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“Is a New Ice Age Under Way?”

The growing Nisqually Glacier in Washington State
points that way.

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(This is from the latest issue of 21st Century Science and Technology, written by Lawrence Hecht, editor-in-chief. )

"Watch out, Al Gore. The glaciers will get you!" With that appended note, my friend, retired field geologist Jack Sauers, forwarded to me a report that should have been a lead item in every newspaper in the world. It was the news that the best-measured  glacier in North America, the Nisqually on Mount Rainier, has been growing."

"The significance of the fact, immediately grasped by any competent climatologist, is that glacial advance is an early warning sign of Northern Hemisphere chilling of the sort that can bring on an Ice Age. The last Little Ice Age continued from about 1400 to 1850. It was followed by a period of slight warming. There are a growing number of signs that we may be descending into another Little Ice Age-all the mountains of "global warming" propaganda aside."

"Geological evidence shows that in the last Ice Age, the southern boundary of the continental ice sheet, known as a terminal moraine, stretched down the center of Long Island, through New York City, across New Jersey and Pennsylvania to Southern Illinois and Missouri, then up the Plains States through Montana and Washington State. All of this real estate was buried under one to two miles of ice.

"Geologically and climatologically speaking, we are due for another such glacial advance . . . and in some places (it) may already be taking place.

"Since 1980, there has been an advance of more than 55% of the 625 mountain glaciers under observation by the World Glacier Monitoring group in Zurich. (From 1926 to 1960, some 70-95% of these glaciers were in retreat.)

"That brings us to the Nisqually glacier, up on the 14,410-foot Mount Rainier, near Tacoma, Wash.

"In 1931, fearful that the receding glacier would provide insufficient runoff for their newly completed hydroelectric facility, Tacoma City Light began careful measurements of the glacier. Since the mid-1800s, the glacier had receded about 1 kilometer. The details are described in the September 2000 issue of Washington Geology:

"Between 1994 and 1997, the glacier thickened by 17 meters at 2,800-m altitude, indicating probable glacier advance during the first decade of the 21st century."

"That's the story from Mount Rainier. Retired geologist Sauers, who has been observing conditions in the Cascade Mountains of western Washington for a lifetime, says "I'm preparing for an Ice Age." Perhaps we all should."

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