Noctilucent Clouds – An explanation?

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Noctilucent Clouds – An explanation?

21 Jul 08 - Here’s a  theory from a reader clouds that makes as much sense to me as anything else I’ve heard.

Dear Robert,
I have been watching the articles about noctilucent clouds (NLC) on the site for a year now and have been amazed at how folks are in wonderment over these high flying ice crystal formations, but have no explanation for their occurrence.
Recently these clouds have been spotted over the USA, a previously unknown romping ground for the clouds. The sighting of NLCs over more area of the northern latitudes has still not sparked a debate on the website over the causes, except to make several just shrug their shoulders.
My humble belief is that these clouds are tied into the reduced solar activity we are seeing in the latest cycle.  These clouds form at very high altitudes and are not water vapor ice, but are other chemicals and gases that have reached their ice stage in the 45 - 65 mile altitude.
When the solar winds are low, the clouds are forming or may be more readily seen since the aurora won't be as visible.  This is based on my observance of the solar wind numbers posted daily at the sight and the articles and pictures posted there as well and their concurrence.  Now I could be wrong and probably am wrong about this, however, while the collective is looking the other way, nature is posting reminders as to what is coming down the pike.

Intense cold that is making its' way down through the atmosphere from space can cause the snap changes in the upper latitudes of the planet.  Won't take much to create more long-term "arctic express" weather patterns that we have already experienced in the plains.  A blizzard that moves through in one day could very well become a multiple day event fed with gulf moisture and non-stop arctic cold.

Today, the solar wind speed is 302.8 km/sec.  The aurora is above the Arctic line and is weak.  There are NLC clouds visible in Iran.  The upper atmosphere is very cold and the lack of solar activity is doing it.  Sunspot 1000 is fading fast.
I predict that when the NLC clouds are seen around the Texas latitudes, watch out.  Cold is on the way.  And, not the cold that is strictly winter.  I believe that these clouds are a precursor to the change.
Please monitor

Thanks for your website and the articles that continue to enlighten me.
Dave Ballard
PS - I have no connection with the site except thru curiosity.

See another photo of noctilucent clouds




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