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Oceanic Volcanoes Roil Waters

By Phil Brennan

(This appeared on Newsmax)

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3 Mar 10 - (Excerpts) - Al Gore is at it again, ranting and raving in the pages of The New York Times.

Despite winters of increasing severity and the recent disclosures of outright trickery by the avatars of the global warming religion, the former vice president continues to preach sermons of gloom and doom, shrieking warnings that the planet is about to be roasted like a pig on a spit, thanks to the evil ways of mankind.

It's hard to blame him: He's simply found the path to enormous riches — hundreds of millions of dollars in payment for his role as the pied piper of climate change. In all modesty, as far back as 1997, when I wrote my series "Behold the Iceman Cometh," I sought to warn that Gore was embarking on a crusade to persuade the world that the Earth was in the process of self-immolation and it was all your fault and mine.

However, he’s blaming the wrong culprit. Atmospheric CO2 has increased because, as Robert Felix of has demonstrated, an excess of volcanic activity in the world’s oceans is heating those oceans, which releases CO2.

Wrote Felix: "I think underwater volcanic activity is thousands of times more prevalent than now believed.

"As I say in ‘Not by Fire but by Ice,’ those underwater volcanoes are pumping red-hot lava — 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit hot — into the seas and heating them. That's ten times the boiling point! (See the chapter entitled ‘Fish Stew.’)

"In turn, the warmer seas pump ever more moisture [and CO2] into the skies, which inevitably results in ever more precipitation. When that precipitation falls in the winter, you have the makings of an ice age. I think we're seeing that happen right now. It's not global warming, it's ocean warming, and it's leading us into the next ice age."

Back in the ’70s, there was universal agreement that we were approaching the onset of a new ice age.

According to "Understanding Climate Change,” which the National Academy of Sciences published in 1975, (page 181), "The present interglacial interval — which has now lasted for about 10,000 years — represents a climatic regime that is relatively rare during the past million years, most of which has been occupied by colder, glacial regimes. Only during about 8 percent of the past 700,000 years has the earth experienced climates as warm or warmer than the present.

"The penultimate interglacial age began about 125,000 years ago, and lasted for approximately 10,000 years. Similar interglacial ages — each lasting 10,000 plus or minus 2000 years and each followed by a glacial maximum — have occurred on the average every 100,000 years during at least the past half-million years.

“During this period, fluctuations of the northern hemisphere ice sheets caused sea level variations of the order of 100 meters."

"Few paleoclimatologists would dispute that the prominent warm periods (or interglacials) that have followed each of the terminations of the major glaciations have had durations of 10,000 plus or minus 2000 years. In each case, a period of considerably colder climate has followed immediately after the interglacial interval."

Nothing has changed since that report was issued — it has never been refuted. Yet the academy enthusiastically embraced Gore's global warming theory without blinking an eye — and jumped on the multibillion-dollar global warming express.

There is not a single shred of evidence that global warming is under way. The whole scam is based on temperature readings taken from sensors around the world in locations that became immediately suspect as a result of the emergence of the climategate scandal, in which facts and figures routinely were manipulated to show global warming was a real threat.

Global warming is a scam that has made Al Gore filthy rich, created government rules and regulations that can strangle our fragile economy and cause greater unemployment. It is nothing short of criminal.

     Phil Brennan writes for He is editor and publisher of
     Wednesday on the Web (WWW.pvbr.Com) and was Washington columnist
     (Cato) for National Review magazine in the 1960s. He is a trustee of the
     Lincoln Heritage Institute and a member of the Association for Intelligence
     Officers. He can be reached at

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