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New Zealand - Ground lurches 11 feet

Immense damage - Aftershocks rattle Christchurch


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6 Sep 10 - At least 500 buildings have been designated as destroyed by the 7.1-magnitude quake that struck near the South Island city of 400,000 people.

The mayor of Christchurch, Bob Parker, described the damage as immense, and a state of emergency has been declared.

During the night following the earthquake, 19 aftershocks were reported by the New Zealand GeoNet website.

The earthquake struck at 4:35 a.m. Saturday morning when most people were asleep.

The epicentre was 20km (13 miles) west of Christchurch, according to New Zealand's government-owned research organisation GNS Science.

"The damages are incredibly frightening. The only thing you can say it's a miracle that no-one lost their life," Prime Minister John Key told TV NZ.

Mayor Bob Parker said daylight showed that the damage was considerably worse than first thought.

Chimneys and walls had fallen from older buildings, with roads blocked, traffic lights out and power, gas and water supplies disrupted, Mr Parker said.

The local newspaper, The Press, said the quake was felt widely across the South Island, including Christchurch and the nearby port city of Timaru.

It is remarkable that no one died due to the earthquake, especially considering that in some areas the surface lurched 11feet, ripping a new fault line

See: 621106 ths-surface-11ft-right.html
Thanks to Gordon Broussard, Labby, Tom McHart, Emma Corry and Sheldon Day for these links 

Here are some great images of so-called "sand volcanoes" related to liquefaction of the sandy sediment under parts of Christchurch and Canterbury.

Also, see a map of the  numerous aftershocks from the earthquake as well. 

See also: Curfew imposed on Christchurch after-major-quake/story-e6frf7jx-1225914204198




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