"
Dec 4 Record Snowfall in North Dakota - 4 Dec 07
But USA Today's headline blandly announces 
"North Dakota getting more wintry weather" 
See Record Snowfall in North Dakota

Portland, Maine ties 1890 snow record - 4 Dec 07 - Portland tied the record for the date 
set in 1890 with 8.5 inches of snow on Monday, according to Bob Marine of the National
 Weather Service.

Elsewhere, Marshfield in Washington County had 18 inches of snow, Lakeville in 
Penobscot County 17 inches, Island Falls in Aroostook County 16, Brassau Lake near
Moosehead 15.7, Farmington 14.7 inches and Andover 13, the weather service said.
Thanks to Benjamin Napier for this link

Dec 4 Rainfall in one day:
Lees Camp, OR---13.30"
Bremerton, WA---12.92"
South Fork, OR---11.28"
Shelton, WA---9.70"
Dec 3 Snow, freezing rain hammer Northeast - Winter storm warnings are in effect in Vermont, 
New Hampshire and Maine today, and in parts of New York state. Warnings are also in 
effect for parts of Michigan.

A foot of snow is possible in the mountains of Northern New England and New York, 
the National Weather Service said, with possibly as much as 20 inches in northern Maine. Three to six inches had fallen in central New York state, while parts of New Jersey 
received less than 3 inches.

Snowfall in one day:
June Lake, WA---27"
Swift Creek, WA---20"
Blewett Pass, WA 20"
Moyie Springs, WA---10"

Penn Yan, NY---6"
Portageville, NY---5.5"
Salisbury, NH---5"
Lewiston, NY---5"

Anchorage snowfall more than twice normal - 19 Nov 07 - This site shows the snowfall 
to date in Anchorage for the month more than twice as much as normal), and much, much
greater than last year, when records were set.

Thanks to Don Vodopich in Atlanta, Georgia for this link
Dec 3 Rainfall in one day:
Shelton, WA---5.32"
Bremerton, WA---4.14"
Olympia, WA---3.08"
Kelso, WA---3.03"
Dec 2 Winter storm claims seven lives; now eyes Northeast - Less than 3 inches of snow had fallen by midday in New Jersey, with little more than a dusting in other areas, but the National Weather Service said a foot of snow was possible in the mountains of northern New England, with up to 20 inches in northern Maine.

Snow and ice-coated roads still made driving hazardous Sunday in much of Michigan, but planes were landing and taking off from Detroit Metropolitan Airport without delay, said spokesman Mike Conway.

Dec 2 Snowfall in one day:
Wolf Creek Pass, CO---40"
Silverton, CO---36"
Steamboat Springs, CO---12"
Vail, CO---9"
Kirkland, WA---5"
Dec 2 Ice build-up in one day:
Norway, IA---.8"
Winnebago, IL---.75"
Park View, IA---.75"
Cordova, IL---.75"
Dec 1 Record rainfall in East Valley, Arizona - A major storm brought record rainfall to East 
Valley, Arizona on Friday; then went on to dump snow and ice across seven states.

The National Weather Service issued warnings for flash floods on Friday, and by 
Saturday morning parts of East Valley had totted up more than 50mm (2inches) of rain.
Dumping the most rain on the area at this time of year since 1995, the storm also broke 
the record for the wettest 30th November since 1933.
Dec 1 Storm plasters Midwest with snow and ice - 1 Dec 07 - The National Weather Service 
posted winter storm and ice warnings across Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, 
the eastern Dakotas and northern Michigan. Accumulations of 6 inches to 16 inches 
of snow were forecast in parts of Minnesota.

Minnesota's Grand Marais, on Lake Superior's North Shore, got 20 inches of snow

Record snowfall in Duluth
Duluth, MN received 10.3 inches, a record for Dec 1.

Wintry weather in the USA - A low pressure system is currently pumping rain and snow 
into areas of Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico. The storm will track eastwards 
over the next few days bringing a mix of rain, snow and ice from Nebraska to the lower
 Great Lakes. The heaviest snow is expected from southern Minnesota to New England.

Snowfall in one day:
Wolf Creek Pass, CO---32"
Coal Bank Pass, CO---22"
Steamboat Springs, CO---12"
Leadville, CO---8"

Nov 29 Rainfall in one day:
Mount Waialeale, HI---6.64"
Wailua, HI---5.83"
Makaha Ridge, HI---5.42"
Lihue, HI---4.33"
Nov 28 Snowfall in one day:
East Montpelier, VT---5.5"
Jericho, VT---5"
South Ryegate, VT---4"
Tupper Lake, NY---3"
Nov 27 Stevens Pass Ski Area in Washington state received 8 inches of snow last night,
with more expected today. Snow reached down to the 1,000-foot level.
Nov 26 Snow in El Paso - Here’s an email that I received this morning.
We are long haul truckers. We just came through Las Cruces and El Paso. The Organ Pipe Mountains were snow covered. I have never seen that before. Also, El Paso, TX had snow, 3" to 4" on the houses and cars. From El Paso to Pecos, TX there was snow pack on interstate, 10 and 20. Never seen that before either. Have been on the road on and off for over twenty years.
Thanks to Benjamin Napier for this info.
Nov 26 Rainfall in one day:
Mary Esther, FL---4.77"
Valparaiso, FL---4.55"
Mobile, AL---3.30"
Pascagoula, MS---2.67"
Chattanooga, TN---2.30"
Nov 25 Rainfall in one day:
Houston, TX---5.47"
Nov 24 Snowfall in one day:
Chama, NM---12.5"
Pagosa Springs, CO---8"
Roswell, NM---3.8"
Santa Fe, NM---2"
Nov 23 Snowfall in one day:
Big Springs, TX---8"
Sweetwater, TX---7"
Pagosa Springs, CO---6"
Vallecito Dam, CO---5"
Hobbs, NM---3"
Arches, Nat'l Park, UT---3"
Telluride, CO---2"
Nov 22 Snowfall in one day:
Clive, IA---5.2"
Des Moines, IA---4.8"
Edgewood, IA---4"
Nov 22 Record 1-day rainfall:
Fort Wayne, IN---2.84"
Buffalo, NY---1.77"
Nov 22 Ten-day rainfall:
Northern Cascades, OR---13.11"
Coast Range, OR---9.03"
Nov 21 Snowfall in one day:
Boulder, CO---4.8"
Ft. Collins, CO---4.7"
Golden, CO---4.6"
Denver, CO---2.7"
Nov 20 Snowfall in one day:
Arlee, MT---13.5"
Stevensville, MT---12"
Missoula, MT---11"
Powell, ID---6"
Nov 19 Snowfall in one day:
Clearwater Mtns, MT---12.5"
Stevens Pass, WA---10"
Tobyhanna, PA---10"
Bitteroot Range, ID---9.5"
Alba, PA---8.3"
Pocono Summit, PA---7.5"
Dallas, PA---7"
West Glacier, MT---6"
Missoula, MT---6"
Nov 18 Snowfall in one day:
Diamond Pond, NH---13"
Estcourt Station, ME---12"
Fenner, NY---10.1"
Walden, VT---10"
Rockton Mountain, PA---3"
Nov 18 Rainfall in one day:
Conroe, TX---6.16"
Hooks Field, TX ---3.51"
Bush Airport, TX---2.59"
Nov 17 Snowfall in one day:
Big Black River, ME---9"
Dixville Notch, NH---9"
Jay Peak, VT---5"
Tupper Lake, NY---3"
Nov 16 Snowfall in one day:
Jay Peak, VT---5"
Saint Aurelie, ME---4"
Randolf, NH---4"
Tupper Lake, NY---3"
Bayard, WV---2.4"
Hightown, VA---1.5"
Mount Mitchell, NC---1.0"
Nov 15 Rainfall in one day:
Nashville, TN---2.80"
Nov 12 Record snowfall in Anchorage, AK - Record snowfall turned Anchorage streets and highways
into a giant bumper-car track Sunday. From midnight until 9 p.m., police recorded 146 accidents
and 86 ditch-divers.

At 4 p.m., the National Weather Service reported a single-day snowfall of 5 inches, two more
than the old record of 3 inches for Nov. 11 set in 1944. And the snow was still coming down.

Thanks to Clay Olson for this link

Nov 12 Snowfall in two days:
Grassy Lake, WY---10"
Blackwater, WY---8"
Lewis Lake Divide, WY---8"
Phillips Beach, WY---7"
Nov 10 Snowfall in one day:
Monticello, NY---5"
Phoenicia, NY---5"
Boyds Mill, PA---3"
Highpoint, NJ---1.1"
Nov 7 Snowfall in one day:
Champion, MI---15.5"
Waterford, PA---10"
South Dayton, NY---8"
Marquette, MI---9.3"
Watton, MI---7.7"
Eirie, PA---3.5"
Buffalo, NY---2.5"
Gaylord, MI---2.4"
Nov 7 Record Lows:
Vichy-Rolla, MO
Cleveland, OH
Thanks to Kenneth Lund for this info
Nov 5 Rainfall in one day:
Kaneohe, HI---13.43"
Honolulu, HI---4.02"
Kalaeloa, HI---3.33"
Kaunoakahai, HI---2.04"


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Nov 4 Snowfall in one day:
Fort Kent, ME---6"
Allagash, ME---4"
Frenchville, ME---3"
Nov 4 Rainfall in one day:
Kaneohe, HI---7.10"
Acadia National Park, ME---4.20"
Dennysville, ME---4.14"
S. Yarmouth, MA---4.00"
Cutler, ME---3.87"
Honolulu, HI---2.72"
Oct 31 Rainfall in one day:
Mendota, CA---2.20"
Reedley, CA---2.05"
Oct 28 Rainfall in two days:
Washington, DC---6.38"
Baltimore, MD---3.87"
Philadelphia, PA---2.77"
Oct 27 Record rainfall:
Washington, DC---2.65"
Greensboro, NC---2.42"
Raleigh, NC---2.19"
Wilmington, DE---1.69"

24-hour rainfall through 8:00 am Saturday, Oct 27
Washington, DC---3.88"
Baltimore, MD---3.69"
Philadelphia, PA---1.70"

Oct 25 Cooler Weather on the way - Cool, unsettled weather will impinge on several states in the South Thursday. An upper-level low spinning over Mississippi and Alabama will bring rain and showers to many residents throughout the Mississippi Valley. Parts of southern Missouri and northern Arkansas will experience chilly temperatures in the high 40s while other areas from Mississippi to Indiana will be in the 50s.
Story by Meteorologist Eric Reese.
Thanks to Ken Lund for this link
Oct 24

Rainfall in one day:
Lexington , KY ---3.77”
Louisville , KY ---3.38”
Rome , NY ---2.26”
Youngstown , OH ---2.05”

Oct 23 Here’s a good reminder that I received from a reader:
We forget about last year’s record snows way too soon
"It's amazing to me how most people, because they live in the big cities in the East, always lose interest in cold and snow reports too quickly just because we had a warm fall so far this season. All they have to do is check their history a little bit - 
like a year ago? 

In 2006 early October, we had the heaviest snows on record in western New York, and the earliest snows on record in Illinois and Michigan last fall. Many record lows were shattered last October. Also in mid September we had 3 feet of snow in Colorado in 2006, something often overlooked by most. People forget about this sort of thing way too fast. We had snow on Nov.21st in Charleston, South Carolina and snow in Orlando, Florida!"

Thanks for the reminder, Ken
Oct 22 Weekend snowfall :
Blackwater, WY---18"
Casper Mountain, WY---15"
Grand Targhee, WY---15"
Cottonwood Creek, WY---14"
Oct 22 Rainfall in one day:
Slidell, LA---7.21"
New Orleans, LA---6.07"
Muscle Shoals, AL---2.85"
Tupelo, MS---2.71"
Oct 21 Snowfall in one day:
San Isabel, CO---9.5"
Silver Cliff, CO---8.5"
Centennial, CO---7.5"
Oct 19 Rainfall in two days:
Pensacola, FL---12.9"
Valparaiso, FL---10.02"
Milton, FL---5.96"
Oct 18 Rainfall in one day:
Cape Girardeau, MO---2.82"
Winfield, KS---2.50"
Paducah, KY---2.30"
Lawrenceville, IL---2.26"
Oct 15 Rainfall in one day:
Adair, IA---4.75"
Aurora, NE---3.77"
Norfolk, NE---2.60"
Des Moines, IA---2.10"
Dallas, TX---1.93"
Oct 14 Snowfall in one day:
Breckenridge, CO---8.5"
Pine Cliff, CO---5.4"
Dillon, CO---5"
St. Mary's Glacier, CO---4.5"
Oct 12 Rainfall in two days:
Stamford, CT---5.10"
Baldwin, NY---4.46"
Danbury, CT---2.47"
Oct 10 Earliest opening ever for Colorado ski area - Rocky Mountain News-Denver, CO - The Arapahoe Basin Ski Area will open today, making it the first resort in the country to kick 
off the 2007-08 ski season."It's the earliest opening in the history of Arapahoe Basin," 
said Leigh Hierholzer, marketing director for A-Basin. "And we're the first to open in 
the nation for the second year in the row."
Thanks to Don Vodopich for this link
Oct 9 Record lows in three states:
Springerville, AZ
Cedar City, UT
Santa Barbara, CA
El Cajon, CA
Oct 8 Record lows in four states
Flagstaff, AZ
Cedar City, UT
Navajo, NM
Lancaster, CA
Oct 7 Snowfall in one day:
Pocatello, ID---6"
Idaho Falls, ID---6"
Oct 6 Snowfall in one day:
Carrot Basin, MT---13"
Lower Twin Mountain, MT---8"
Rocker Peak, MT---7"
Beckwourth, CA---6"
Sierraville, CA---6"
Yuba Pass, CA---5"
North Sloat, CA---5"
Nevada Ridge, MT---4"
Oct 5 Rainfall in 12 hours:
Redwood Falls, MN0002.40"
New Ulm, MN---1.99"
Buffalo, MN---1.94"
Oct 4 Rainfall in one day:
Tybee Island, GA---4.12"
Fort Pulaski, GA---3.55"
Hilton Head, SC---2.33"
Charleston, SC---2.24"
Oct 3 7-10 inches of snow expected at Stevens Pass ski area in the Washington Cascades tonight
This is way earlier than normal.
Oct 3 Rainfall in one day:
Fort Smith, AR---6.48"
Jacksonville, FL---4.64"
Bentonville, AR---2.66"
Fort Pierce, FL---2/22"
Vero Beach, FL---2.14"
Russellville, AR---2.00"
Oct 2 Snow level down to 4,000 feet in the Washington Cascades
Oct 2 Rainfall in one day:
Vero Beach, FL---3.76"
Fort Pierce, FL---2.31"
Oct 1 Record low temperatures in three states:
Bryce Canyon, UT
Challis, ID
Red Bluff, CA
Sacramento, CA
Oct 1 Rainfall in one day:
Miami, FL---2.63"
Sep 30 Rainfall in one day:
Skokomish, WA---4.01"
Quillayute, WA---2.42"
Sep 29 Snowfall in one day:
Warm Lake, ID---5"
Smiths Ferry, ID---3"
Sep 25 Record lows:
Meacham, OR
Bagdad, AZ
Sep 23 Rainfall in one day:
Mt. Charleston, NV---3.80"
Mercury, NV---2.36"
Sep 22 Record cold highs:
Sacramento, CA
Campo, CA
Newport Beach, CA
Palm Springs, CA
Sep 22 Winter storm watch in the Sierra Nevadas - The National Weather Service in Sacramento has issued a winter storm watch …… in effect through Saturday afternoon. Up to six inches of snow possible.

