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Italian geologist thinks the way I do

Just finished
La prossima era glaciale


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Paris airport terminal evacuated due to snow on roof
25 Dec 10 - "Passengers at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris were evacuated from one of its terminals today amid fears for their safety because of an accumulation of snow on the roof.

Bernard Cathelain, the deputy director of the Paris airport authority ADP, said the terminal was still operating but passengers had been asked to move.

Le Monde reported that about 60cm (23.6 inches) of snow had built up on the roof of the terminal and about 2,000 people evacuated. Firefighters have been sent in to clear the snow.

Fresh snowfall and cold weather has caused travel problems across Europe. Dusseldorf airport in Germany was shut for several hours, causing the cancellation of about 65 flights.

Brussels airport was closed today after 25cm of snow. fell.
Thanks to Kerry McKay for this link

24 Dec 10

Dear Mr. Felix,

I am a geologist from Italy. I just finished "Not by fire but by ice" ("La prossima era glaciale" in Italy).

Saying that I agree with your ideas is restrictive: I think the same things you said!

University of Trieste, in the north-east of Italy, has a earthquake traking site that focus on that region of my country and the near states of former Yugoslavia (mainly Slovenja).

That is the link:

Best Wishes

Dr Mirco Poletto







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