Not by Fire but by Ice






We are now entering an ice age
Says an editorial on India Net Daily on 29 Dec 2005.

I agree with parts of the editorial . . . And why not? I think some of it came from one of my interviews with George Noory on Coast-to-Coast a.m.

Here are some excerpts:

Ice ages come every 11,000 years. A mega ice age comes every 105,000 years. The 11,000 year cycle happens because of cyclical underwater volcanic eruption. The 105,000 mega ice age happens because of the changing shape of the orbit of the earth around the sun –– circular to elliptical and then back to circular every 105,000 years.

Both have actually started. Europe right now is in deep freeze. Japan and South Korea are experiencing the worst snowfall ever. Even New Delhi is experiencing the worst ever fog and cold weather.

The 105,000 cycle is overdue ... Some Geologists believe that global warming is causing the freeze ... But much more serious is the cyclical increase in under ocean volcanoes and stretched geysers over miles. Such an eruption has recently been discovered in Indian Ocean stretching 45 miles releasing superheated steam to 750 degree F.

Because of this extra heat ocean is getting evaporated. The resulting precipitation is forming the snow and eventually ice.

Food will be scarce and much of the northern hemisphere will be under deep ice with little life there. Serious migration of population will take place from north to south.

El Nino which is due in 2008-2009 can cause the mega ice age to come. A super volcano in Toba or Yellow Stone can also cause the mega ice age. Earth’s current orbit around the Sun suggests that any of these will instantaneously ( two months for example) put the earth into deep freeze. Severe weather patterns that is taking hold of the earth are not very good signs

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