Thanks to Benjamin Napier for this link
As Benjamin says, "more indisputable (carry your tire chains) evidence of global warming!"
Sep 22 Rainfall in one day:
Crestview, FL---3.01"
Apalachicola, FL---2.39
Portola Park, CA---2.44"
Pine Bluff, AR---2.41"
Cape Giradeau, MO---2.39"
Mercury, NV---2.36"

Rainfall in two days:
Marathon, FL---4.01"
Homestead, FL---2.40"

Sep 20 Snowfall in one day:
North Tennant, CA---5.5"
Horse Fly Lookout, OR---1.5"
Lakeview, NV---1"
Klamath, CA---1" 
Sep 20 Rainfall in three days:
Jacksonville Beach, FL---10.31"
Ormond Beach, FL---9.14"
St. Augustine, FL---8.85
Daytona Beach, FL---6.36"
Sep 19 First Winter Storm Months Ahead of Schedule - Cooler weather and high winds 
moved into Southern California today in advance of a storm that could bring snow 
to the mountains.

Meteorologists said the unstable weather system coming from British Columbia 
was the Southland's first winter storm, arriving months ahead of schedule and 
sending temperatures eight to 15 degrees below normal.

In downtown Los Angeles, where the average high during the month of 
September is 83 degrees, the temperature was 71 at 2 p.m., the National 
Weather Service said.,0,2715651.story?track=mostviewed-storylevel

Thanks to Tim Rian for this link
Sep 16 Record lows:
Beckley, WV
Bluefield, WV
Charleston, WV
Huntington, WV
Toledo, OH
Mansfield, OH




1...15.18 INCHES...AUG 2007
2...10.93 INCHES...JUL 1950
3...10.84 INCHES...MAY 2004
4...10.69 INCHES...SEP 1915
5...10.34 INCHES...SEP 1941


1...22.69 INCHES...2007
2...21.58 INCHES...1993
3...21.21 INCHES...1880
4...19.86 INCHES...1950
5...19.20 INCHES...1883
6...18.82 INCHES...1885
7...18.30 INCHES...1884
8...17.29 INCHES...1882
9...16.86 INCHES...1981
10...16.41 INCHES...1952

Thanks to Kenneth Lund for this info

Sep 15 Record lows in four states:
Minneapolis, MN
Chicago, IL
Milwaukee, WI
St. Louis, MO
Sep 14 Humberto totals:
East Bay Bayou, TX---14.13"
Winnie, TX---10.71"
Galveston, TX---6.50"
Beaumont, TX---6.23"
Greenwood, MS---5.31"
Lake Arthur, LA---5.28"
Grand Chenier, LA---5.20"
Hattiesburg, MS---3.11"
Sep 13 Hurricane Humberto rainfall totals:
Beaumont, TX---6.17"
Galveston, TX---5.03"
Lake Charles, LA---2.79"
Sep 11 Rainfall in one day:
Hampton, CT---2.69"
Keene, NH---2.55"
Providence, RI---2.04"
Sep 10 Record low temperatures in three states
W. Yellowstone, MT
Meacham, OR
Idaho Falls, ID
Monument, OR
Sep 10 Rainfall in one day:
Harlowe, NC---8.60"
Beaufort, NC---7.43"
Morehead City, NC---7.07"
Newport, NC---5.36"
Sep 9 Rainfall in one day:
Batesville, AR---6.33"
Ft. Smith, AR---3.99"
Newport, AR---3.74"
Russellville, AR---3.40"
Sep 8 Record Rain across the Ozarks - Copious amounts of rain have fallen over the 
same locations since Tuesday, September 4th. Five-day totals at some locations in
Southwest Missouri are near 10 inches.
Thanks to Kathy Jenkins for this link
Sep 8 Rainfall in one day:
Tulsa, OK---7.18"
Joplin, MO---5.20"
Enid, OK---3.88"
Bartlesville, OK---3.73"
Sep 7 Rainfall in one day:
Baileyville, KS---7.05"
Marysville, KS---5.42"
Seneca, KS---4.85"
Des Moines, IA---2.11"
Sep 4 Rainfall in one day:
El Indio, TX---5.50"
Del Rio, TX---5.25"
Fort Worth, TX---2.08"
Sep 3 Here's an image from the Labor Day flood event in South Carolina. 
Note the 15-inch line west of Tybee Island, GA, which received up to 17" of rain!
Thanks to Kenneth Lund for this link
Sep 2 Rainfall in one day:
Wilmington Island, GA---13.74"
Hilton Head, SC---6.29"
Beaufort, SC---5.40"
Savannah, GA---4.24"
Aug 29 More storms across the Midwest USA - More torrential rain and flash flooding struck 
parts of Wisconsin on Monday. Up to 89mm (3.5 inches) of rain deluged Vernon County 
while strong winds knocked the power out in the Vilas and Oneida counties. Another 
2 to 3 inches of rain is expected in parts of Nebraska and central Wisconsin.
Aug 26 Rainfall in one day:
McAlester, OK---3.61"
Winter Haven, FL---2.82"
Birmingham, AL---2.34"
Aug 25 Rainfall in one day:
Winterhaven FL---3.18"
Coffeeville, KS---2.90"
Muscle Shoals, AL---2.54"
Marietta, GA---2.43"
Rogers, AR---2.34"
Muskogee, OK---2.08"
Joplin, MO---1.93"
Aug 24 Rainfall smashes record in southeastern Minnesota by 4 inches - Weather officials say 
the rains that flooded southeastern Minnesota last weekend set a state record for rainfall
during a 24-hour period. It's official - the old record was smashed by more than four inches.

The National Weather Service gauge in Germain Davison's farmyard a mile south of Hokah (HOE'-kah) had 15-point-one inches in it when he measured it at 8 a.m. Sunday. The previous
 record, set July 22nd, 1972, at Fort Ripley, was 10.84 inches.

Thanks to Larry Cook for this link

Aug 24 Rainfall in twelve hours:
Keosauqua, IA---6.00"
Dodge City, KS---5.5"
Ottawa, IL---4.5"
Peru, IL---3.90"
Aug 23 Rainfall in one day:
Norfolk, NE---4.33"
Sioux City, IA---3.67"
Madison, WI---2.75"
Hastings, NE---2.53"
Aug 23 14 to 17 inches of rain over the weekend in SE Minnesota - 23 Aug 07 - Tetanus shots 
being given out, water treatment and sewage plants down, toxic sludge creating extreme 
health hazards (according to an interview with a
MN state senator on today's Minnesota 
Public Radio's Midday), hundreds
of businesses out of commission much water that
people who escaped
in boats were forced to wait out the flood "tied-off to the tops of tall

          Just think. If that 17 inches of rain had fallen as snow – 170 inches – 14 feet! 
          That would cover almost every warehouse and one-story house in town, and 
          just about every car and truck on the freeway. 

          This coming winter could be interesting.

Thanks to Larry Cook for this synopsis and link

Aug 22 Rainfall in one day:
Madison, WI---3.20"
Sioux City, IA---2.80"
Aug 21 Arctic August: NYC Sets Record For Coldest Day 
High Of 59 Degrees Ties Chilliest August High Set In 1911
"This unusual blast of cold air smashed our previous record for the coldest high 
temperature on August 21, which is 64 degrees, set back in 1999," CBS 2 meteorologist 
Jason Cali told

In fact, the 59-degree high tied the record for the coldest high temperature ever for the 
month of August in New York City, when it reached just 59 degrees in 1911.
Thanks to both Phillip Brennan and Alan Caruba for this link

Aug 21 Rainfall in one day:
Mansfield, OH---6.24"
Fort Wayne, IN---4.47"
Akron, OH---4.44"
Cleveland, OH---2.23"
Aug 20 Erin Deluge:
Geary, OK---11.03"
Okmulgee, OK---10.50"
Oklahoma City, OK---5.38"
Lawton, OK---4.23"
Aug 20 13 die as up to 12 inches of rain inundates Midwest - Erin remnants trap victims in cars in
Minn., Okla.; Wisc., Texas also hit  - Relentless thunderstorms dropped up to a foot of rain
 in parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin, bursting riverbanks, engulfing cars and forcing 
rescuers to pluck residentsfrom rooftops.

In Oklahoma, a vehicle carrying the wife, daughter and granddaughter of Kiowa Chief 
Billy Horse was swept from a state highway by rising floodwaters. "The current must 
have grabbed them," Billy Horse told The Oklahoman. "We saw them go off the road, 
and float away like a boat. We didn’t see them after that."

In Minnesota, Roger Oldham, 65, thought the safest place he could go with his wife 
and mother-in-law to avoid the rising water was the roof of their one-story house.

Then violent flood waters from an adjacent drainage ditch blew out their basement wall, 
ripping the house from its foundation and sending Oldham and the others on a harrowing 
ride through the town of Stockton. The trio held on for their lives and screamed for help 
as the house floated about 1,000 feet through the yards of their neighbors, many of 
whom were also stranded in the dark.

In Wisconsin, up to 12 inches of rain triggered a mudslide that pushed a house onto 
state Highway 35 in Vernon County, said Wisconsin Emergency Management spokeswoman
Lori Getter. No injuries were reported.
Thanks to Larry Cook for this link

Aug 19 Record cold on Mount Washington - 19 Aug 07 - These are the comment from an observer 
New Hampshire’s Mount Washington:

"I was relatively sure that it was August 19th when I woke up this morning at 4 a.m., 
however a quick glance out the window made me second guess myself. I thought perhaps 
I overslept by a couple months.

"We recorded a low of 29 degrees Fahrenheit this morning, tying the daily record low for
August 19th. The last time that temperature was recorded on this particular day was 1958. 
We were actually only about a half a degree away from breaking this record. Also, yesterday
we reached a low of 30 degrees, a mere half a degree away from tying the record low for 
August 18th.
Brian Clark – Observer
Thanks to Phil Peterson for this link

Aug 18 Record lows:
Grand Marais, MN
Hibbing, MN
Houghton Lake, MI
Hancock, MI
Aug 18 Rainfall totals from Erin
Bandera, TX---14.30"
Fredricksburg, TX---10.60"
South San Antonio, TX---9.62"
Lockwood, TX---9.61"
Aug 17 Rainfall in one day:
Lockwood, TX---9.61"
South San Antonio, TX---9.60"
La Porte, TX---8.62"
Sims Bayou, TX---7.52"

Record rainfall in San Antonio - The 5.73 inches of rain at San Antonio International 
Airport yesterday not only broke the record for daily rainfall for August 16, it also broke 
the record for daily rainfall for the entire month of August. The previous wettest day in 
August was 5.57 inches on August 13, 1950.

In fact, with 2 weeks remaining, January to August of 2007 has already been the 
wettest first 8 months of any year for San Antonio since 1871.

From the Weather Underground website (
Thanks to Mark Kennedy for this info

Aug 16 Rainfall in one day:
Palacios, TX---3.43"
Aug 11 Record lows:
Hartford, CT
Islip, NY
New York City, NY
Aug 8 Three inches of rain in one hour in New York City - Flooding Cripples NYC Subway
8 Aug 07 - Gov. Eliot Spitzer ordered the Metropolitan Transportation Authority today 
to conduct a review of how torrential rains paralyzed New York City’’s transit system 
this morning, disabling or delaying every one of the city’’s subway lines.

"The cause of the cascading outages across the mass transportation system this morning 
was the inability of our drainage system to handle what was, we believe, three inches of rain
 within a one-hour period," Mr. Spitzer said. The drainage system was designed to handle 
only about an inch and a half of rain over an hour, he said.
Thanks to Hans Schreuder in the UK for this link

Aug 8 Rainfall in one day:
Kennedy Airport, NY---3.47"
Newark, NJ---3.12"
Farmingdale, NY---2.14"
Aug 7 Rainfall in one day:
Rockford, IL---5.25"
Grand Island, NE---2.02"
Aug 7 Record low temperatures in Sacramento – coolest since 1877
Global warming is taking a holiday in Sacramento this week. The maximum temperatures 
Sunday and Monday set records each day -- as the coolest "highs" for the dates since
record-keeping began in 1877.

We're talking, for once, about the all-time lowest maximums, instead of the all-time 
highest. Monday's downtown high was just 74 degrees, 3 degrees cooler than the 
previous record of 77 degrees set in 1906, according to the National Weather Service. 
Sunday's downtown high of 76 frosted the previous low maximum of 78, set in 1962. 
"These were the coldest highs for Aug. 5 and Aug. 6 that we've ever recorded," said
 meteorologist Cynthia Palmer of the National Weather Service office in Sacramento.

The normal high this time of year is 93; normal low is 61.

The impact of the sudden drop in temperatures was obvious Monday in east Sacramento's
McKinley Park. At 1:10 p.m. under overcast skies, bored lifeguards surveyed an empty
swimming pool. Uneasy geese sat in the mud, heads tucked under their wings. Happy tennis
players raced around courts that had been deserted and stifling 48 hours before.

Over at the pool, lifeguard Melanie Worthen, 19, zipped her jacket to the top. Only a chilly
breeze stirred the water -- but no belly flops or cannonballs. "This is so weird," she said.
 "On a normal August day, this pool is packed." She shook her head. "This is so weird."

Aug 5 Record low:
Meacham, OR
Aug 5 Rainfall in one day:
Hollandale, WI---6.00"
Lansing, IA---3.45"
Waukegan, IL---2.79"
Benton Harbor, MI---2.65"
Aug 4 Rainfall in one day:
Kimball, SD---6.55"
Chamberlain, SD---6.01"
Storm Lake, IA---3.79"
Luverne, MN---2.37"
Aug 3 Rainfall in one day:
Fort Collins, CO---5.31"
Tampa, FL---3.61"
St. Petersburg, FL---2.29"
Casper, WY---2.22"
Jacksonville, FL---2.21"
Aug 2 Rainfall in one day:
Terrell, TX---2.73"
Midland, TX---2.56"
Wink, TX---2.25"
Jul 30 Rainfall in one day:
Skidaway Island, GA---3.90"
Goose Creek, SC---3.75"
Savannah, GA---2.27"
Storm wipes out 750 square miles of crops in North Dakota
19 Jul 07 –– Here’s an e-mail that I got from one of my readers in North Dakota:
We had a storm here in SE North Dakota this last Sunday evening that
pretty much wiped out every last leaf and crop in an area of c. 750
square miles - the hail was so bad that it actually stripped the bark
off of trees! I don't recall ever hearing of that before - shelter belts
were completely denuded of leaves, while 6' crops were whittled down 
a few inches above the I recall, there was very little warning.
July Texas rainfall versus average:
Corpus Christi----------18.05"/1.79"
San Antonia-------------11.75"/1.85"
Austin ---------------------7.62"/1.82"
Jul 29 Record daily rainfall:
Gainesville, FL---3.88"
Chattanooga, TN---2.74"
Jul 26 Rainfall in one day:
San Antonio, TX---2.45"
Jul 24 Record lows:
Wilmington, NC
Florence, SC
N. Myrtle Beach, SC
Savannah, GA
Jul 24 Rainfall in 12 hours:
Andover, NJ---2.85"
Newark, NJ---2.37"
New York City, NY---2.24"
Jul 22 Record lows in four states:
Jackson, TN
N. Myrtle Beach, SC
N. Little Rock, AR
Jacksonville, FL
Jul 21 Record lows in four states:
Mansfield, OH
Springfield, IL
Bristol, TN
Asheville, NC
Jul 21 17 inches of rain in twelve hours - Storms dumped more than a foot of rain on parts of Texas 
on Saturday, stranding more than 170 passengers on an Amtrak train for hours and forcing
 rescue crews elsewhere to pull at least 50 people to safety.

Parts of northern Uvalde and Medina counties got as much as 17 inches of rain between 
10 p.m. Friday and 10 a.m. Saturday, said Pat McDonald, a National Weather Service forecaster.

