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Opposing cycles for Katla and Long Valley Caldera?

Email from reader


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9 Jul 11 - So many things these days that are "science" oriented to be so questionable.  Sort of like "hope and change" turned out.  Since we have been categorized by buzz words these days - deniers, conspiracy theorists, etc., I created my own "buzz word" for those that read/listen/watch MSM and actually accept it as the truth to be MSMers, pronounced mesmers as in people that have been mesmerized.

The future looks pretty bleak if we are truly heading into an ice age since there is no way there is enough farm-able land to support the population if we basically lose Canada and the northern tier of states and the equivalence in Eurasia.

We'll be lucky if a half billion survive.

I did notice that basically, the Long Valley Caldera area has gone a lot more quiet since the current burst in activity at Katla. The activity looks to be split between a spot near the northern rim of the caldera and an area near the southern rim of the caldera.  It, like Yellowstone, and like so many other natural cycles, seems to be due to overdue for its brand of activity. 

What's most foreboding to me is the apparent total lack of MSM coverage to it, which suggests that it might be closer then Yellowstone to exploding, since they seem to be focusing our eyes on Yellowstone. 

As of late, it always appears that the MSM downplays to ignoring the things that we need to be concerned about while focusing our eyes/minds on things that are not necessarily as important - manmade global warming versus an ice age, as a perfect example. 

One is insignificant, the other is potentially devastating to world population.

I have seen occasional mention of activity at Katla in Iceland.  I've actually bookmarked the page for the earthquake activity and tend to take a glance at it daily.  I also watch the Long Valley Caldera, again, pretty much on a daily basis.  I know that there was an article pointed to by your webpage about the activity a bit south and west of Hawthorne Nevada.  In fact, there was a stretch of several weeks where  20 or more earthquakes were registered just north of the Long Valley Caldera.

There is a cycle of coincidence - I assume - that I have been noting since that large burst of activity near Hawthorne.  After the large burst went quiet, I noted renewed activity at Katla, again, remembering, I actually check these two pages basically daily, and consecutively. 

As the Katla activity hit a peak, and sudden decline, the activity southwest of Hawthorne suddenly started up again, but it appeared to be both in the earlier location and another area near Mammoth Lakes, either in the caldera or just south of it. this ran for about a week, I think, and then as it quieted down, the activity at Katla again started to rise. 

This cycle has again repeated.

I cannot conceive of a connection between them - other than that a lot of volcanoes are showing signs of unrest, and I would assume the seismic activity at these two locations could point in that direction.  Yet to see a pattern of shifting activity between two very obviously unconnected sites seems a bit surreal. 

I send this to you as an interesting "item," and am not implying there is a connection.  But I would think should Katla erupt, it would dwarf "the most feared Iceland volcano", Hekla, and might be the tipping point for your next ice age.

And certainly, if the Long Valley Caldera - or Yellowstone, for that matter - choose this climate cycle to erupt, it would most likely guarantee it.  And yes, I am aware of the calderas in Germany, Italy, and Indonesia, among others, that seem to be showing signs of unrest as well.

I well recall the "science based" claims of a possible new ice age back in the '70s.  I found the science plausible and was concerned.  Of course, with the warming in the next couple of decades, I let that fear drift away. 

But when "global warming" came to the forefront, based on computer analysis and modeling, I never saw the science based evidence for it, and was reminded again of the 70s predictions.  I see nothing that discredits the likelihood of some sort of ice age, but like all the rest of the heretical deniers, can't find anything supporting the runaway hot climate model of the mainstream religionists. 

But these volcanoes, now, they represent an entirely different concern - especially Long Valley, which lies a little north and west of where I live here in Arizona.

Thanks for the great page.
Thomas O'Hara 



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