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Obama Killing the Economy One Day at a Time

By Alan Caruba

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9 Jun 11 - (Excerpts) - You have to be stupid to cling to a completely debunked “global warming” hoax whose real purpose was to create a new source of wealth for people like Al Gore via the sale of “carbon credits.” These are permission slips to emit carbon dioxide (CO2) while producing energy, such as utilities, or using it to manufacture and produce virtually everything from steel to the local baked goods.

The problem for those advocating carbon credits is that there is no global warming. A new cooling cycle began in 1998 and the Earth has been cooling ever since. The Mississippi River flooding is the result of melting snow from a winter that produced record amounts. Future winters will become more extreme and last longer because that’s what happens when the Earth cools.

Not only is the Earth cooling, as it did from 1300 to 1850 in what is now called the “little Ice Age”, but CO2 has nothing whatever to do with the climate. It comprises 0.038% of the atmosphere. Manmade CO2, deemed the culprit because it is the result of burning fossil fuels, oil, gas, and coal, for energy, has nothing to do with climate. The primary factor was and is the Sun. It has been that way for 4.5 billion years.

So why do we read that the Obama administration’s Department of Agriculture has spent $17.4 million “to explore market for carbon credits”? Why is the administration still fixated on a Cap-and-Trade bill they say will reduce CO2 when it is not a problem? Somebody is still looking for a big payday, but the rest of us have just seen $17.4 million of our money flushed down the Green toilet.

The problem here is that the Chicago exchange that was set up to cash in on the CO2 cash cow has folded and the ones in Europe have collapsed as well. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack may want to establish an American carbon market, but having already wasted millions toward this objective, someone needs to tell him to stop.

That someone would normally be the President, but our President is not normal. He is a pathological narcissist and liar.

In the past three years, Obama has doubled the national debt, often with “stimulus” bills that stimulated nothing.

Obama’s Gulf of Mexico “permatorium” has put 87,000 workers in the oil industry out of work with a moratorum on drilling permits that courts have twice declared illegal, but which continues to this day.

Americans have been forced to witness a succession of short-term, quick fixes to the economy that have fixed nothing and made things worse. That’s a pretty good definition of stupidity.

Alan Caruba, 2011

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