Noctilucent clouds - Signaling an ice age?

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Noctilucent clouds - Signaling an ice age?


2 Jul 08 - Clouds usually seen above Earth's poles now being seen over western France.

This image shows one of the first ground sightings of noctilucent clouds in the 2007 season. Credit: Veres Viktor of Budapest, Hungary taken on June 15, 2007.

In the early morning hours of June 30th, ghostly noctilucent clouds hovered in the over western France. The night-shining clouds lie near the edge of space, reflecting sunlight from about 80 km above the earth. Usually spotted above the poles in summer, they are now seen with increasing frequency farther from the poles, in this case extending to about 48 degrees north. The trend could be a telltale sign of global changes in the atmosphere.

Very little is known about how these clouds form over the poles, why they are being seen more frequently and at lower latitudes than ever before, or why they have been growing brighter. They appear to be a relatively recent phenomenon—they were first reported in 1885, shortly after the eruption of Krakatoa—and it has been suggested that they may be related to climate change.

               I think, of course, that they’re related to an impending
               ice age.
Thanks to Clay Olson for this link




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