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“Oh really Dr Betts?”
All of our energy problems would be solved by this kind of magic.”

29 Sep 09 - Four degrees of warming ‘likely' by 2070 with the Arctic ‘possibly’ seeing a rise of up to 15C (27F) by the end of the century, says this alarmist article on BBC.

Richard Betts of the Met Office Hadley Centre described himself as "shocked" that so much warming could occur within the lifetimes of people alive today.

Dr Betts and his colleagues emphasise the uncertainties inherent in the modelling, particularly the role of the carbon cycle.

“Oh really Dr Betts?"

“When will this pseudo-scientific garbage stop being reported on, BBC?," asks analytical chemist Hans Schreuder.

“It's high time city-dwelling reporters realised the same uncertainties and so-called scientists stopped spreading alarm based on inherently uncertain computer models.

“Is it so difficult to get your heads around this simple truth? "Even if carbon dioxide could literally trap heat, it would not make the surrounding atmosphere any warmer. How could it? The heat is now trapped, it can't do anything other than be trapped. Carbon dioxide does not even possess the ability to trap heat and make the atmosphere warmer due to its "absorption" of infrared energy. The same infrared that is "absorbed" by CO2 came from the earth in the first place, after the sun gave it away."

“If the heat really was trapped, then that's it. It's trapped. It can't then also perform the action of parting this trapped heat with its surroundings - that would mean it is no longer trapped! Like water trapping heat in order to change phase, it does not get any warmer from the trapped heat, it just won't be able to change phase until it has trapped enough energy to do so: 80 calories per gram from ice to water and 540 calories from water to gas.

Carbon dioxide can not do what water can do, literally trap heat and as just shown the trapping does not make the surroundings warmer, it can't! Yet in "climate science" and repeated by many skeptics, carbon dioxide can turn one photon into two, thus trapping and at the same time warming its surroundings.

If only! All of our energy problems would be solved by this kind of magic.”

Hans Schreuder
Darsham, UK






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