Nuremburg Trial

Not by Fire but by Ice


Updated 14 Oct 06


Nuremberg-style trials proposed 
for global warming skeptics

Uh oh. Will Al Gore call for my arrest?

12 Oct 06 - A U.S. based environmental magazine that both former Vice
President Al Gore and PBS newsman Bill Moyers, have deemed respectable
enough to grant one-on-one interviews to promote their projects, is now
advocating Nuremberg-style war crimes trials for skeptics of human-caused
catastrophic global warming.

In Grist Magazine’s online publication on September 19, 2006, staff writer 
David Roberts called for the Nuremberg-style trials for the “bastards” who 
were members of what he termed the global Warming “denial industry.”  
". . . we should have war crimes trials for these bastards,” Roberts said,
“some sort of climate Nuremberg .”  

Gore and Moyers have not yet commented on Grist's advocacy of prosecuting
skeptics of global warming with a Nuremberg-style war crimes trial. Gore has 
used the phrase "global warming deniers" to describe scientists and others who
don't share his view of the Earth's climate.

This is not funny. 

Sounds to me like Mr. Roberts is proposing a good old-fashioned 
Communist purge for anyone who dares question the party line.

 See full article at U.S. Senate website:



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