Not by Fire but by Ice


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Discover What Killed the Dinosaurs . . . and Why it Could Soon Kill Us       

Very rare free presentation by renowned author
Robert W Felix

and “Uncle Richard” from The Survival Center
2 pm Sat. Feb 26





From a UK Guardian story:

“The strength of Earth's magnetic field - the force that protects us from deadly radiation from outer space - has been weakening dramatically. Although scientists have been tracking this decline for more than 100 years, they’ve disagreed about what it means. Some say it’s a precursor to reversal, others argue that it’s a temporary phenomenon.

....Earth's magnetic field seems to be disappearing most alarmingly near the poles, a clear sign that a flip may soon take place.

Grand Opening
Portland Preparedness Center

Call to reserve your spot
(503) 252-2525

A regular guest on radio shows such as Coast To Coast AM, Robert will present a free lecture and PowerPoint presentation at the Grand Opening of The Portland Preparedness Center at 2 pm Saturday February 26.

Both Robert and Uncle Richard, who has over 35 years' experience in helping people prepar for most any emergency, will refer to record-breaking storms that have created extremely dangerous conditions on the US East Coast and in Europe this winter. January in Chicago saw only three above-freezing days throughout the month – the fewest in 34 years.

We were NOT Being Told About The Coming Ice Age . . .Until Now


Author of
Not By Fire But By Ice

Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps,

Robert has all but destroyed the
mainstream theory
that global warming is caused
by human use of fossil fuels.

What does this mean for you
and your future?


Do Not Miss This Lecture – Seating Is Limited

Call to reserve your spot
(503) 252-2525

2 pm Saturday Feb 26, Portland Preparedness Center,
7202 N E Glisan St (Corner 72nd and Glisan)
Portland, OR



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