Seco Creek overflowed, inundating the town of D’Hanis near San Antonio, flooding many
businesses with 3 to 4 feet of water.
Thanks to skier Ken for this link

Jul 21 Rainfall in two days:
Utopia, TX---12.71"
New Braunfels, TX---8.95"
Seguin, TX---5.75"
Victoria, TX---2.29"
Jul 20 Record lows:
Hibbing, MN
International Falls, MN
Jul 19 Rainfall in one day:
South Bend, IN---2.26"
Ashtabula, OH---2.20"
Sioux City, IA---2.17"
Aurora, IL---2.08"
Jul 18 More than nine inches of rain in one day in Iowa

More than seven inches of rain in one day in Wisconsin
Thanks to Kate Salvati for this link

Jul 18 Record rainfall in North Dakota - The National Weather Service said the airport 
south of Dickinson reported more than 2 two inches of rain in less than an hour, 
and radar indicated up to 3 inches fell over eastern Slope and western Hettinger 
counties between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m.

The six-hour total since midnight at the Dickinson airport was a record 3.03 inches,
the weather service said. It topped the mark of 1.54 inches set in 1997.

Farmers were especially hard hit, after signs of bumper crops earlier this year.

"(Farmers) will have crop insurance and in some cases they'll have crop-hail 
insurance, but it just doesn't replace that quality crop," Hoeven said.

Sunday's storm brought heavy rains, strong winds and hail to a large part of 
southeastern North Dakota. The Steele County community of Colgate was one
 that was recovering.

"We had the best-looking crop we ever had here, until (the storm) ... it looks 
like somebody just smashed it," said farmer Ray Mewes.

In Colgate, full-grown evergreen trees were snapped in half by the wind, and 
other trees were damaged.

"It's hard to see the trees. Some of the trees that have gone down are over 
100 years old," Mewes said. "But everybody's house is still intact."

In the small Stutsman County town of Millarton, "The wind was so strong it 
cracked some rafters in the barn." Tom Sklebar said.

Thanks to Larry Cook for this link


Jul 14 Rainfall in one day:
Hernando, FL---4.85"
Powder Springs, GA---3.61"
Mount Pleasant, SC---3.35"
Savannah, GA---2.50"

Record lows
Hibbing , MN
International Falls , MN
Dubuque , IA




Jul 13 Rainfall in one day:
Stillwater , OK ---4.08”
Enid , OK ---2.26”
Midwest City , OK ---2.19”
Jul 12 Rainfall in 72 hours:
Worcester, VT---9.38"
Barre, VT---7.67"
Randolph, VT---6.15"
Waitsfield, VT---5.96"
Jul 11 Record lows:
Rapid City, SD
Mobridge, SD
Jul 10 Record daily rainfall:
Grand Island, NE---2.71"
Concord, NH---2.16"
Albany, NY---2.07"
Jul 7 Rainfall in 36 hours:
Tyler, TX---5.62"
Shreveport, LA---5.17"
Longview, TX---5.08"
Lake Charles, LA---4.52"

Rainfall in one day:
Greenwood, MS---3.10"
Muscle Shoals, AL---3.03"
Greenville, MS---2.75"

Jul 6 Rainfall in one day:
Tyler, TX---5.61"
Shreveport, LA---4.79"
Longview, TX---4.60"
Lake Charles, LA---3.78"
Jul 4 Record rainfall for this date:
Corpus Christi, TX---3.65"
Moline, IL---3.56"
Victoria, TX---2.18"
Allentown, PA---1.94"
Jul 3 Record lows in four states:
Caribou, ME
Salisbury, MD
Williamsport, PA
New Bern, NC
Jul 3 Record rainfall for this date:
Corpus Christi, TX---9.86"
Victoria, TX---3.44"
Dallas, TX---2.02"
Jul 2 Record lows:
Avoca, PA
Mansfield, OH
Allentown, PA
Reading, PA
Jul 2 Record rainfall for this date:
Corpus Christi, TX---9.86"
Victoria, TX---3.44"
Jul 1 Record Flooding in Missouri - The Verdigris River at Independence rose to a record 52.4 feet
 Sunday morning, shattering the old mark of 47.6 feet and more than 20 feet above flood stage.

The Neosho River was expected to set a record late Sunday, cresting at 40.5 feet at Erie in
 Neosho County. Flood stage is 29 feet.

"It's pretty unbelievable," said Robb Lawson, a weather service meteorologist in Wichita.

Rainfall in one day:
Farlington, KS---5.25"
Miller, MO---5.16"
Batesville, AR---5.12"

Jun 30 Rainfall in two days:
Fredonia, KS---21"
Moline, KS---16.5"
Colony, KS---15.5"
Greeley, KS---8.80"
Waverly, KS---7.67"
Kincaid, KS---6.75"

Just imagine if that rain in Fredonia had fallen as snow! 210 inches! Seventeen-and-a-half feet! How would you deal with two stories of snow in two days?         
Jun 29 With more than 30 inches of rain since January, it's the wettest year on record in Austin
Texas, while Dallas-Fort Worth, Waco and Wichita Falls have received near-record amounts.
The rainfall has more than compensated for a drought that gripped much of Texas in 2005-06,
said National Weather Service meteorologist Mark Lenz.

More rain fell Thursday in flood-weary parts of Texas, where residents were bracing for
 even more of the constant downpours that have killed 11 people in recent days.

The lakeside community of Marble Falls was drenched by as much as 18 inches of rain 
early Wednesday.
Thanks to Larry Cook for this link

Jun 28 Record rains flood central Texas - Severe storms dumped more than a foot and a half of 
rain on parts of Texas Wednesday, forcing residents to flee to high ground.

Up to 18 inches (approx 460mm) of rain fell in the Marble Falls area, about 40 miles northwest 
of Austin, Texas,over Tuesday night.

Parts of Oklahoma were also soaked Wednesday, with rain falling in Oklahoma City for the 
15th consecutive day, breaking a 70-year-old record.

Meanwhile in Chicago, parts of the city were hit by 3 to 4 inches of rain (approx 75-100mm) falling in less than an hour.

Another 2 to 4 inches (50-100mm ) of rain is expected in parts of Texas and Oklahoma.
Four inches of rain per hour in Texas!
Expecting 10 to 20 inches of rain - in one day!

Kevin Scasny, Meteorologist, e-mailed to tell me about some incredible rain fall rate/accumulation happening right now in Central-North Texas (Wednesday, Jun 27, 2007).

Moderate to locally heavy and excessive rain will continue to pound Oklahoma
and especially central Texas with widespread accumulations reaching to
near 3 inches with up to an incredible additional 15 inches+ in areas of central
TX. Rain fall rates are in the 4 inches+ per hour range this morning.
Flood warnings are widespread from the central Red River area of OK/TX
south to north of Austin, TX.

(Thanks for the info, Kevin)

Rainfall in two days:
Dallas, TX---4.32"
McAlester, OK---3.01"
Tulsa, OK---2.81"

Jun 27 More than 18 inches of rain since midnight - Torrential storms flooded parts of central 
Texas early Wednesday, stranding dozens of people on roofs, in trees and in vehicles, and 
the weather was so treacherous that some helicopter rescue attempts had to be abandoned.

The worst flooding was in Williamson, Lampasas and Burnet counties in the Texas Hill 
Country northwest of Austin.

"We got hard facts of 18-plus inches of rain in a couple of those places since midnight,"
 Austin-Travis County emergency medical services spokesman Warren Hassinger said 
just after 7 a.m. More rain was expected, the National Weather Service said.
Thanks to Stephanie Relfe for this link

Rainfall in one day:
Burnet, TX---4.80"
Fort Worth, TX---3.90"
Terrell, TX---3.00"
Dallas, TX---2.91"

Jun 26 Record lows:
Mitchell, OR
Moro, OR
Monument, OR
Seattle, WA
Quincy, WA
Jun 25 Record lows in five states:
Avoca, PA
Allentown, PA
Bridgeport, CT
Kennedy Airport, NY
Meacham, OR
Yakima, WA
Jun 24 Record lows:
Redmond, OR
Eugene, OR
Salisbury, MD
Jun 23 Rainfall in one day:
Blandinsville, IL---6.73"
Clarion, IA---6.23"
Iowa City, IA---6.02"
Belle Plaine, IA---4.75"
Jun 21 Record lows:
Waynesboro, VA
Jun 14 Record cold in Virginia - As highs go, Thursday's was a record low. The mercury stalled 
at 66 just before noon at the National Weather Service data station at Norfolk International
Airport, the lowest high temperature on a June 14 in 133 years of record-keeping. The normal
high temperature in Norfolk at this time of year, based on continuous weather observations
dating back to 1871, is 83.

See entire article by Steve Stone at the Virginian-Pilot

Jun 19 Rainfall in 72 hours
Gainesville, TX---10.29"

Rainfall in one day:
Greenwood, MS---3.38"

Jun 18 Rainfall in one day:
Denton, TX---4.66"
Fort Worth, TX---4.41"
Jun 17 Swarm of Earthquakes in Hawaii - About 70 shallow earthquakes in 2 hours occurred beneath
the upper east rift zone of Kilauea early Sunday morning. Ten  of the quakes had magnitudes
greater than 3 and were felt by nearby residents.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park has closed Chain of Craters road, along with parts of Crater
Rim Drive. Visitors are being evacuated.
USGS Quake List:

Jun 13 Rainfall totals:
Champion, NE---8.73"
Venango, NE---6.38"
Grant, NE---5.25"
Lamar, NE---3.42"
Elsie, NE---2.48"
Jun 12 Record lows in three states:
Meacham, OR
Kalispell, MT
Yakima, WA
Eugene, OR
Pendleton, OR
30 tie
34 tie
36 tie
37 tie
42 tie
Jun 11 Rainfall in one day:
Joplin, MO---6.72"
Coffeyville, KS---3.39"
Vichy/Rolla, MO---2.53"
Chanute, KS---2.29"
Parsons, KS---1.97"
Jun 10 Record daily rainfall:
Joplin, MO---3.86"
Vichy, MO---2.52"
Del Rio, TX---1.90"
Jun 8 Record lows:
Denver, CO             (Latest freeze on record in Denver)
Craig, CO                 (Ties record set in 2005)
Cedar Point, UT     (Breaks previous record low of 30 set in 1963)
Thanks to Kate Salvati for this info
Jun 8 Snow in Wyoming – in June! - Snow, heavy rain and strong wind caused travel problems 
in parts of Wyoming today.

Up to 8 inches of snow fell in the Big Horn Mountains in northern Wyoming, forcing 
highway officials to close a section of U.S. 14A between Burgess Junction and Lovell.

Snow also fell in the higher elevations of northwest, central and southern Wyoming.
Thanks to both Alan Caruba and Craig Adkins for this link
Jun 7 Record lows in western Colorado:
Gateway, CO 39       (Breaks old record of 43 set in 1984)
Lake City, CO 25      (Breaks old record of 26 set in 1916)
Thanks to Kate Salvati for this info
Jun 7 More snow expected in the Rockies - A very strong early June storm brought unusual 
snow to the Rockies on Wednesday and will continue to do so in the early morning hours.
Heavy snow warnings remain in effect for the Northern Rockies as several inches of snow 
will fall on mountains above 6,000 feet.
Thanks to skier Ken for this link

Heavy Rain, Snow, & Gusty Wind Hit Western and Central Wyoming - The Bighorn
Mountains north of Powder River Pass received around one foot of snow, while amounts 
at the south end of the range were generally from two to six inches. The higher terrain of 
the Absarokas also received a nice snowfall from this event.

Snowfall in 36 hours in western Montana and central Idaho
Meadow Lake, ID---12"
Schwartz Lake, ID---4"
Leadore Creek, ID---5"
Hoodoo Basin, MT (Lower Clark Fork region)---3.5"
Saddle Mountain, MT---8"
Skalkaho Summit, MT---7"
Black Pine, MT---5"
Twin Lakes, MT---8"
Barker Lakes, MT---8"
Warm Springs, MT 15.0
Peterson Meadows, MT----4"
Basin Creek, MT---4"
North Fork Elk Creek, MT---7"
Georgetown Lake, MT---8"
Stuart Mountain, MT---8"
Point, MT---10"
Thanks to Kate Salvati for this link

Jun 7 Snowfall in one day:
Alta, UT---14"
Snowbird, UT---10"
Ruby Lake, NV---9"
Mammoth Mountain, CA---2"
Jun 6 Snow in June - A potent storm will spread soaking rain from the northern Rockies to 
northern Utah through tonight. Snow levels will fall to 5,500 feet by tonight in the northern
Rockies. Above this level, 6 to 12 inches, with locally more, will accumulate before 
Thursday gets underway.
Thanks to skier Ken for this link
Jun 3 Rainfall totals:
Largo, FL---6.01"
Midway, GA---5.39"
Savannah, GA---5.35"
Suwannee, FL---5.25"
Clearwater, FL---4.95"
Tybee Island, GA---3.68"
Hinesville, GA---3.60"
Port Wentworth, GA---3.29"
Jun 2 Rainfall totals:
West Palm Beach, FL---6.73"
Melbourne, FL---6.03"
Vero Beach, FL---4.15"
St. Petersburg, FL---3.79"
Tampa, FL---3.17"
May 31 Rainfall in one day:
Slidell, LA---7.44"
Lake Charles, LA---2.32"
May 30 Rainfall totals:
Broken Bow, NE---5.62"
North Platte, NE---3.85"
Ord, NE---3.82"
Grand Island, NE---3.35"
May 28 Record low temperatures in three states:
Redmond, OR
Alturas, OR
Bonners Ferry, ID
Eugene, OR
Seattle, WA
26 tie
28 tie
30 tie
May 27 Snow In Western North Dakota - On Memorial Day Weekend  - "It started early. 
Heavy rain, heavy rain. 1:30, snow started blowing, turned to sleet, and everything 
started crashing," explains Eddie Weeks.

"It`s crazy," exclaims Mark Schutt. "One day, we got a tornado and heat stroke the 
other day, and now we got snow on the ground."

"Pretty much unbelievable," says Kerry Schatz. "Memorial Day weekend, and 
we had four inches of wet, sloppy snow, and this should be like two months ago."
Thanks to Craig Adkins for this link
May 27 Worst flooding in Oklahoma in more than 50 years - Two days of heavy rain across 
southern Oklahoma has left some places experiencing the worst flooding in more than 
50 years. Turner Falls campsite in the Arbuckle Mountains near the city of Davis was 
hit by 76mm of rain (2.99 inches) in just 24 hours leading to flash floods.

The nearby city of Madill reported just over 100mm (3.94 inches) of rain between 
Saturday and Sunday evening.
May 27 Record rainfall in one day:
Victoria, TX---4.41"
Waco, TX---3.29"
May 26 Rainfall in 48 hours:
Harlingen, TX---9.51"
Killeen, TX---5.86"
Cotulla, TX---4.66"
Alice, TX---4.53"
Palacios, TX---2.29"
May 25 Snow totals:
Sun Canyon, MT---12"
Gibson Reservoir, MT---12"
Bynum, MT---9"
Ennis, MT---9"
Flattop, MT---7"
May 25 Rainfall in one day:
Killeen, TX---5.03"
Cotulla, TX---4.54"
Georgetown, TX---3.26"
Waco, TX---2.77"
Harlingen, TX---2.77"
May 24 Snowiest Spring on Pikes Peak in more than a decade - 24 May 07 - This is the 
snowiest spring on Pikes Peak in more than a decade. Barr Camp recorded 231 inches 
of snow this winter. (It saw only 50 inches in 2006.)

Hikers venturing above the treeline will find that the peak is more wintry this May 
than it usually is in January, and they should be prepared.

"The snow is still waist-deep in places, and we just got more today," Taylor, the 
caretaker at Barr Camp, said Wednesday. Every day, she warns people that the 
trail is buried.

See entire article by Dave Philipps, The
Thanks to Phil Peterson and Dan Groseck for this link
Coldest April in Pennsylvania in 32 years
Third coldest on record

3 May 07 - It was the coldest April since 1975 and the 13th coldest on record (since 1914). 
The average monthly temperature was 49 degrees, nearly 3 degrees colder than normal.

