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Portland, Oregon - Coldest July in 20 years  

Not a single 90-degree day


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1 Aug 11 - According to Steve Pierce, President of the Oregon Chapter of the American Meteorological Society, the Portland International Airport closed out the month of July without a single 90 degree high temperature.

This is the first such occurrence in the month of July in nearly 20 years. One has to go back to July 1993 to find another July without a single 90 degree high temperature in Portland.  

The average temperature at the airport was just 66.3 degrees (through 7/28), which is 1.7 degrees below normal for the month-to-date.

The average (normal) high temperature in Portland for the month of July is just over 68 degrees. Cool onshore flow continues this summer with no heat waves on the horizon anytime soon.

Portland's highest temperature so far this entire calendar year is 87 degrees, set on July 6th and again on July 24th.

Historically speaking, the average first 90 degree temperature of the year in Portland occurs on June 30th. We are a solid 30 days behind schedule which continues the trend over the past few months.

The last month that Portland experienced an average monthly temperature at or above normal was in January.

Thanks to Robert N. of Tillamook, Oregon for this info





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