Passenger train remains stranded by snow

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Passenger train remains stranded by snow in Sierra Nevada mountains

2 Feb 08 - Dozens of passengers remained stranded on a train in the Sierra Nevada mountains today after a large snow plow fell through the tracks and blocked the rail road, officials said.

Two Amtrak trains and about 400 passengers were initially stranded by Friday night's blockage, but one train was pulled to Reno and the 165 passengers onboard were put up in a hotel, Amtrak spokeswoman Karina Romero said.

Crews in Oregon have been working for two weeks to clear a mudslide that dumped up to 20 feet of mud and rocks on tracks used by an Amtrak line to shuttle passengers between Los Angeles and Seattle, Richmond said. Service on that line has been halted since the mudslide, she said.

            "I've taken this train many times," says reader 
            Steven Woodcock. "NEVER have I see that much 
            snow on the
ground. Wow."

Thanks for the link, Steven


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