More than 2 inches of rain fell on Lancaster County during the nor’easter of April 15, and
several inches of slushy snow even collected in the Welsh Mountains in the eastern part 
of the county. Overall, more than 5 inches of melted precipitation fell, 1.5 inches more than normal.
May 24 Two Inches of Rain Per Hour in Kansas - Torrential rainfall hit parts of the 
Plains and Midwest Thursday, toppling trees and power lines and pelting the countryside 
with hail. Some central Kansas towns recorded as much as 7 inches of rain - in some places 
up to 2 inches per hour.

(Just imagine if that rain had fallen as snow. Twenty inches of snow per hour. That’s 
how ice ages begin.)
Thanks to Peter Pesola for this info

May 23 Snowfall in one day:
Rocker Peak, MT---31"
Spur Park, MT---26"
Crystal Lake, MT---17"
May 23 Up to eight inches of snow forecast in Colorado mountains
... And it's almost Memorial Day!
23 May 07 - Don’t set the picnic table just yet. You might need to clear some snow first.

The southwestern mountains of Colorado are under a snow advisory, with up to 8 inches of
accumulation possible by early evening.

A freeze watch is in effect for tonight in the San Luis Valley region and much of southeastern
Colorado is under a flash flood watch.,1299,DRMN_15_5551185,00.html
Thanks to Alan Caruba for this link

May 22 Record Lows in three states:
Allagash, ME
Fort Kent, ME
Eastport, ME
Caribou, ME
Barnard Plantation, ME
Brigham City, UT
Pocatello, ID
Farmington, MT
Bountiful, UT
Provo, UT
26 tie
27 tie
May 22 Heavy snow forecast for N. Wyo. mountains - The National Weather Service has issued a
heavy snow warning for the northeast Big Horn Mountains. Accumulations around 18 inches
can be expected in the Burgess Junction area through tomorrow night. Heavy snow also is
forecast for the Beartooth and Absaroka ranges.
Thanks to Alan Caruba for this link
May 22 Eleven Inches of Snow in Montana  - Heavy, wet snow fell across elevations as low as 
4,000 feet in the northern Rockies and Northwest Monday. As of 11 p.m. Monday, 
Georgetown, MT., had received 11 inches with more continuing on the way, while ten 
inches of snow blanketed Philipsburg. In Philipsburg, the water-loaded snow made 
many roads impassable and downed small tree limbs. Earlier in the morning, up to 
eight inches of snow whitened Badger Mountain, five miles north-northeast of 
Wenatchee, WA.
Thanks to skier Ken for this link

Snowfall in one day:
Crater Meadows, ID---9.5"
Shanghai Summit, ID---8"
Hemlock Butte, ID---6.5"
Georgetown Lake, MT---6.5"
Mountain Meadows, ID---5"
May 21 Record lows:
Gainesville, FL
Orlando, FL
51 tie
May 21 Seven inches of rain in Miami in nine hours - Torrential rain hit parts of southern 
Florida yesterday, flooding parts of Miami. Some parts of the county received up to 
7 inches of rain over 9 hours on Sunday morning, with North Miami Beach recording 
the highest total. A number of fatal car accidents took place over the course of the day.
May 20 Record lows:
Jackson, TN
Vicksburg, MS
Gainesville, FL
Daytona Beach, FL
54 tie
May 19 Rainfall totals:
East Falmouth, MA---2.95"
Plymouth, MA---2.14"
Warwick, RI---2.14"
Boston, MA---2.05"
May 17 There were several reports of snow in Maine from 1-3". 
Pretty impressive for the 17th of May
Thanks to Kate Salvati for this info
May 14 Record lows:
Salisbury , MD
Danville , VA
Elizabeth City , NC
Wallops Island , VA
Norfolk , VA




41 tie

41 tie


May 13 Record lows:
Shenandoah Valley, VA (old record, set in the 1940's, was 42F)
(Thanks to Bob Hoffman for this info)
Danville, VA
40 tie
May 10 Rainfall in one day:
Odessa, TX---2.24"
May 9 Rainfall in one day:
Oklahoma City, OK---2.39"
May 6 Weekend snow totals:
Hobbs Park, WY---33"
Marquette, WY---26"
Casper Mountain, WY---24"
Jamestown, CO---14.6"
Pine Junction, CO---12.5"
South Evergreen, CO---12"
Bailey, CO---10"
Lander, WY---7"
Cody, WY---6"
Genesee, CO---4.3"
May 6 Rainfall in one day:
Salina, KS---5.73"
Omaha, NE---5.53"
Lincoln, NE---4.12"
Red Oak, IA---4.06"
May 5 Record rainfall in one day:
Aberdeen, SD---7.62"
Omaha, NE---3.37"
Lincoln, NE---3.35"
Huron, SD---2.26"
Concordia, KS---2.14"
May 4 Snowfall in one day:
Georgetown Lake, MT---10"
South Butte, MT---6"
Alta Collins, UT---5.5"
Snowbird Base, UT---5"
Snowfall at Washington ski areas:
The 2006-2007 season snowfall total for Crystal Mountain is 449 inches (37.4 feet), 
as opposed to the average of 350". That’s almost 30 percent more than normal. 
What a winter! See:

Remaining snow at Mt. Baker Ski Area as of April 29, 2007:
Base at Heather Meadows: 167 inches (13.9’’ feet) (424 cm)
Base at Pan Dome: 174 inches (14.5 feet) (442 cm)

May 4 Rainfall in two days:
Poplar Bluff, MO---3.18"
West Plains, MO---2.16"
May 3 Rainfall in 12 hours:
Amarillo, TX---3.73"
Lake Charles, LA---2.56"
May 2 Rainfall in one day:
Waco, TX---2.87"
Corsicana, TX---2.34"
Apr 30 Rainfall in one day:
Abilene, TX---2.96"
Junction, TX---2.27"
Fort Stockton, TX---2.07"
Apr 28 Flooding in New York City - New Rain Record about to be set? - About 80 mm (3 inches) 
of rain overnight flooded highways and local roads in Westchester County north of New 
York City, and in northern New Jersey.. One car was immersed in water up to its bumper 
on the Bronx River Parkway.

A similar amount or more may fall on Saturday, and may push this month to the wettest 
April on record for New York’s Central Park. The park has received 280 mm (11 inches) of 
rain so far this month, just shy of the record 356 mm (14 inches) that fell in April 1983.
Apr 25 Cold weather ravages SE Arkansas crops - 25 Apr 07 - April’s big freeze is taking an
increasingly bigger chunk out of Southeast Arkansas’ agricultural production.

Gov. Mike Beebe’s disaster proclamation now includes 52 of the state’s 75 counties. The
declaration supports efforts by farmers in applying for federal assistance because of crop
losses during the record-setting early April cold snap.

State Agriculture Director Richard Bell said Tuesday that freezing temperatures earlier this
month damaged crops across the state.

"It is more severe than I anticipated," Bell said. "It’s much wider spread and much farther 
south than I thought."

Corn and wheat were particularly affected by the cold temperatures, the agriculture 
secretary said.

Bell said he attended a meeting in Clarksville last week where farmers complained about 
losing their peaches, berries and grape crops in the freezing temperatures.

Many farmers around the state also have reported losing entire fields of corn and wheat, 
he said. Before the freeze, 70 percent of the state’s wheat crop was "rated as good to excellent."
The rating is now 14 percent at "good to excellent," 22 percent very poor, 42 percent poor and
22 percent fair, he said.
Thanks to Charles Patrick for this link

Apr 24 Storm Piles 24 Inches of Snow on Colorado - Evergreen, in the foothills west of Denver,
 reported 16 inches of snow, and other foothills towns had up to 14 inches.

"There's cars sliding off the roads everywhere," said Rick Olde, owner of Olde's 
Convenience Store in Evergreen.

Hail the diameter of quarters peppered parts of southeastern Colorado, and authorities 
said some rural roads were blocked by flooding from heavy rain in northeast Colorado,
 northwest Kansas and southwest Nebraska.
Thanks to Jeffry Reed for this link

Apr 25 Snowfall in one day:
Evergreen, CO---25.8"
Boulder, CO---24.6"
Conifer, CO---23"
Genesee, CO---22.4"
Rosita, CO---22"

Up to 65cm (26 inches) of snow fell at Clear Creek County, Colorado. National Guard troops were called to help scores of stranded motorist caught out by the heavy fall of snow, and school children needed rescuing after their school bus got stuck in large snow drifts.

The fresh snow however provided excellent news for the remaining ski resorts open for business in Colorado. Echo Mountain Park, just 35 miles (56 km) from Denver, reported the biggest fall of fresh powder with a little over half a metre (21 inches) of new snow, providing some excellent late season conditions for the final two weeks of the season.
Apr 25 Rainfall in one day:
Ft. Worth, TX---6.25"
Denton, TX---10.00"
Kearney, NE---3.77"
McCook, NE---3.66"
Grand Island, NE---3.22"
Sidney, NE---2.87"
Ord, NE---2.76"
Apr 24 More Snow in Denver!
Chance of precipitation is 100%. Total daytime snow accumulation of 2 to 4 inches possible.
Apr 24 Rainfall in 12 hours:
McCook, NE---2.76"
Kearney, NE---2.56"
Apr 22 April Snow in California
Snowfall in one day:
Snow Flat, CA---18"
Ostrander Lake, CA---17"
Gin Flat, CA---15"
Alpine Meadows, CA---15"
Squaw Valley, CA---14"
Four Feet of Snow in New England - 20 Apr 07 - The depth and spread of lingering snow
pack as of Thursday is truly remarkable. Snow lying 2, 3 and locally 4 feet deep was still 
found over the northwestern two-fifths of Maine, northeastern New Hampshire and smaller
highland areas in Vermont and New York. Small patches left over from the early week storm
have lingered over central New York and northeastern Pennsylvania. icle=5
Story by Senior Meteorologist Jim Andrews.
One of the worst April freezes in Sumner County's history - 11 Apr 07 – Hendersonville, TN -
Locally produced fresh fruit will be scarce this year following the one of the worst April freezes
in Sumner County's history according to local agriculture experts.

Extension Agent Bob Ary said most, if not all of the county's strawberry crop will be wiped out,
adding that early reports indicate the entire crop of apples and peaches was also lost for the year.

"I just had a peach and apple grower in here and he just said he lost his whole crop.
He said it was 14 degrees in his orchard," he said.

(In my book "Not by Fire but by Ice," I say that we’ll be fighting in the streets for food long
before we’re covered by ice. I fear that that time is getting closer.)

See full article By Jeremy Johnson in the Hendersonville Star News
Thanks to C. LaFleur in Memphis for this link

Big freeze in U.S.A damages crops - 11 Apr 07 - Unusually cold weather moved through 
many parts of the eastern United States last weekend, threatening to destroy fruit, cereal 
and vegetable crops. Experts consider the damage "devastating".

In South Carolina and Alabama, peach and other fruit blossoms were already in the early 
stage of development after a warm spell in late March. The arctic blast sent temperatures
 plummeting far below danger levels as far south as Texas and Georgia, literally nipping 
the crops in the bud.
Apr 19 Record lows:
Cedar City, UT
Delta, UT
Sacramento, CA
Apr 19 Snowfall in one day:
Alta, UT---17"
Box Elder, MT---16"
Barker Lakes, MT---15"
Meadow Lake, ID---12"
Crystal Lake, MT---10"
Apr 17 Impressive Storm Totals - Here’s a storm summary from The 
Hydrometeorological Prediction Center in Camp Springs, MD
Thanks to Kate Salvati for this link
Apr 17 A few spring snowfall totals:
Scott, NY---20"
Bear Creek Village, PA---20"
Forest Lake, PA---17"
Binghampton, NY---13.6"
Mount Chase, ME---10.8"
Apr 16 Record lows:
Meridian, MS
Vicksburg, MS
Greenwood, MS
Austin, TX
Mobile, AL
32 tie
33 tie
Apr 16 101 year-old rain record - QUADRUPLED! - A record-breaking nor'easter dumped 
more than 8 inches of rain fell on New York City’s Central Park, quadrupling the 101-
year-old record for the date. The storm knocked out power to hundreds of thousands 
and was blamed for at least 11 deaths nationwide.

Vermont got about 17 inches of snow, with snow still falling Monday across parts of
Pennsylvania, New York and Maine. Snow drifts stranded tractor-trailers on highways 
in Pennsylvania. Washouts, flooding, mudslides and fallen trees blocked roads from 
Kentucky to New England.

Pounding waves completely covered the beach at Hampton Beach, N.H., where residents
reported up to 5 feet of water pouring through their front doors.

Record lows
West Palm Beach, FL
"We're running 10-15 degrees below normal area wide," meteorologist Kim Brabander said.,0,4883436.story?coll=sfla-home-headlines
Thanks to Peter Pesola for this link
50 tie
Apr 16 Snowfall in one day:
Tupper Lake, NY---26"
Blue Mountain Lake, NY---19"
Boonville, NY---19"
Randolph, NH---16"
Marcellus, NY---16"
Jay Peak, VT---14"
Andover, VT---11"
Binghampton, NY---9.7"
Jackman, ME---11"
Syracuse, NY---7"
Apr 16 Rainfall totals:
Riverdale, NJ---9.30"
New York City, NY---8.41"
E. White Plains, NY---8.26"
East Eliot, ME---6.93"
Philadelphia, PA---5.05"
Apr 15 Record lows
Jackson, KY
Austin, TX
Corpus Christi, TX
Apr 15 Record one-day rainfall:
Trenton, NJ---4.56:
Wilmington, DE---4.36"
Philadelphia, PA---4.19"
Bridgeport, CT---3.02"
Providence, RI---2.90"
Apr 15 Here’s an amazing forecast for Bretton Woods, NH.
And remember, this is the middle of April!






As my friend Ken, asks,
"Where is the global warming Al ??"

Apr 15 Storm Cancels Flights, Threatens Floods - The storm flooded people out of their 
homes in West Virginia. Other inland states faced a threat of heavy snow.

Storm warnings and watches were posted all along the East Coast, with flood 
warnings extending from North Carolina to the New York area. Winter storm 
warnings were in effect for parts of New England and eastern New York state.

The storm rained out the New York Mets at New York's Shea Stadium, the 
Pittsburgh Pirates home game against San Francisco, the Houston Astros at 
Philadelphia, the Kansas City Royals at Baltimore, and the Los Angeles Angels 
at Boston. Last weekend, snow wiped out scheduled Mariners-Indians games 
at Cleveland for four straight days.

Up to 2.5 inches of rain had fallen in southern West Virginia since early Saturday 
and streams were still rising Sunday, said weather service meteorologist Dan 
Bartholf in Charleston.

At least 3 inches of rain fell in eastern Kentucky, where a 50-foot section of 
highway collapsed near Pikeville.

Apr 15 Snowfall in one day:
Haines Falls, NY---4"
Goshen, MA---3"
Woodford, VT---2.5"
Apr 15 Rainfall in one day:
Troy, AL---3.35"
Evergreen, AL---2.96"
Greenville, AL---2.86"
Wilmington, DE---2.80"
Ozark, AL---2.74"
Andalusia, AL---2.54"
Philadelphia, PA---2.39"
Baltimore, MD---1.96"
Apr 14 Rainfall in one day:
Medicine Lodge, KS---2.13"
Apr 13 Snowfall totals:
Antonito, CO---18"
Colorado City, CO---14"
Jemez Springs, NM---10"
Los Alamos, NM---7"
Alta, UT---4"
Apr 13 Snow from Colorado to Michigan to Maine- And the worst is yet to come. 
Forecasters predict up to 25 cm (10 in) of snow in Denver and almost 45 cm (18 in) 
around the foothills of the Rockies during Friday. Texas and Louisiana will also be 
hit with severe weather.

In the Northeast, the NWS issued snow warnings for many areas in New England, 
on top of what they’ve already received.

A ski resort re-opened in Vermont. A jet trying to land at Traverse City, Michigan, 
skidded 15 meters (50 feet) off a runway in the heavy snow. And more than 550 flights 
were canceled at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport because of poor visibility.
Apr 12 Record Snowfall in Chicago causes havoc - and more is on the way -  Forget 
what the weather forecasters said -- you didn't really expect this: a record 2.9 inches 
of snow, topping the mark of 2.3 inches for April 11 set in 1957.

