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Open Letter to Gordon Brown

“The amount of energy humans generate annually is equivalent to that received by Earth from the Sun every hour." (Prof. Ian Plimer, 2009)

1 Sep 09

TO: PM Gordon Brown MP

Cc: David Cameron MP, Nick Clegg MP, Ed Miliband MP, Ruth Lea-IoD, John Cridland-CBI, various local Councils, as the Spirit moves

Dear Gordon,


This letter is about the true state of climate science, as opposed to the pseudo-science portrayed by the UN IPCC and embraced by most western governments and academic bureaucracies without question.

Observed scientific facts have all indicated without doubt that carbon dioxide has no effect on global temperatures or the climate and that only about three percent of all the carbon dioxide in the air has come from human activities (US Dept. of Energy). The attachment gives a taster of available information.

“The amount of energy humans generate annually is equivalent to that received by Earth from the Sun every hour." (Prof. Ian Plimer, 2009)

Taking scientific cognisance of the information to hand, it is preposterous of governments to think that the climate can be controlled or changed by means of reducing human emissions of carbon dioxide. Such reductions will without doubt cause a major downshift in economic activities as, regardless of what politicians say, an 80% reduction in emissions can not be achieved without shutting down most economic activities.

For starters, the 2012 Olympic Games should be called off, as the carbon footprint of such an event does not bear thinking about; as is, thousands of tonnes of concrete have already been poured and that’s only the beginning of a huge stream of ongoing emissions world-wide, for just this one event.

The political dream of millions of “green” jobs is as much a pipe-dream as climate control based on the paradigm that carbon dioxide and a greenhouse effect control the climate. For every “green” job, a real job or two is lost – you are surely aware of this!

It is imperative that you use your position of authority to correctly address the issue of naturally occurring, unstoppable and uncontrollable climate change in a rational and reasoned manner, rather than follow proscribed UN-originated pseudo-science based on the false premise that “the science is settled”.

The science is not settled Gordon, not by a long shot.

Please use my expertise to neutralise any and all alarm over the emissions of a harmless and critical gas for our continued survival, as opposed to emissions of truly evil gases and serious pollution by industry, which goes unnoticed in the insane hype over carbon dioxide.

Insane? Yes Gordon, utterly insane.

Yours faithfully,
Hans Schreuder
Analytical Chemist (ret.) mMensa

Att: Carbon Dioxide and Climate Change – some home truths

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