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"Paid shill" throws in the towel

Runs out of funds

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8 Apr 10 - Many of my fellow skeptics have been accused of being paid shills of the oil companies. This in spite of the fact that they receive no funding from any outside source whatsoever. None. Zero.

It's actually the other way around.

Many, if not most, global warming alarmists receive some sort of government-sponsored stipend - IPCC grants, government grants, state grants, local grants, teacher's salaries, tenured professorships, consultant's fees, the list goes on and on - while skeptics are barred from the grant-making process, are denied the right to publish their findings in professional journals, and are denied tenure.

The alarmists have a vested interest in continuing the fraud, while the so-called skeptics receive nothing.

My friend Hans Schreuder, a retired analytical chemist in the UK, is one of those skeptics. For the past four years, he has used his own funds to fight the global warming scam. It has been a thankless task, and I've just learned that he is shutting down his website due to a lack of funds. I'm sorry to hear that.

Good luck to you Hans, and thank you for all of your hard work and brilliant insights. Thank you also for being such a gracious host when I visited London last year.


Here's the last entry on Hans' website, which he wanted you to see:


And here's the actual email that I received from Hans.

Hi Robert,

As of the end of last month, I have shut my sites down due to a lack of funds.

Having heard all sides of all of the arguments, it is clear that nobody has a clue about how our atmosphere works. You would not believe the nonsensical information that has been thrown into the various arguments.

Ad hominem attacks of the severest nature by fellow so-called skeptics have proven to be as disgraceful as similar attacks by alarmists.

Also, it appears that nobody understands the difference between cause and effect anymore, routinely switching them over.

Best of luck with the fight against the insanity that has taken over the world of politics as well as academia.

Thanks also for your input over the years.

Best regards,






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