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Rebellious Greenland Glacier Keeps Growing

 Length has increased almost 5 kilometers
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26 July 10 - Berlingske Glacier is (supposedly) the only glacier in northwest Greenland that steadily grew over the past 100 years, says this article by Lars Henrik Aagaard.

Yes, grew. "Its length has increased by almost five kilometers (three miles) in the period."

But why would Berlingske Glacier have grown? What about global warming?  And why haven't we heard about this growing glacier?

"Berlingske Glacier is not counted in the total inventory because it has not been studied by glaciologists," explains geologist Peter R. Dawes.  

         What a convenient way to push an agenda! Simply don't bother to study
         the glaciers that are growing.

"All we can say is that there may be specific local conditions that come into play," says Dawes.  Perhaps there has been much extra rainfall on the independent ice cap that feeds Berlingske Glacier, or maybe it is because an increase in glacier velocity.

Dawes, with the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS), who has researched glacier development in the area near Thule Air Base, stresses that the Greenland ice sheet is undergoing a general mass loss as a result of increasing melting of the island's many glaciers.

"But it is important for the overall understanding of the melting Greenland that also focuses on the few glaciers are actually growing," adds Dawes.

         So ... a "few" other glaciers in Greenland are also growing?
Dawes and colleague Dirk van As carefully compared ancient descriptions, maps, photographs and recent satellite images of Berlingske Glacier with its current distribution to form an image of its significant growth since early last century.

Research results are published in the journal Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Bulletin.

The author and Arctic explorer Ludwig Mylius-Erichsen named Berlingske Glacier around 1904.
Thanks to Svend in Greenland and  Marc Morano for this link



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