Ocean Around Japan Warming Fast 

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16 May 07


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Ocean around Japan warming fast

15 May 07 - The ocean around Japan has warmed faster than elsewhere in the world over the last hundred years, Japan's Meteorological Agency said Tuesday.

Sea surface temperatures around central, western and southern Japan have climbed by 0.7 to 1.6 degrees Celsius in the last century, far higher than the world average of 0.5C, a survey conducted by the agency showed.

The findings were based on data collected by research and commercial vessels that started in the late 19th century

The ocean warming is "partly because of global warming," the Agency said.

Global warming? Considering that there are so many underwater earthquakes in the Japan area, wouldn’t underwater volcanoes make a lot more sense as a source for the warming?

When you think about it, all of Japan was created by underwater volcanoes. Why should we think that the process has stopped?

As I said in my article about the Island Kavachi :

"Worldwide, as many as 30,000 islands have been formed by underwater volcanoes, say researchers. The major islands in Hawaii, for example, were built around the active volcanoes at their centers. Hawaii's Big Island was formed by five large volcanoes, including Mauna Loa, the largest active volcano on Earth.

"Other islands birthed by undersea volcanic eruptions include the islands of Japan, the West Indies islands in the Caribbean, the Azores in the Atlantic, and hundreds of islands in the Pacific."

(See http://www.iceagenow.com/Kavachi_Island.htm)

And just last month, an underwater volcano erupted around Minami Iwojima Island in the Pacific.

(See http://www.iceagenow.com/Underwater_volcano_building_new_island.htm)


Thanks to Jimmy Walter for this link



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