Okmok Volcano In Alaska Explodes in sync with ice-age cycle 

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Okmok Volcano In Alaska
Explodes in sync with ice-age cycle
Gas cloud from the eruption now over Montana.


20 Jul 08) — “Okmok Volcano in Alaska continues to produce explosions and ash plumes through a newly created vent and poses hazards to air travel in the area.

“The powerful eruption in the Eastern Aleutian Islands began nexpectedly on July 12, sending up a wet, ash and gas-rich plume that reached an altitude of 50,000 ft above sea level. The ash plume soon spanned several hundred miles across the North Pacific, causing many trans-Pacific flights to be diverted and cancellation of flights to the Dutch Harbor airport. The gas cloud from the eruption is now over Montana.

“At a minimum Okmok is likely to continue for days or weeks.

“The Okmok caldera formed during catastrophic eruptions 12,000 and 2,000 years ago. There are about a dozen cones within the modern caldera that formed in the last 2000 years, and the most recent eruptive activity occurred in 1945, 1958 and 1997.

               Is it just a coincidence that this caldera originally
               formed about 12,000 years ago at about the time of
               the Gothenburg magnetic excursion?



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23 Jul 08 – “Note that not only is the caldera double the size of the one erupting in Chili,” says reader Charles P., “but that a sister volcano, outside the caldera, began erupting as well.”
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