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25 May 07


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What global warming?

25 May 07 - Here’s what Rush had to say yesterday: "A little global warming news today, ladies and gentlemen; both hemispheres of the world are reporting unusual cold and snow. Can I share some headlines with you? "Colorado mountains under Memorial Day snow advisory, up to eight inches expected." And Denver had one of the snowiest winters on record. "California seawater temperatures unusually cold." "Family stranded in Oregon snow found okay." "Highways closed, motorists stranded as snow buries China." "A taste of winter, freezing rain, snow hits parts of Canada." "Heavy snow forecast for Wyoming mountains." "Winter arrives early as Australia's snow season off to promising start." "South Africa sets cold weather records as snow and ice continue." "First snow in parts of South Africa in 33 years leaves poor out in cold." "Twenty-one killed as South African cold snap persists." "Homeless bear the brunt of the South African big chill." Cold affects South African vegetable trade."

It's freezing out there! I saw that forecast for Colorado over the Memorial Day weekend, and twenty-one dead in South African cold snap? What global warming?

Thanks to skier Ken for these quotes from Rush.



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