Traffic was ridiculous, the Cubs were snowed out and the heavy wet stuff brought 
down power lines and trees across the city.,CST-NWS-snow12.article
Thanks to Larry Cook for this info

Apr 12 Heavy crop losses reported in Southeast - And farmers are bracing for another expected 
cold snap next week. In South Carolina, at least 90 percent of the peach crop was destroyed.
In Georgia, the weekend freeze may have wiped out more than half the state's peach crop.

Alabama and Kentucky were still estimating losses. Kentucky officials said as much 
as 90 percent of the state's peach and apple crops may have been destroyed, but they
cautioned the figures were preliminary.

The freeze also killed off a large portion of Georgia's $60 million-a-year blueberry crop.

Apr 13 Record Snowfall in Bismarck, ND - A slow-moving, low-pressure system dumped a 
record amount of snow on Bismarck and even more on Mandan on Tuesday.

The National Weather Service's Len Peterson reported that total snowfall amounts in 
the area ranged from 2.8 inches in Linton to 7 inches in Mandan. Snow began accumulating
Monday evening, running through Tuesday and into Wednesday, as the system moved
 southeast into Minnesota and Iowa.

Bismarck received a total of 6.2 inches, 5.5 of those coming Tuesday and eclipsing the
single-day snowfall amount of 4.2 inches set in 1945. Halliday, which reported an 8-inch
snowfall last week, received another 6.5 inches the past two days. Flasher and New Salem
 reported 5.8 inches, Hazelton 4.8, Trotters 5.2, Grassy Butte 5.1, Underwood 4.6, Dunn 
Center 4.5, Wilton and Watford City 4, and Fort Yates 3.

Bismarck's total for the month of April is 10.2 inches, 8 inches more than the average 2.2 inches the city receives

Read full article by Gordon Weixel in the Bismarck Tribune
Thanks to Larry Cook for this link

Apr 13 Snowfall in one day:
Madison, NH---14"
Bridgton, ME---12"
North Conway, NH---11"
Brandon, VT---10"
Canoga Lake, NY---8"
Brookings, SD---8"
Worthington, MN---7"
Milwaukee, WI---7"
Sioux Falls, SD---6.8"
Bismarck, ND---5.9"
Kalamazoo, MI---5.5"
Dubuque, IA---5"
Madison, WI---4.9"
Mason City, IA---4.6"
Minot, ND---3"
Apr 12 Snow Today; Nor`easter Soon? - The storm that dumped snow across the Upper Midwest
 Thursday will continue marching eastward today, with 6 to 10 inches of heavy, wet snow
 blanketing an area from far upstate New York to northern Maine
If the storm strengthens to its forecast magnitude near the mid-Atlantic coast, the potential
 exists for a major Nor’easter. The snow may not only rival previous all-time April snowfall
 records, but it could bring down power lines and roofs due to the weight of the snow.
Thanks to skier Ken for this link
Apr 12 Another Spring Snowstorm Blasts Midwest  - The upper Midwest braced for more snow
Thursday, a day after a spring storm grounded hundreds of flights, postponed a baseball 
game and coated roads with ice, leaving six people dead.

"I think it's terrible, and it's the reason why I'm never living in the Midwest again after this
 year," said Molly Gray, 22, a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Milwaukee smashed a snowfall record for the date on Wednesday with 7 inches. North Dakota
 and South Dakota also measured snowfalls of about 7 inches. Some areas of northern Illinois
 reported up to six inches, with another inch to 1.5 inches of snow expected.

Wednesday's Chicago Cubs game was postponed because of the storm. Last weekend, heavy
 snow wiped out scheduled Mariners-Indians games for four straight days at Cleveland.

Apr 11 Coldest April in 113 years – More snow possible - Last year was record warm, this year 
record cold! April is currently tracking as the coldest April in 113 years - a dramatic change.
Even after some late month moderation, April 2007 will likely keep the month in the top 7
coldest in history. The Southwest is the one exception, but even there temperatures will
cool dramatically late in the week. And, the snow is not over! Short range computer models 
hint at the possibility of a stronger snow storm from Colorado to Wisconsin late in the 
week into the weekend. This will be the heavy wet variety."gennews
Thanks to Dan Dewey for this link
Apr 11 Rainfall in one day:
Homestead, FL---3.35"
Miami, FL---2.90"
West Palm Beach, FL---2.44"
Apr 10 Rainfall in one day:
Homestead, FL---3.35"
Miami, FL---2.90"
West Palm Beach, FL---2.44"
Lafayette, LA---2.08"
Apr 9 Record lows in eight states:
Marquette, MI
Duluth, MN
Salisbury, MD
St. Joseph, MO
Lynchburg, VA
Paducah, KY
Baltimore, MD
Islip, NY
Augusta, GA
Savannah, GA
28 tie
Apr 9 Cold dooms South Carolina crop - Henderson County farmers face an apple 
crop wipeout after the Easter weekend freeze.

With temperatures dipping into the teens Friday and Saturday night, the apple crops 
may not survive, said Marvin Owings Jr., a fruit tree specialist with the Cooperative 
Extension Service.

"I spoke with Dr. Steve McCartney, a plant growth specialist at the Horticulture 
Research Station in Fletcher, and he said that all of the potential fruit there was lost," 
Owings said. "From the reports that I have been getting from growers, it sounds like
 that is what's happening to all of our fruit trees in the county."

Last year's apple crop produced 3.3 million bushels, about 96 percent of a full crop, 
and brought in gross returns of more than $22.8 million.

"If you lose trees, it can take up to 10 years to grow trees to full apple producing levels,"
said Adam Pryor of Edneyville, president of the Blue Ridge Apple Growers Association.

Read complete article by John Harbin
Thanks to Jack Bailey for this link
Historic Cold in Charlotte, NC - 7 Apr 07 –– A historic cold weather outbreak shattered records Easter morning in Charlotte and elsewhere in the Carolinas. Temperatures dropped to 21F at Charlotte/Douglas International Airport.

That not only broke the low-temperature record for the date, but it was the coldest for any April day in Charlotte history. At the Greenville-Spartanburg Airport, Sunday morning’s unofficial low of 24 degrees also was the coldest ever in April.

Up to 10 inches of snow accumulated in parts of North Carolina’s mountains, including 1.5 inches of snow in Asheville – the first recorded April snowfall in that city in 20 years.
Thanks to Craig Adkins for this link

Apr 9 Eight inches of snow expected today in the Cascade Passes (2,500 ft elevation) in Washington state
Apr  8 Snowfall thru Sunday 9.m.
Painesdale, MI---64.5"
Phoenix Farms, MI---57"
Marquette, MI---48.5"
Houghton, MI---31"
Ironwood, MI---31"
Redfield, NY---38"
Houghton, MI---31"
Ironwood, MI---29.3"
Claridon, OH---27"
Parish, NY---20"
Union City, PA---19.5"
Stockton, NY---18"
Apr 8 Record low temperatures in nine states:
Huron, SD
Grand Island, NE
Sioux City, IA
Omaha, NE
Kansas City, MO
Jackson, TN
Nashville, TN
Augusta, GA
Columbia, SC
Little Rock, AR
Jacksonville, FL
14 tie
26 tie
26 tie
Apr 8 Unseasonable Cold Snap Puts Chill on Easter Festivity - Two weeks into spring, Easter morning temperatures were in the upper 30s along the Gulf Coast and in the single digits in northern Minnesota and the Dakotas. Atlanta dropped to30 degrees. The same reading put a chill on New York City's Fifth Avenue’s traditional Easter Parade of spring finery

Temperatures in Columbia, S.C. dropped to the upper 20s, and for the second day in a row, and with more than a foot of snow in Cleveland, the Seattle Mariners and Cleveland Indians had to cancel a doubleheader.

Nashville, Tenn., bottomed out Sunday at 23 degrees, knocking one degree off the Easter Sunday record set on March 24, 1940, while visitors to the nation's capital saw cherry blossoms coated with snow. Snow also fell in metro Atlanta, and even in parts of West Texas and the Texas Panhandle.

Farmers were worried about the impact the weather could have on crops. Blueberries could be particularly affected, said Stanley Scarborough, production manager of Sunnyridge Farms, which has fields in Baxley and Homerville, Ga.

"At 26 or 27 degrees, you would probably lose half of the Georgia crop," valued at about $20 million to $25 million dollars, Scarborough said.

New Yorkers may need to wear their woolly hats instead of their Easter bonnets. 
The National Weather Service has warned of possible snowfalls for New York on 
Saturday and Sunday.
Apr 7 Record lows in nine states:
McCook, NE
Hill City, KS
Des Moines, IA
Kansas City, MO
St. Joseph, MO
Asheville, NC
Huntsville, AL
Muscle Shoals, AL
Jonesboro, AR
Memphis, TN
Chicago, IL
Indianapolis, IN: record low maximum
     (Old record of 36 was set in 1982)
St. Louis, MO (Breaks old record of 26 degrees)
     Thanks to Dennis Schmitz St. Louis info
28 tie
32 tie
Apr 7 Snowfall totals so far:
Phoenix Farms, MI---52"
Marquette, MI---47"
Rockland, MI---43.7"
Ironwood, MI---27.3"
Houghton, MI---27"
Apr 6 Current cold wave could become the coldest on record – "Lumping all parameters together, 
the current cold wave very well could become the coldest on record. The size of the thing is
incredible. Already, below-normal cold dominates the weather from northern Canada to the 
Gulf Coast the Eastern Seaboard. The duration of the cold weather will be more than a week 
in some locations …The magnitude of the cold is also quite impressive with temperatures
running 20 to 25 degrees below normal over a vast area.

Temperatures through the south central part of the United States will be at least 30 degrees
below normal Saturday, and it may snow in Texas! Simply, this is as cold as you're ever going to see in April."

Hey, Supreme Court …Are you paying attention?

Story by Expert Senior Meteorologist John Kocet.
Thanks to skier Ken for this link

Apr 6 Record lows:
Aberdeen, SD
Cincinnati, OH
23 tie
Apr 5 Record lows:
Aberdeen, SD
Pierre, SD
Concordia, KS
Grand Island, NE
Topeka, KS
29 tie
Apr 5 Snowfall in one day:
Painesdale, MI---38"
Rockland, MI---25"
Marquette, MI---31.2"
Ironwood, MI---24"
Mohawk, MI---20.2"
Houghton, MI---19"
Phoenix, MI---18"
Calumet, MI---17"
Hartford, ME---18"
Temple, ME---18"
Jackson, NH---14"
Brunswick, ME---11"
Portland, ME---13.5"
Augusta, ME---14"
Concord, NH---9"
Apr 4 Record lows:
Aberdeen, SD
Watertown, SD
Sisseton, SD
Pierre, SD
Apr 3 Record Lows
Yakima, WA
Pendleton, OR
Olympia, WA
Hillsboro, OR
Seattle, WA
21 tie
21 tie
25 tie
34 tie
Apr 2 Record low
Yakima, WA
22 tie
Apr 2 Snowfall in one day:
Denton, MT---13"
Bozeman, MT---12"
Havana, ND---9"
Halliday, ND---8"
Grass Range, MT---8"
Lewiston, MT---6"
Carson, ND---6"
Mantador, ND---5.5"
Dickinson, ND---4.1"
Apr 2 Rainfall in one day:
Mobile, AL---4.28"
Florala, AL---3.38"
Crestview, FL---3.00"
Dothan, AL---2/79"
Andalusia, AL---2.26"
Coldest November on Record in Juneau Alaska - The average maximum 
November temperature in Juneau was 26, compared to the normal average of  37.9
Thanks to Brian Owens for this link
Mar 31 More storms batter the U.S - The storms continued to move northwestwards dumping 
copious amounts of snow across Wyoming, causing pileups and leaving some roads
 inaccessible. Since Wednesday a massive 70 inches (2 meters) of snow has fallen in 
the Wind River Mountain area of Wyoming.
Mar 31 Rainfall in two days:
Mineral Wells, TX---6.33"
Oklahoma City, OK---4.93"
Waco, TX---4.69"
Wichita Falls, TX---2.45"
Mar 30 Snowfall in three days:
Hobbs Park, WY---72"
Homestead Park, WY---55"
Townsend Creek, WY---42"
Brian Head, UT---39"
Lander, WY---27"
Lodge Grass, MT---24"
Denver, CO---5"

This week's blizzard dumped up to 5 feet of snow in parts of Wyoming, causing at least 
175 traffic accidents and shutting down hundreds of miles of Wyoming's three interstate
highways. Heavy snow also hit parts of Colorado, Utah, Montana and the Dakotas.
Mar 30 Record rainfall for this date:
Oklahoma City, OK---3.50"
Topeka, KS---2.22"
Dallas, TX---2.09"
Mar 29 Snow closes 100-mile stretch of I-90; 2 dead - A major storm system moved through 
the Plains states Thursday bringing heavy snow and tornadoes to some areas. Severe 
weather warnings and tornado warnings were in effect from South Dakota to Texas.

Officials closed a 100-mile stretch of I-90 and 45 miles of I-25. Thirteen other state 
roads were closed.

Mar 29 Snowfall in two days:
Hobbs Park, WY---58"
Brian Head, UT---27"
Lander, WY---15"
Red Lodge, MT---12"
Littleton, CO---6"
Mar 29 Rainfall in one day:
Shiner Springs, TX---5.84"
Waco, TX---2.98"
Mineral Wells, TX---2.50"
Mar 28 Rainfall in two days:
Blacksburg, VA---3.21"
Mar 28 Record cold in Fairbanks, Alaska - A reader, Kate Salvati, sent this excerpt to me 
from the National Weather Service:


"Just the fact that this hasn't happened before in modern times," says Kate, "should 
sound alarm bells for many for several reasons."

"One would be that the current global warming theory states that the poles are the areas 
to be affected worst by this warming. Since Fairbanks is a polar location it goes against 
the GW theory.

"Second, not only is Fairbanks on track for breaking its record coldest March of -2.7F, 
it is going to shatter it! As of today the average temperature for the month in Fairbanks 
is -8.6F, about 6 degrees colder than the previous record. Normally when longer-term 
records are broken, they aren't broken by more than 2 degrees. This record could be 
broken by 5 degrees."

And here are some key excerpts that Kate sent along from the Fairbanks News Miner.

"The last time I saw it this bad was the winter of 1988-89," said Lynn, referring to a winter that is legendary among those living in Fairbanks at the time. "I think this may have that beat."

"We’re at the end of the winter and the frost line has really gotten down there," said Lynn, dressed in a pair of insulated Carhartt bibs and bunny boots. "I’ve heard about people with (underground) water tanks that are frozen solid. Septic tanks are freezing."

The period from Feb. 12 to March 20 was the coldest on record, according to Aycock. The average temperature was minus 13.1 degrees Fahrenheit, 17.1 degrees colder than normal.
Thanks, Kate


Mar 27 Rainfall in one day:
Burnet, TX---2.68"
Killeen, TX---2.46"
College Station, TX---2.30"
San Antonio, TX---2.07"
Ft. Worth, TX---2.04"
Mar 26 Record lows
Valdez, AK
Mar 26 Rainfall in one day:
Junction, TX---2.51"
Del Rio, TX---2.20"
Mar 24 Snowfall in one day:
Boulder, CO---8"
Conifer, CO---5"
Bergen Park, CO---5"
Alamosa, CO---4.7"
Mar 24 Rainfall in one day:
Carlsbad, NM---2.09"
Amarillo, TX---2.07"

Lubbuck, TX has received 3.67" of rain so far this month, setting a new record 
for Lubbuck for the entire month ... and March has several days to go.

Mar 22 Record snow in Juneau, Alaska - A snowstorm this week sealed a winter 
snowfall record in Juneau and prompted city officials to warn residents of 
extreme danger from avalanches.

