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On the verge of a mini ice age

Concerning Dr. Victor Manuel Velasco

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2 Jun 11 - Yesterday I wrote about Víctor Manuel Velasco of the University of Mexico's Institute of Geophysics, who maintains that the world is on the verge of a mini ice age.

In that article, I said that I had had the good fortune to hear Dr. Velasco speak last year at the Fourth International Conference on Climate Change in Chicago, and went on to say that his name is actually Victor Manuel Velasco Herrera.

That was incorrect, and I have received several emails from readers in Mexico to that effect.

Here are a couple of those emails:

Hi Robert.

In Mexico we use first, the name(s) (Victor-Manuel), second, the last name of the father (Velasco), third, the last name of the mother (Herrera). It is correct to write "Velasco," incorrect to write "Herrera". You can use also "Velasco-Herrera".

What I find interesting about Velasco is that he is talking about global cooling since 2008. He has appeared several times in the newsletter of the UNAM.


Armando Paez
Doctor en Urbanismo
Puebla, Mx

Hi Robert,

About Victor Manuel Velasco Herrera.

The name Victor Velasco is correct.  Velasco is his father's surname.  Herrera would be his mother's family name which normally would only be used in legal documents or in a very formal situation.  That is how the Mexican family naming system works.

Alan Stover,
Saltillo, Mexico


Thank you, Dr. Paez. Thank you Alan.

From now on I will use the name Velasco.




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