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“Not a single piece of actual evidence”,
says Dutch scientist


24 May 09 - Analytical chemist Hans Schreuder recently spoke to the Northern Ireland Climate Change Committee.

“Your Committee (should) think twice about climate change mitigation measures,” said Schreuder, pointing out that they have been subjected to “a bandwagon process by which countries around the world are pressured to make widespread and costly commitments without an absolute or even a vague assurance that the phenomenon exists.”

“The UN's IPCC bases its dire forecasts on nothing more than computer models that regard the earth as a flat disk bathed in a constant 24 hour haze of sunlight, without north and south poles, without clouds and without any relationship to the real planet we live on.

“Despite much rhetoric and research over the past two decades, there is still not a single piece of actual evidence that the now-maligned carbon dioxide molecule causes global warming (or "climate change").

“To over 40,000 fellow scientists from around the world and to myself this is no surprise, for no such evidence can ever be found. (italics added)

“Carbon dioxide, at less than 400 parts per million by volume, does not and can not influence either the atmospheric temperature or the climate in a measurable way. Only laboratory experiments with heat lamps can make carbon dioxide do what climate change proponents want it to do, that is, warm the flasks that contain CO2. Yet this is not principally how the open atmosphere gets heated and no laboratory experiment can mimic actual air dynamics or be extrapolated to represent them.

"Any and all evidence that has ever been presented to support the idea that carbon dioxide has an effect on global temperatures has been biased, opinionated and based on an agenda that pre-emptively dismissed alternative explanations."

"Computer simulations regard the earth as a flat disk, without North or South Pole, without the Tropics, without clouds and bathed in a 24 hour haze of sunshine. The reality is two icy poles and a tropical equatorial zone, with each and every square metre of our earth receiving an ever varying and different amount of energy from the sun, season to season and day to day. This reality is too difficult to input to a computer.

Did you realise that?"

"If carbon dioxide really is such a danger to mankind, as the US Environmental Protection Agency would have us believe, then the upcoming Olympic Games should be cancelled, as well as all other big sporting events, as well as all road transport and all air transport and all coal- and gas-fired powerstations should be shut down. Clearly there is no need for such drastic action and clearly carbon dioxide is not dangerous at all."

"The above makes a mockery of saying that today’s level is unprecedented."

"As a further rebuttal of the influence of carbon dioxide over the climate, the alleged IPCC greenhouse effect is a non-existent effect.  No greenhouse, whether made from glass, plastic, cardboard or steel will reach a higher inside temperature due to the magic of re-radiated infrared energy.  If it did, engineers would have long ago been able to design power stations made from air, mirrors and glass, extracting more energy out of it than was put into it - if only!"

"The periodicity in the data and the unequivocal solar linkage were not even addressed. This is not science. The whole climate change issue is about to fall apart. Heads will roll.”

"Any and all schemes to reduce carbon dioxide emissions are futile in terms of having an effect on global temperatures or the climate and any and all carbon trading exchanges are a fraudulent exercise amounting to no more than hidden taxation.

Here's a link to the speech itself:

And here's the entire paper that Schreuder submitted to the
Northern Ireland Climate Change Committee:





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