As of 4 a.m. Wednesday, a new city record for snowfall was set. This year's 
194.6 inches to date edged the record set in the winter of 1964-1965 by three-
tenths of an inch.

"Avalanches can travel well over 100 mph so there will be little or no warning," 
said Capital City Fire and Rescue Chief Eric Mohrmann.
Thanks to Erik Bernhardson for this link

See also:

Mar 22 Rainfall in one day:
Custer, MI---3.24”
Allegan, MI---2.00”
Mar 21

Record lows
Massena , NY
Burlington , VT
Redmond , OR
Satus Pass , OR





19 tie

Mar 20 Rainfall in one day:
Coffeyville, KS---3.41"
Wichita, KS---2.21"
Bartlewville, OK---2.12"
Mar 19 Snowfall in one day:
Roscommon, MI---6"
Lake Ann, MI---5"
Traverse City, MI---4.5"
Mar 19 174-inch base at Mt. Baker
Up to 10 inches of snow expected tonight
Mar 18 Record Lows
North Myrtle Beach, SC
Cold Bay, AK
St. Paul, AK
31 tie
Mar 16 Anchorage on track for coldest March on record - Homer, Alaska - Most winters, 
Norm Anderson merely has to climb aboard his boat in the harbor and make sure his 
oil-pan heater is still keeping the engine warm before he turns over the F/V Sea Otter 
for a winter king fishing excursion.

This year isn't much different. Anderson is certainly ready to fish. He just can't go 
anywhere. The reason?

"The ice is killing me," said Anderson, owner and operator of Norm's Saltwater Adventures.
"I've had to cancel close to 50 trips this winter because I just can't get out of the harbor."

"It’s a little later in the year for ice to be socked in the harbor," said Homer Harbormaster
 Steve Dean. "It usually happens sometime in December or January. Currently, both our
 response harbor tug and our skiff are completely frozen in"

With more than six inches of ice surrounding some boats, some owners are walking 
around their boats and between floats on the frozen harbor surface.

And with commercial halibut season looming and a March 24 Winter King Salmon 
Tournament hinging on fishing-ground accessibility, everyone is eager to see things 
flowing freely again.

March is headed to being one of the coldest on record, weather experts say. If the cold 
hangs on, this year could beat 1956 as Anchorage's coldest..

Anchorage hasn't recorded a temperature above freezing since February 3 - 41 days of 

See full article by Sean Pearson of the Homer Tribune
Thanks to Erik Bernhardson for this link

(When you get to the link, make sure to click on the photo,
which will bring up other great photos.)

Mar 17 Heavy snows hit northeastern US  - The northeastern US was hammered by a huge 
storm Friday, bringing heavy snowfall and chaos. New Jersey, West Virginia and 
Pennsylvania areas were worst affected, with temperatures falling well below zero.

More than 1,500 flights were canceled, and road traffic ground to a halt as the wintry 
storm lashed the east coast.

Snowfall in one day:
Windham, NY---24"
Albrightsville, PA---18"
Worcester, MA---16.9"
Francestown, NH---15"
High Point, NJ---13"
Shamokin, PA---12"
York, PA---11.5"
Manchester, CT---10"
Harrisburg, PA---9.5"
State College, PA---8"

Mar 16 Rainfall in two days:
Baltimore, MD---2.65"
New York City, NY---2.35"
Washington, DC---2.15"
Raleigh-Durham, NC---2.14"
Philadelphia, PA---2.03"
Mar 14

Rainfall in one day:
Beaumont , TX ---2.84”
Rockport , TX ---2.53”
Palacios , TX ---2.15”
Houston , TX ---2.06”

Mar 13 34th coolest February in 113 years
13 Mar 07 – According to NOAA, the average temperature in February 2007 was 32.9 F. This was -1.8 F cooler than the 1901-2000 (20th century) average, the 34th coolest February in 113 years.

Thanks to Craig Adkins for this link
Mar 12 Rainfall in 36 hours:
Brownsville, TX---4.72"
New Braunfels, TX---4.20"
Corsicana, TX---4.05"
Killeen, TX---3.06"
Austin, TX---2.66"
Mar 11 Third coldest February in Fairbanks since 1904 - 21.4 degrees below normal
- MAR 11 2007


Thanks to Jim.Hager for this link.

Mar 12 Rainfall in one day:
New Braunfels, TX---4.20"
Georgetown, TX---3.24"
Killeen, TX---3.06"
Waco, TX---2/67"
Austin, TX---2.66"
Mar 11 Rainfall in 36 hours:
Forks, WA---4.11"
Shelton, WA---2.70"
Olympia, WA---1.98"
Mar 10  Another Shot of Cold on the way - Even as springlike warmth sweeps across the nation 
to the Eastern Seaboard, another shot of cold will gather for a southeastward charge. The leading edge of this cold shot will cross the border into the northern tier of states Tuesday, 
but it will take until Thursday and Friday to spread the cold throughout the Midwest. Some
 snow may accompany the dive in temperature. And, by Saturday, at this rate, the Northeast
 will be feeling the chill.
Thanks to Ken for this link

Mar 9 Record lows across the east
Island Pond, VT
Sutton, VT
Whitefield, NH
East Haven, VT
Saranac Lake, NY
Glens Falls, NY
Lebanon, NH
Montpelier, VT
Bangor, ME
Boston, MA
Mar 8 Record lows in eight states!
Lebanon, NH
Bangor, ME
Glens Falls, NY
Concord, NH
Portland, ME
Danbury, CT
Atlantic City, NJ
Allentown, PA
Salisbury, MD
Nantucket, MA
0 tie
Mar 8 The combination of clear skies, snow cover and the presence of a frigid dome of high pressure will allow temperatures to plummet to near or below current record lows across the interior of New England and the Interstate 95 corridor from Portland, Maine, to Washington, D.C., tonight. Records will be challenged overnight as temperatures drop below zero across much of New England, away from the coast, to the teens in New York City, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. Saranac Lake, N.Y., will bottom out at a brutally cold 37E below zero. Chg=1&article=0

Mar 7 Snowfall in one day:
Friendsville, MD---10.5"
Meyersdale, PA---10.5"
Frostburg, MD---10"
Mar 6 Record lows in four states
Alpena, MI
Buffalo, NY
Bridgeport, CT
Newark, NJ
New York City, NY
12 tie
Mar 6 Frigid (but not records)
East Albany, NY
Diamond Pond, NH
Rangely, ME
Saranac Lake, NY
Old Forge, NY
Mar 4 Record lows:
Yakutat, AK
Midland, TX
19 tie
Mar 4 Storm totals:
Gile, WI---39"
Marquette, MI---30.9"
St. Paul, MN---14.5"
Mar 3 Record lows:
Tok, AK
Northway, AK
Mar 2 Snowfall in one day"
Finland, MN---25"
Andover, MN---19"
Minnetonka, MN---18"
Duluth, MN---17.9"
Omaha, NE---14"
Mar 2 Rainfall in one day:
Athens, GA---3.73"
Columbus, GA---3.62"
Charlotte, NC---3.41"
Gasonia, NC---3.23"
Clemson, SC---3.19"
Mar 1 Record snowfall
Duluth, MN---16.4"
Grand Forks, ND---9"
Rochesterm WI---7.2"
Fargim ND---6.5"
Sioux Falls, SD---5.6"
Mar 1 Blizzard Conditions Hit Midwest, Plains - Again - Blizzard conditions were reported in parts 
of Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota and Minnesota.

In northwestern Wisconsin, as much as 20 inches of snow could fall through Friday 
morning, up to 16 inches could fall across other northern and central areas of the state.

In Nebraska, up to 9 inches of snow had fallen on the Omaha area Thursday morning,

Whiteout conditions in eastern Nebraska forced closure of about 75 miles of I-80 in 
both directions between Omaha and Utica, and a 100-mile stretch I-80 just west of 
Des Moines, Iowa, to the Nebraska line.

In some parts of Omaha, snow was falling 2 inches an hour.

By Friday, snowfall totals were expected to be a foot or more in southern and central 
Minnesota and two feet in northeastern Minnesota. The weather service warned of 
blowing snow and possible blizzard conditions in the countryside.

It's the second major snowstorm in a week for Minnesota area. Winona, in the 
southeastern corner of the state, got 28 inches.

Mar 1 Record rainfall
Greer, SC---2.83"
Tupelo, MS---2.63"
Charlotte, NC---2.17"
Feb 27 Another potential blizzard headed for the upper Plains and Midwest - According to 
West Coast Expert Meteorologist Paul Yeager, many of the areas of the Plains and 
upper Midwest still recovering from last weekend's blizzard will be hit with another 
round of heavy snow, with the potential for blizzard conditions that could lead to t
ravel delays and road closures.
Feb 26 Five Hundred Miles of Power Lines Down –– More snow expected - The Midwest took 
the brunt of the latest storm, receiving up to 2 feet of snow, with more expected in some 
areas early Monday. Heavy ice brought down miles of power lines and utility poles, 
mostly in Iowa, where nearly 250,000 customers were without electricity Sunday night. 
Close to 80,000 were without power in Illinois.

"We've got close to 2,500 poles down — over 500 miles of line down," Alliant Energy
spokesman Ryan Stensland said of conditions in Iowa.

The Wisconsin State Patrol said blowing and drifting snow made portions of I-43 in 
Walworth and Waukesha counties impassable for several hours Sunday morning.

The National Weather Service in Michigan warned of widespread snow, strong wind 
and near blizzard conditions in parts of the state, with up to a foot of snow.

New York City sanitation workers were preparing for up to 7 inches of snow.

Feb 25 Record lows from Alaska to North Carolina
Youngstown, OH
Valdez, AK
New Bern, NC
Camarillo, CA
Long Beach, CA
35 tie
40 tie
Feb 25 Snowstorm Heads East After Blasting West - By late Sunday morning, snow was 
falling from the eastern Dakotas across the Great Lakes to the Washington area. The 
weather service posted blizzard and winter storm warnings for eastern South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, western Maryland, West Virginia's 
Eastern Panhandle, the District of Columbia and northern Virginia.

Parts of Wisconsin could get up to 24 inches of snow, said Tom Zajdel, a meteorologis
t with the National Weather Service in Sullivan, Wis.

The storm knocked out power to more than 100,000 in Iowa, plus parts of Illinois, 
Nebraska and Ohio. Crews for Mid American Energy reported ice 2 inches thick 
coating power lines in Illinois' Mercer County.

I-70, a major cross-country route, was closed for about 400 miles in both directions 
Saturday from just east of Denver to Salina, Kansas. A number of other highway
s also were closed in Wyoming and Nebraska. Seven-foot snowdrifts were reported 
in areas of western Kansas.

Feb 25 Snow totals:
Preston, MN---22.8"
La Crosse, WI---21.3"
Winona, MN---20"
Morrisonville, WI---19"
Lake Mills, WI---18"
Pickwick, MN---17.5"
Galesville, WI---15.8"
Hutchinson, MN---15.5"
Little Falls, MN---14"
Andover, MN---13.5"
Mayville, ND---9"
Feb 24 Biggest storm of the winter hits Wisconsin
Blizzard conditions expected by Saturday afternoon
Feb 24 Snowfall in one day:
Winona, MN---11"
Ideal, SD---11"
Stapleton, NE---11"
Minnesota City, MN---10"
Ainsworth, NE---9"
La Crosse, WI---9"
Cooperstown, ND---8"
Tyndall, SD---8"
Madison, WI---8"
Milwaukee, WI---5"
Feb 23 Snowfall in one day:
Stamford, NY---9"
Whitesboro, NY---4.5"
Monticello, NY---4"
Feb 21 Rainfall in one day:
Honeydew, NC---4.01"
Bridgeville, NC---3.28"
Arcata, NC---2.15"
Feb 20 Snowfall in one day:
Bennett Pass, OR---27"
Mt. Hood Meadows, OR---23"
Hoodoo Ski Resort, OR---17"
Government Camp, OR---16"
Santiam Junction, OR---12"
Feb 19 Record low
Naples, FL
37 tie
Feb 19 Snowfall in one day:
Deer Valley Daly West, UT---16"
Solitude, UT---15"
Sundance, UT---13"
Alta Collins, UT---13"
Payson, UT---10.5"
Feb 19 Snowfall in one day:
Quinwood, WV---14.5"
Friendsville, MD---12"
Raineville, WV---12"
Creston, NC---8"
Beech Mountain, NC---7"
Feb 18 Record-breaking blizzard buries Vermont
18 Feb 07 - Burlington received 25.3 inches of snow Tuesday, 
Burlington's biggest February snowstorm since 1883.
Record-Breaking blizzard buries Vermont.
Feb 17 Record lows:
Tallahassee, FL
Jacksonville, FL
Gainesville, FL
Feb 16 Stranded for three days - Ice four to six inches thick on freeway
Pennsylvania Governor declares statewide disaster emergency

PennDOT crews remain on the job this afternoon trying to reopen snow and ice-
clogged I-78. PennDOT reports that crews worked through the night to clear 78, 81 
and 80 of passenger and commercial vehicles. Plow drivers and other personnel 
are working to remove ice and snow to make the highway passable. 

PennDOT Secretary Allen Biehler says ice measures four to six inches thick on 
sections of the highway, making it too dangerous to reopen the highway.

According to State Police, some motorists are jumping around flares to enter the 
highway. Motorists aren't the only ones looking for answers in the wake of the 
nightmare on I -78. State Representative Doug Reichley of Berks and Lehigh counties 
is calling for an investigation into the handling of the situation on I-78. He says he 
of Transportation to prevent this from happening again. Governor Rendell held a 
news conference in Philadelphia to discuss the status of road treatment efforts 
and road closures.

It has also been a busy time for those providing relief to people caught in traffic 
jams on I-78, 81 and 80. More than 130 troops from 10 units of the Pennsylvania 
National Guard were sent to provide relief as part of what was called "Operation 
Cold Freeze." 

Troops have been providing traffic control, meals, water, blankets and other necessities 
for motorists stranded on the highways. By last evening, officials said more than 1400 
meals had been provided to folks on I- 78 and 900 more were being flown in to motorists
suffering the same fate on I-81, but officials say the effort is far from over.
Thanks to Dominick in New York City for this link

Feb 16 Angry reactions to storm's monster mess - 'Disgusting,' stranded driver says
The last of hundreds of stranded motorists in Pennsylvania were freed but highways 
remained shut Friday as crews struggled to clear ice and snow following a monster 
storm blamed for at least 22 deaths.

Interstate 78, site of a huge traffic tie-up Thursday, as well as large portions of I-81 
and I-80, remained closed so workers could clear them. The icy mixture, up to six inches 
thick, became rock-hard as overnight temperatures plummeted to the low teens and single digits.

"How could you operate a state like this? It’s totally disgusting," said Eugene Coleman, 
who was trapped in the Pennsylvania jam for 20 hours, along with his girlfriend and 
pregnant daughter. At least 22 deaths were blamed on the huge storm system.

The traffic jam on a 50-mile stretch of Pennsyovania’s I-78 was so bad that National 
Guardsmen in Humvees had to ferry food, fuel and baby supplies Thursday to 
stranded motorists.

Feb 16 Heavy snow sweeps across Canada and U.S.  - A monster snowstorm hit the Midwest and Northeast U.S. along with southern Canada on Valentine’’s Day causing hundreds of 
road accidents and 15 deaths.

A massive 50 mile car jam formed on a road in Pennsylvania on Wednesday night. The 
National Guard flew in to help deliver supplies to people stranded in their cars.

Meanwhile over 95,000 homes and businesses were without power until early on Thursday
in Ohio, Kentucky, Maryland and Virginia after ice brought down the power lines.

Local press reported up to 12 inches of snow across Pennsylvania, 15 inches in Cleveland, 
19 inches in western Massachusetts and 42 inches in southern Adirondacks in New York.
Three feet of snow fell in Vermont.

Burlington International Airport in Vermont received 25.7 inches of snow fell, the second
 highest total on record from one storm.

The storm brought up to 50cm of snow to some regions west of Toronto.

