Polar Air in Europe in mid Juli 

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 Polar Air in Europe in mid Juli

Extreme rain events - Summer snowstorms


17 Jul 08 – A reader in Germany sees the truth

“Hi, first of all I am a big fan of the website iceagenow.com. I click on it several times a day to check for updated reports relating to global cooling and global weather conditions.

 “I live in southern Germany and I am very concerned about what effects the declining sunspot count will have on our upcoming winter in the northern hemisphere. I am telling all my friends many of which have no clue to what is happening. The last sunspots were on June 23 making it 24 days in row with no sunspot activity!! If this keeps up I think we will see the entire month of July of go without sunspots!  http://spaceweather.com/.

“I read the article Global temperatures drop precipitously. (http://www.iceagenow.com/Global_temperatures_drop_precipitously.htm)

“When I noted and compared the sunspot count from the first half of last year to the first half of this year it is clear that there is already a 50% reduction. Could the sudden drop in temp last year be the catalyst which puts us on the brink of an abrupt climate change (mini ice age?) I am no scientist, but I think YES!!

“We have experienced below normal temps and above average rainfall for weeks. Today I read that several high and low temperatures were broken in many cities across Germany blamed on Polar air flowing down from the north. Ingolstadt Germany for example has had daily max temps in the low 50's for many days and that has not occurred since 1954. Precipitation events are becoming more extreme as well. Last week 105 cm of snow fell on the Zugspitze mountain in the Alps. Two mountain climbers were killed by a sudden cold snap.” (www.spiegel.de/international/germany/0,1518,565678,00.html )

Thomas Loherche




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