Raise gasoline tax by one dollar per gallon

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11 Apr 07



Raise gasoline tax by one dollar per gallon

10 Apr 07 - "According to a recent article in the American Free Press (Mar 24, 'Globalists Gather in Brussels') at a recent Trilateral Commission meeting, members of the government and the corporate elite have come up with an innovative solution to the global warming problem. … Another tax of course.

"And not just any tax, we are talking about a whopping one dollar per gallon gasoline tax as "penance" for causing pollution. Apparently these are the kinds of solutions being recommended at these super secret Trilateral Commission meetings by the ultra wealthy and former heads of the Central Intelligence Agency. But wait, the Trilateral Commission is a committee of private citizens from North America, Japan, and Europe isn't it? Who are they to be pushing additional taxation on the average taxpayer?

"… The fact that this tax should be imposed as "penance" should raise a few eyebrows. Penance? Like punishment or discipline? This suggests that this one dollar per gallon tax is simply reparations and not toward any effort to clean up the environment. So where will all this additional revenue go? Will any of it at all go to the environment? If so, who will police this new revenue stream? Can we trust a government with this huge windfall when it has shown such little respect for our hard earned tax dollars in the past?"

Do you suppose that all of this global warming talk is just an excuse to raise your gasoline taxes by a dollar a gallon … for starters?

Nah. Our government wouldn’t do that to us.

Would it?

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