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Obama calls for action on global warming


16 Jun 09 –  (Excerpts) – “The Obama administration is poised for its most forceful confrontation with the American public on the sweeping and life-altering consequences of a failure to act on global warming.”

            Life-altering? Do you think that increasing your energy
            costs by $400.00 per month – and losing your job because the
            economy has been destroyed - might also be life-altering?

A report “produced by more than 30 scientists at 13 government agencies dealing with climate change, provides the most detailed picture to date of the worst case scenarios of rising sea levels and extreme weather events: floods in lower Manhattan; a quadrupling of heat waves deaths in Chicago; withering on the vineyards of California; the disappearance of wildflowers from the slopes of the Rockies; and the extinction of Alaska's wild polar bears in the next 75 years.”

            Wow! “More than 30 scientists!” This at a time when more than
            31,000 scientists have signed a petition against any such action.

“Today’s release is part of a carefully crafted strategy by the White House to help build public support for Obama's agenda and boost the prospects of a climate change bill now making its way through Congress.

“If climate change is left unchecked, the future promises to bring even more ferocious hurricanes to coastal regions - in the Pacific as well as the Atlantic, punishing droughts to the south-west, and increasingly severe winter storms in the north-east and around the Great Lakes.”

            Ahhh. “Increasingly severe winter storms in the north-east and
            around the Great Lakes.” Now they can have it both ways, can’t
            they? If it gets warmer, it’s our fault. And if we have increasingly
            severe winter storms? It’s our fault.

“The human consequences, as envisaged by the draft, are similarily catastrophic: potential food shortages because of declining wheat and corn yields in the breadbasket of the mid-west, increased outbreaks of food poisoning and epidemic diseases.”

            Doublespeak at its best. History shows that food supplies
            increase during periods of warmth, and decrease during
            times of global cooling. We should be praying for global warming.

“As part of the PR surrounding the release of the report, the administration approached the San Francisco consulting firm, Resouce Media, which specialises in environmental campaigning, to oversee the release, and produce a shorter and more digestible brochure of today's report for wider public distribution.”

             A “more digestible" brochure?
            How about a more truthful brochure?
            Let’s talk about Bulldozing Hail in New Jersey.
            Lets talk about Record low temperatures in 18 states (6 Jun 09).
            Let’s talk about Record low temperatures in 15 states (5 Jun 09).
            Let’s talk about Record low temperatures in 11 states (4 Jun 09).
            Let’s talk about Record low temperatures in seven states (3 Jun 09).
            See Record Low Temperatures across the US

"On the morning of 16 April, at a meeting in Washington (pdf), more than 30 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientists, climate change experts from a number of universities, environmental activists and media strategists discussed how to engage various communities with the findings of the report - town mayors, religious groups, even kindergarten pupils."

            "Even kindergarten pupils"! Dumping this sort of propaganda
            - this sort of rubbish - on kindergarten pupils is reprehensible

Suggestions raised at the meeting for key messages from the White House included "green jobs", "middle class initiative" and "energy independence".

            If we use the correct words, maybe the gullible American public
            won’t notice that it’s actually getting colder.

“The release appeared timed to help Democratic leaders in Congress meet an ambitious target of passing a climate change bill through the house of representatives (sic) by 26 June. The Democratic speaker, Nancy Pelosi, wants to hold a vote before the house breaks up for the 4 July Independence Day holiday.”

“But the bill has run into strong opposition from some Democratic members of Congress, especially those from agricultural states who say that putting limits on greenhouse gas emissions will hurt farmers' economic interests.”
          Hooray for those few brave Democratic members of Congress
          who dare stand up to this economic suicide.

See entire article by Suzanne Goldenberg: 





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