On Thursday morning residents in Hamilton woke up to find 40cm of snow. Some areas 
may have received up to 70cm with drifts could reach up to a metre in some parts.

The snowfall could end up being a record for Hamilton. The previous 24 hour snowfall 
record was 43.2cm set in January 1966.
Feb 16 Snowfall in one day:
Point Rock, NY---16.5"
Cheyenne Crossing, SD---14"
Lead, SD---12"
Clay, NY---8.5"
Steamboat Springs, CA---5"
Whitesboro, NY---4.0"
Feb 15 Record lows:
Rapid City, SD
Toledo, OH
Dayton, OH
Cleveland, OH
Mansfield, OH
Cincinnati, OH
-4 tie
Feb 14 Midwest storm slams Northeast as blizzard - Most of upstate New York reported 
several inches of new snow this morning, with 10 inches in Oswego. Snowfall of 
8 to 36 inches (3 feet) was predicted for areas around New York, and up to a foot 
of snow in Connecticut. Meanwhile, a blizzard warning was issued for western 
Massachusetts, with snowfall that could exceed 2 inches per hour.

Sheriff's offices in several Ohio counties closed roads to all but emergency workers. 
Anyone else caught driving could be arrested.

In Illinois, Springfield recorded nearly 16 inches of snow fell in Springfield, while 
Champaign recorded at least 12 inches.

In Indianapolis, Tuesday’s 7.4 inches of snow set a record for the date. Areas of northern Pennsylvania were expecting more than 12 inches of snow.

Feb 14 Snowfall in one day:
Springfield, IL---15.8"
Hartford City, IN---15.5"
Frankfort, IN---14"
Lafayette, IN---13.5"
Chicago, IL---5.8"
Feb 13 10-day snowfall totals:
Redfield, NY---146"
Parish, NY---121"
Mexico, NY---106"
North Osceola, NY---106"

Snowfall in one day:
Springfield, IL---6.2"
Urbana, IL---5.3"
Dayton, OH---5"
Indianapolis, IN---4.8"

Feb 13 New York State braces for yet more snow - As 12 feet (4 meters) of snow were not 
enough, parts of New York State are bracing themselves for yet more snowfall this week!

This morning the National Weather Service posted an urgent warning of heavy snow for
western and central New York State. Up to a foot or more of fresh snow is forecast.

Parts of up state New York were said to be more akin to the Arctic, with only the tops of 
street signs and barn and church roofs visible. Mrs. Yerdon who measured the 358cms 
(141 inches ) of snow said that her home now resembled a giant marshmallow and said 
that if she wanted to walk down her driveway she would not only need her snowshoes 
but a bulldozer too!
Feb 12  Major Winter Storm Developing - A major winter storm developing today over the 
southern Plains will spread a swath of heavy snow from the northern High Plains to 
the Ohio Valley and severe thunderstorms along the Gulf Coast. The storm will bring 
heavy snow to the Northeast on Tuesday, with near-blizzard conditions developing in 
New England from late Tuesday into Wednesday.
Feb 12 Snow Just Won't Stop in Upstate N.Y. - Intense lake-effect snow squalls that buried
communities along eastern Lake Ontario for nine straight days diminished Sunday - 
then started up again early Monday.

Unofficially, the squalls have dumped 12 feet, 2 inches of snow at Redfield. If accurate, 
that would break the state record of 10 feet, 7 inches of snow that fell in nearby Montague 
over seven days ending Jan. 1, 2002, said Steve McLaughlin, a meteorologist for the 
National Weather Service in Buffalo.

"We may get one more burst of snow. But then it's over. Finally, some mercy," 
McLaughlin said. However, the forecaster noted that a coastal winter storm expected 
midweek could bring another 6 to 12 inches.
Thanks to Jeff Reed for this link.

Feb 12 Village May Set N.Y. Record for Snowfall - More than 11 feet! -  The village of Redfield
in upstate New York gets a lot of snowfall during the winter, but last week's total - more 
than 11 feet, unofficially - might be an all-time record.
Feb 10 Upstate N.Y. Snow Rises to 110 Inches - Parish, NY reached a milestone early Saturday 
with 100 inches of snow (more than 8 feet) during the past seven days. Late Saturday, the
 total had risen to 110 inches. A warning said 2 to 4 more feet of snow was possible.

Front doors are buried and footprints lead to second-story windows. Sidewalks that have 
been dug out look like miniature canyons.

Feb 10 Snowfall totals:
Parish, NY---100"
Mexico, NY---88"
North Osceola, NY---85"
Oswego, NY---72"
Syracuse, NY---16"
Feb 10 Rainfall in one day:
Venado, CA---3.60"
Ben Lomond, CA---2.93"
Feb 9 Snow keeps coming in upstate New York
Up to four more feet possible - - With more than 100 inches of snow in some areas 
of upstate New York since last Sunday, forecasters now expect up to four feet more, 
as well as a longer blast lasting into next week.

Late Thursday the northern parts of Oswego County were accumulating as much 
as 3 inches per hour, said Dave Sage, a meteorologist with the National Weather 
Service in Buffalo. At times, the snow has fallen at a rate of as much as 5 inches an 
hour. The snowfall was accompanied by high winds, creating whiteouts and other 
problems around the state.

On Thursday, Gov. Eliot Spitzer declared a state disaster emergency in Oswego County.

Feb 8 Eight feet of snow expected in upstate New York - Six feet has fallen so far, with more 
expected. "It’s almost an unreal amount," said Mayor Randy Bateman of Oswego. "We 
catch up when it stops, but then it just comes again, even heavier."

"When you get 5 feet of snow in 24 hours, it’s tough," said Oswego Fire Chief Ed Geers.

Whiteout conditions—the snow has been falling at a rate of 5 inches an hour at times
—forced closure of 15 miles of Interstate 81 between Central Square and Pulaski.

The bitter cold and slippery roads have contributed to at least 19 deaths.

In West Virginia, where as much as 9 inches of snow has fallen, officials called 
snowplow drivers out of retirement to clear the roads.
Thanks to Larry Cook for this link.
Larry asks, "Where do you put eight feet of snow?"

Feb 8 Snowfall totals:
Redfield, NY---82"
Parish, NY---77"
Scriba, NY---75"
Mexico, NY---72"
Oswego, NY---67"
Feb 6 Record lows
Elkins, WV
Mansfield, OH
Parkersburg, WV
Charleston, WV
Lynchburg, VA
-16 tie
-6 tie
Feb 6 Snowfall in one day:
Scriba, NY---45"
East Aurora, NY---36"
Parish, NY---54"
Oswego, NY---31"
Palermo, NY---29"
South Wales, NY---26"
West Monroe, NY---25"
Boston, NY---21"
Silver Creek, NY---20"

Redfield, NY---62"
Oswego, NY---62"
Mexico, NY---57"
North Osceola, NY---42"
South Wales, NY---26"
Feb 5 Subzero chill across East and Midwest - The official low in Chicago this morning, 13 below, was the coldest in the Windy City in more than a decade.

Almost a foot of snow fell on Buffalo, forcing closure of a 38-mile stretch of the New York Thruway, with more snow expected. Meanwhile, ice on the Hudson River forced New York Waterway officials to shut down ferry service from Haverstraw to Ossining.

More than 600 schools were closed in the Cleveland area, where wind chills reached -20. All Milwaukee schools closed after wind chills dropped to almost 40 below.

The coldest spot was Embarrass, Minn., where thermometers plunged to -42.

In Denver, record snowfall so far this season has already topped the annual average of 61.7 inches, with four months to go.

Feb 5 Record lows
Grand Forks, ND
Youngstown, OH
Feb 4 Record lows in five states:
Medford, WI
Grand Forks, ND
Ironwood, MI
Rochester, MN
Madison, WI
Milwaukee, WI
Kahului, HI
-29 tie
54 tie
Feb 4 Snowfall totals:
Grand Haven, MI---15"
Grand Rapids, MI---11.8"
Muskegon, MI---7.9"
Feb 3 Denver spending millions for ice removal - At a news conference Friday, Mayor John
Hickenlooper and the city's Public Works Department explained that the city is spending 
up to $10 million to hire outside help to clear ice from the streets. There are 14,000 blocks 
that need ice and snow removal.

Hickenlooper says the city's strategy is focused on creating center lanes of 10 to 12 feet 
down side streets throughout Denver.

"January of 2007 has been our 10th coldest month on record.," said Hickenlooper. "We 
know this is unique, this is a once in a lifetime event." (I’m not so sure of that.)
Thanks to Craig Adkins for this link
Feb 3 Snowfall in one day:
Houghton, MI---17"
Grand Marais, MI---15"
Indian River, MI---8"
Tallmadge, MI---5.6"
Feb 2 Record lows
Denver, CO
Alamosa, CO
Burlington, CO
-26 tie
-10 tie
Feb 2 Rainfall in one day
Salt Springs, FL---7.68"
Orange Springs, FL---7.23"
Ocala, FL---7.01"
Palm Coast, FL---6.90"
Flagler Beach, FL---5.14"
Panama City, FL---4.01"
Gainesville, FL---3.05"
Jacksonville, FL---2.37"
Daytona Beach, FL---2.10"
Feb 1 All-time record in Goodland, Kansas for consecutive days of snow
... and the 8th coldest January on record




Thanks to skier Ken for this info

Feb 1 Winter storm spreads snow, ice from Oklahoma to North Carolina  - The storm 
rushed across the Southeast Thursday, closing schools and grounding flights a 
day after coating roads with deadly ice in the Plains.

A winter storm warning covered the western Carolinas and northern Georgia on 
Thursday afternoon, and more than 4 inches of snow fell in spots.

Oklahoma, meanwhile, grappled with a second, trailing storm that kept roads slick 
and dangerous.

Feb 1 Snowfall in one day:
Turnerville, GA---6"
Edgemoor, SC---4.5"
Toccoa, GA---4"
Clayton, GA---2"
Charlotte, NC---2"
Jan 30 Snowfall in one day:
Hannibal, NY---30"
Perrysburg, NY---24"
Awkwright, NY---23"
Fairhaven, NY---20"
Hamburg, NY---10.5"
Jan 30 Frigid cold sweeps North America - Temperatures plunged to 2C (36F) 
in Tampa, Florida this morning, and to 3C (37F) at Fort Myers. Florida temperatures 
usually range between 0C (50F) and 23C (73F) in January.

In Canada, the city of Toronto started the day at -15C (5F). In the Canadian capitol 
the mercury fell to -24C (-11F), some 10 degrees below average.

New York recorded -7C (19F), while further south in Washington D.C., temperatures 
fell to -9C (16F).

Temperatures in Savannah, Georgia dropped to -1C (30F). In Havana, Cuba, the 
mercury dipped to 10C (50F), far below its 17C (63F) average low.
Jan 29 Rainfall totals:
Nordoff Ridge, CA---4.13"
Matilija Dam, CA---3.07"
Oxnard, CA---2.33"
Jan 27 Record snowfall creating problems - Snow in the road, snow blocking driveways 
and snow piled up so high, it looks like a mountain: there is so much snow, Anchorage
 residents are getting fed up--not with Mother Nature, but with the way the city is 
handling it.

Anchorage‘s snow-removal budget of two million dollars is set by a yearly snowfall 
of under 70 inches. So far this season, Anchorage has seen more than 74 inches of the 
white stuff--more than normally falls in an entire winter. And there are still four months 
left in the snow season.
Thanks to Clay Olson for this link

Jan 27 Record lows in three states
Mount Mansfield, VT
Montpelier, VT
Worcester, MA
Boston, MA
Providence, RI
Hilo, HI
Jan 26 Record lows
Bridgeport, CT
New York City, NY
5 tie
9 tie
Jan 25 Snowfall in one day:
East Rochester, NY---17"
Cassadaga, NY---13"
Harbor, MI----12"
Forestville, MI---10"
Penfield, NY---7.5"
Port Sanilac, MI---8"
Port Hope, MI---6"
Geneva, NY---5.5"
Port Austin, MI---5"
Jan 24 Massive snowfall in Anchorage
24 Jan 07 –– Having received more than 74 inches of snow this season, 
Anchorage, Alaska has been hit with twice the normal amount of snow 
that falls during the entire winter … and the season is only half over.

According to the city, it's reaching a crisis level. The city can plow the 
roads, but where to put the snow? Two-lane roads are quickly becoming one.

"I've lived in Alaska since 1967 and I don't remember ever having this much 
snow before," said resident Joyce Elliston.

The city is already $2 million over budget for snow removal this season.
Thanks to both Jack Bailey and Martin Hoer for this info.

Jan 24 Rainfall in one day:
Palacios, TX---2.99"
Victoria, TX---2.41"
Jan 23 Record Lows
Redding, CA
Stockton, CA
Ramona, CA
Santa Barbara, CA
San Luis Obispo, CA
Jan 23 Snowfall in one day:
Carlsbad, NM---8"
Barnes Corner, NY---6"
Buffalo, NY---5.6"
Adams, NY---5"
Seminole, TX---5"
Pecos, TX---5"
Odessa, TX---2"
El Paso, TX---1"
Jan 22 Snow in Tucson - Two inches of snow fell in Tucson, Arizona, yesterday, while 
El Paso, Texas, received a dusting of snow. The same storm will soon bring rain 
and wet snow to the western panhandle of Texas, southern New Mexico and far 
southeast Arizona.

More than a foot of snow fell on parts of northern Arizona, and several more 
inches were possible Monday.

Winter weather has also hit hard on the East Coast, bringing snow, sleet and 
freezing rain to Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Maryland.

Snow in Malibu, a huge freeze in California, and now snow in Tucson
and parts of Mexico. Where's the global warming ??
Thanks to both skier Ken and Craig Adkins for this link.

Jan 21 Snowfall in one day:
Hannagan Meadow, AZ---24"
Mt. Lemmon, AZ (near Tucson)---12"
Bisbee, AZ---9"
Safford, AZ---9"
Tucson, AZ---1.5"
Borger, TX---10"
Amarillo, TX---8.5"
Lubbock, TX---4.3"
Albuquerque, TX---3.5"
Jan 20 Snowfall in one day:
Stokes Hill, NY---17"
Northfield, VT---13"
Syracuse, NY---7"
Friona, TX---7"
Amarillo, TX---6"
Tucumcari, NM---6"
Jan 18 Snow Snarls Traffic In Malibu!- The southbound lands on I-5 through the Grapevine 
area were closed due to snow Thursday. About three inches of snow accumulated on 
the freeway, with a layer of ice underneath.

Snow also fell on the palm trees of West Los Angeles and Malibu Wednesday.
Residents in West Los Angeles said that several inches of snow fell in their yards.

The last snowfall recorded at LAX was in January 1962, according to the National
Weather Service.

In Ventura County, northwest of Los Angeles, a portion of State Route 33 about
12 miles north of Ojai, was closed due to snow and ice.
Thanks to David Swineford for this link

Jan 18 Death toll rises to 65 - The winter blasts that kept Texas and Oklahoma residents 
shivering has now spread to mid-Atlantic states and the Carolinas, with a mix of snow, 
sleet and freezing rain.

Scattered snow showers were also forecast across parts of the western Great Lakes 
and Upper Midwest, while another barrage of storms was set to bring up to 8 inches 
of snow to the Plains by late Friday.

Frigid conditions prevailed around the country. The entire state of Maine fell into 
the single digits or lower, reaching minus-16F in Caribou.

Snow fell briefly in normally sunny Malibu, snow plows cleared a major road through 
the Malibu mountains, and Valencia - 30 miles north of Los Angeles - saw snow for the 
first time in more than 20 years.

Jan 17 Record lows
Lancaster, CA
Palmdale, CA
Blythe, CA
Imperial, CA
14 tie
Jan 17 300,000 still lack power as new storm looms
Winter  wreaks havoc from Texas to Maine; death toll hits 55

Tens of thousands of electricity customers are likely to still lack power a week 
after the ice storm blamed for 55 deaths in nine states.

