Oregon Town Buried Under 13 Feet Of Snow 

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Oregon Town Buried Under 13 Feet Of Snow

3 Feb 08 - Detroit, Oregon, about 90 miles from Portland - has declared a snow emergency because they don't have enough resources to keep up with the snow. There's a roadblock on Highway 22 at Santiam Pass because that's as far as you can drive.

It has been snowing constantly for six weeks and 13 feet (157 inches) of snow has fallen. Folks in Detroit say they are used to the snow, but this is bordering on ridiculous. The city of Salem sent some plows and heavy equipment to help clear the city streets. Marion County inmate work crews were brought in to dig out fire hydrants. Some teenagers from the local high school are fulfilling a public works requirement by shoveling snow.

Here’s how reader Mark Kennedy looks at it:

               Robert, I feel this story, of excessive ice and snow,
               described even by the locals as 'ridiculous', should 
               have been more widely reported in the media. But 
               I suppose it does not fit the current GW agenda. 
               Much the same for the growing catastrophe in China
               (China's Katrina?), which is putting great hardships 
               on the Chinese people, government, and business. 
               With the possibilty of a weak solar cycle 24 (Dalton
               minimum?) and 25 (Maunder minimum?) and with 
               it a return to a colder climate, stories such as these 
               will only increase.

By Accuweather reporter Jesse Ferrell
Thanks to Mark Kennedy and Kenneth Lund for these links

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Thanks to Mark Kennedy for this link


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