Houston and San Antonio were under rare ice warnings, while a 300-mile stretch 
of I-10 from Fort Stockton to San Antonio was closed because of fresh snow atop 
a layer of ice.

That same cold air mass moved into the Northeast Wednesday, where thermometers 
plunged to16 below at Caribou, Maine, and 19 above in New York City.

In Buffalo, Missouri, nearly all stores, gas stations and restaurants were closed 
Tuesday. "There are no services," Mayor Jerry Hardesty said. "I’ve talked to residents 
who have lived here 50 years and nobody can remember it ever being this bad."

The private forecasting company DTN Meteorlogix expects 2 to 6 inches of snow from 
the Texas panhandle to the Kansas border and 1 to 3 inches in southern Kansas this 

Jan 16 Delta, UT
Greer, AZ
Prescott, AZ
Sacramento, CA
Oakland, CA
Jan 16 Snowfall in one day:
Concord, OH---8""
Thompson, OH---7""
Mexico, NY---7""
Newark, NY---7""
Jan 16 Deadly winter blasts felt across U.S.
450,000 still without power as death toll reaches 51 in nine states

Some 92,000 Oklahoma homes and businesses might not have power restored until 
next week, a utility company spokesman said. "There are a lot of places where virtually everything is destroyed," Public Service Company of Oklahoma spokesman Stan 
Whiteford said. "In some cases, entire electric services will have to be rebuilt."

In Missouri, about 210,000 homes and businesses still had no electricity, along with tens 
of thousands of customers in Michigan, New York, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Jan 16 Deadly winter blasts felt across U.S.
Half million without power as death toll reaches 46 in seven states

16 Jan 07 - Winter gripped most of the United States today, leaving 500,000 homes 
and businesses without electricity in the Midwest and Northeast, and dumping another 
blast of snow on the Northwest. Meanwhile, California reported that nearly its entire 
$1 billion citrus crop was wiped out by a freeze. Other crops, including avocados and
strawberries, also suffered damage. 

(In my book I said that "We’ll be fighting in the streets for food long before we’re 
covered by ice.")
Thanks to Jeff Reed for this link
Jan 16 Rainfall totals:
Blakely Mtn Dam, AR---9.17"
Little Rock, AR---6.53"
Poplar Bluff, MO---4.88"
Paducah, KY---4.31"
Evansville, IN---3.57"
Jan 15 Record lows in four states:
Bryce Canyon, UT
Grand Junction, CO
Douglas, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Bakersfield, CA
-8 tie
Jan 15 Death toll grows as path of ice storm widens
Pipes freeze in Phoenix
Hundreds of thousands without power from Oklahoma to New Hampshire
President Bush declares Oklahoma a disaster area
The death toll from a powerful winter storm rose to 36 across six states Monday, 
as the Northeast started feeling the punch.

In addition to those without power in the Midwest, a layer of ice up to a half-inch 
thick knocked out power to more than 50,000 customers in northern New York and 
at least 4,500 in New Hampshire. During the weekend, water pipes froze in the 
Phoenix area.

Thanks to Paul R. Stanko for this link.

Jan 15 Winter Blast Heads East –– Death toll rises to 29 - More than 300,000 in Missouri 
still lack power following weekend storms whose death toll rose to 29 in five states. 
Another 122,000 lacked power in Oklahoma as of Sunday night. A gymnasium roof 
collapsed in Del City, Oklahoma, under the weight of ice and snow.

Nebraska, which has been pummeled by winter storms in the past month, received 
even more snow. The storm was expected to continue heading northeast, dumping 
more than a foot of snow on Lower Michigan and parts of New England.

Jan 15 Rainfall in one day:
Mount Ida, AR---2.89"
El Dorado, AR---2.41"
Hot Springs, AR---2.21"
Russellville, AR---2.16"
Batesville, AR---2.12"
Jan 15 Rawlins, WY
Randolph, UT
Delta, UT
Laramie, WY
Flagstaff, AZ
Jan 15 Snowfall in one day:
Rumford, ME---9.5""
Guilford, ME---8""
Dixville Notch, NH---8""
Orono, ME---6.5""
Plattsburgh, NY---6""
Jan 14 Flagstaff, AZ
Sacramento, CA
Bakersfield, CA
Burbank, CA
Los Angeles, CA

Unusually Low temps:
Lancaster, CA
Palmdale, CA
Paso Robles, CA
Sandberg, CA
Redding, CA
25 tie

Jan 14 Plunging temperatures threaten California citrus crop - As thermometers plunged
on Friday, the Governor of California declared a state of emergency. The freezing 
temperatures, which are expected to continue into early next week, have already 
destroyed millions of dollars of crops.

Monterey set a new record Friday night at 27F (-3C), one degree below the record 
set in 1963. Sacramento tied its record low of 22F (-6C) set in 1949.

Temperatures at Lancaster dipped to just 7F (-14C). Growers were building bonfires 
and setting up large fans to try and keep the cold at bay.

The cold snap even brought a rare dusting of snow to the Monclair, Chino and 
Riverside areas.
Jan 14 Rainfall in 30 hours
Lufkin, TX---5.15"
Little Rock, AR---4.50"
Tyler, TX---4.13"
Hot Springs, AR---4.05"
Huntsville, TX---3.87"
Jan 13 West Yellowstone, MT
Stanley, ID
Paso Robles, CA
Sacramento, CA
Marysville, CA
Jan 13 Crippling Winter Storm Lashes mid-USA - Another blast of  freezing rain, sleet 
and snow pummeled the nation’s midsection Saturday, causing power outages for 
at least 200,000 and tying up highways, railways, and airports.

Missouri’s governor declared a state of emergency and activated the National Guard. 
He said the worst wave may come Sunday.

In Southern California, thermometers registered just 8 degrees at Lancaster, 22 at 
Palmdale and 30 in Santa Barbara.
The storm was expected to continue through the 
weekend, laying down a coat of ice and snow from Texas to Oklahoma to Wisconsin 
to Illinois.

Jan 13 Rainfall in one day:
Austin, TX---4.28"
Little Rock, AR---3.28"
Dallas, TX----3.03"
Hot Springs, AR---2.56"
Tyler, TX---2.35"
Jan 12 Winter blast slams central USA - several inches of ice expected
12 Jan 07 — Freezing rain fell in the nation's midsection Friday, and temperatures 
plunged from Minnesota to Las Vegas. "It could definitely be a paralyzing storm," 
said Max Blood, a senior forecaster with the National Weather Service in Tulsa.

Several inches of ice was expected in parts of Kansas by the end of the weekend. 
Freezing temperatures and up to 2 inches of snow were also forecast for southern 

Jan 12 Ice storm warning issued for almost all of Oklahoma.
The National Weather Service in Norman, Okla. explains what this means:


Jan 12 More snow for Colorado - The second significant snowfall of the winter hit parts of
Washington State and parts of Northwest Oregon at mid-week, with some areas reporting 
as much as 10 inches. The storm has since edged into northern Colorado, and is forecast 
to edge further south across Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and into Texas.

A winter storm also pushed into Utah and Nevada on Thursday, bringing snowfalls of
4 to 6 inches to parts of Utah.

Jan 10 Snowfall in one day:
Big Moose, NY---19”
Highmarket, NY---19"
Old Forge, NY---15”
Yorkshire , NY ---14”
N. Osceola , NY ---17”
Ellicottville, NY---16"
Syracuse, NY---10.6"
Cherry Hill, NY---8"
Ferndale, WA---9"
Bellingham, WA---7"

Ashland, NC---8.5”
Warsaw, NY ---8”
McHenry, MD---6”
Boone, NC---4”
Marion, WV---3”
Jan 9 Snowfall in one day:
Old Forge, NY---11”
Colden , NY ---10.7”
N. Osceola , NY ---9”
Indian Lake , NY ---8”
Stockton , NY ---6”
Jan 8 Round 4 Of Cold And Snow, Are You Kidding?
"No, we are not kidding. More snow is in the
long-range extended forecast.
"Forecast models have been hinting at the possibility for round 4 over
Colorado for a few days now, and the reality of it happening looks likely 
this point.
Thanks to Charles Patrick for this link.
Jan 8 Record rainfall:
Islip , NY ---1.95”
Jan 7 Rainfall in one day:
Montgomery , AL ---4.07”
Jan 7 Blizzard in Colorado May Have Been One of Worst in History
(Thirty feet of snow in one storm)
People in the Lower Arkansas Valley said the blizzard that devastated much 
of Southeastern Colorado will go down as one of the worst snowstorms in the
region’s history. The brunt of the storm hit Otero, Baca and Prowers counties.

Although Prowers County officials declined to comment on the county's cost,
officials in Lamar said the cost for their town alone may be as much as $1
million, which would cripple the town. Officials in La Junta also estimate the
cost to their town at $1 million.

The blizzard's fierce winds created snow drifts as high as 15 feet in some
places, causing widespread destruction and trapping people in their homes
and travelers in their vehicles.

By the time the storm passed, it dropped 30 plus feet of snow throughout the
valley. There have been no reported human deaths but officials estimate that
about 3,500 cattle may have been killed.

Several buildings throughout the valley collapsed because of the weight of
the heavy, melting snow.

See much more at:
Thanks to Charles Patrick for this link.

Jan 7 Snowfall in one day:
Eldorado Springs, CO---15.6"
Bergen Park, CO---12.1"
Gold Hill, CO---12.1"
Boulder, CO---9.5"
Jan 6 Rainfall in one day:
Baton Rouge, LA---3.09"
Jackson, MS---2.66"
Jan 5 3rd snowstorm in 3 weeks hits Colorado  - The new storm barreled in on Friday, 
blanketing Denver with up to 8 inches of new snow and hampering efforts to rescue 
thousands of cattle stranded by last week’s blizzard.

The roofs of two buildings — the Walsh post office and a restaurant in Elizabeth 
— collapsed under the weight of the accumulated snow. No injuries were reported.

Officials were still determining how to deal with the carcasses of thousands of 
livestock killed by the blizzard in Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, New Mexico and 
Oklahoma. An estimated 3,500 cattle are believed to have died in six southeastern 
Colorado counties alone.

After dumping nearly a foot of snow in the foothills west of Denver, the new 
storm was headed for Kansas, where an estimated 60,000 people were still without 
power after more than a week.

Jan 5 Rainfall in one day:
New Iberia , LA ---4.05”
Baton Rouge , LA ---3.09”
Tupelo , MS ---2.80”
Jackson , MS ---2.66”
Lafayette , LA ---2.63”
Jan 3 Record snowfall buries Anchorage
3 Jan 06 –– Today has been a record snowfall day for Anchorage. The National 
Weather Service had recorded 9.6 inches of snow at its offices as of 5:15 p.m. 
However, much more has fallen in other areas of town.

Snowfall around Anchorage during the last 24 hours:

O'Malley and Hillside - 22.0 inches
Mid Hillside - 17.0 inches
Upper DeArmoun - 17.0 inches
Abbott Loop Rd. - 15.0 inches
Glen Alps - 12.0 inches

So far, Anchorage has accumulated 57.60 inches of snow this winter, a new record 
for snowfall as of Jan. 3.

The Anchorage Police Department said accidents occurred at a pace of a collision 
every 10 minutes today.
Thanks to Elma Sabo for this link

Jan 3 Record snow at Alaska’s Alyeska ski resort
The Alyeska ski resort, around 40 miles south of Anchorage, has seen 
record breaking snowfall during December with an astonishing 283 inches (718cm) - 
almost 24 feet of snow falling during the month. The previous monthly record was 
set in January 2001 when 274 inches (696cm) fell.

An incredible 100 inches (more than 8 feet) fell in 7 days during the Christmas period.

It is expected that Alyeska will surpass its annual record for the season of 1,116 inches (2,835 cm) set during 1997-1998 winter season.
Thanks to John Brown in Scotland for this link.

Jan 3 Rainfall in one day:
Lees Camp, OR---3.90”
Mt. Helso , OR ---3.77”
Eugene , OR ---2.12”
Jan 2 Hay lift aims to save snowbound cattle - Colorado launched a hay lift Tuesday to try to 
save thousands of cattle stranded by 10-foot-high snowdrifts. With last week’s storm 
dumping as much 3 feet of snow on the already hard hit mountains and Plains, state 
and municipal crews from the Rockies to the Oklahoma Panhandle to Nebraska were 
still digging out highways and trying to reach isolated homes on Tuesday.

Airplane crews searched highways and fields for stranded travelers, in some places 
using heat-sensing equipment to locate cattle. No one wants a repeat of 1997, when 
a blizzard killed up to 30,000 farm animals.

Ice and heavy snow also bent over electrical towers and downed hundreds of miles of 
power lines, leaving at least 80,000 homes and businesses without power in Kansas, 
Nebraska, Colorado and Oklahoma.

Jan 2 Third snowiest December on record in Denver
Wettest November on record in Seattle
 In an average December, Denver gets 7 inches of snow. Last month Denver received 
29.4 inches of snow, making it the third-snowiest December since record-keeping began 
in 1882.

One month earlier, November became Seattle's all-time rainiest month — 15.63 inches, 
compared to its 5.9 average. December also was wetter than normal — 7.3 inches vs. 5.62.
Where’s the global warming?

Jan 2 Rainfall in one day:
Forks, WA---5.04"
Bremerton, WA---2.72"
Shelton, WA---2.34"
Seattle, WA---2.09"" (Record for date)
Richmond, VA---2.82"
Groton, CT---2.04"
Bridgeport, CT---2.01"
Jan 1 12 deaths blamed on record winter storm
Tens of thousands still without power

1 Jan 06 - A fleet of small planes canvassed snow-covered roads southeast of Denver on Sunday, searching for travelers stranded on roads blocked by 10-foot-high snow drifts. National Guard troops rescued at least 44 people.

"This is a very significant storm; it’s in the record books," said Scott Blair, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

Up to 32 inches of snow had fallen in western Kansas and wind piled it into drifts 15 feet high. Albuquerque received 26 inches of snow, and parts of the Oklahoma Panhandle saw 18 inches of snow.

With 3 inches of ice on wires and connectors in Kansas, at least 50,000 homes and businesses were still blacked out on Monday. Five entire towns in the Oklahoma Panhandle lost power, and another 15,000 homes and businesses remained in the dark in Nebraska.

Jan 1

Total snowfall:
Angel Fire Resort, NM---58"
Otero County, CO---44"
Sharon Springs, KS---32"
Strawberry, AZ---18.0"
Ashley, ND---16.0"
Gettysburg, SD---15.0"
Manila & Dagget, UT---13.0"
Wishek, ND---12.2"
Furnas County, NE---14.0"
Mankato, MN---9.5"
Indian Creek, WY---9.0"
Froid, MT--- 6.0"
Pecos County, TX---4.0"

Jan 1 Rainfall in one day:
Danville, VA---2.49" (Record)
Dec 31

Monster winter storm moves into Plains; motorists disappearing under 10-foot drifts
A winter storm stretching nearly from Canada to Mexico rolled out of the 
Rockies on Saturday, trapping drivers in 10-foot drifts.National Guard troops in tracked vehicles crawled through the blizzard to rescue 
hundreds of stranded motorists. "They're telling me it's zero visibility," said Maj. 
Gen. Mason Whitney, the state adjutant general. "They'll kind of bump into 
something and it'll turn out to be a car with people in it."

Parts of Interstate 70 from the Rockies to Kansas remained closed, along with several 
other major east-west highways. In New Mexico, Interstate 25 from Pueblo to Santa Fe 
was also closed, and most major roads from Kansas into Colorado remain closed until 
Colorado officials reopen their routes.

In Kansas, up to 18 inches of snow had fallen by Saturday in some areas, while up to 
a foot fell in southwestern and central Nebraska.

In North Dakota, transportation officials pulled snowplows off many roads because 
of reduced visibility. Bismarck reported more than 7 inches of snow, and areas south 
could get 14 inches by Sunday.
Thanks to Larry Cook for this link.


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