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9 Apr 07



They’re Out to Get Us!

"We are heading not for increasing global warming but instead for a new period of glaciation."

Here’s part of a great commentary by Phil Brennan

21 Mar 07 - Listen up - here's what was then the prevailing opinion among the climatologists:

"The present interglacial interval -- which has now lasted for about 10,000 years -- represents a climatic regime that is relatively rare during the past million years, most of which has been occupied by colder, glacial regimes. Only during about 8 percent of the past 700,000 years has the earth experienced climates as warm or warmer than the present.

"The penultimate interglacial age began about 125,000 years ago, and lasted for approximately 10,000 years. Similar interglacial ages - each lasting 10,000 plus or minus 2000 years and each followed by a glacial maximum - have occurred on the average every 100,000 years during at least the past half-million years.

Who said that? None other than the National Academy of Sciences! (Understanding Climate Change, published by the National Academy of Sciences in 1975 -- page 181).

On page 189 they asked "When will the present interglacial [period] end?

Their answer: "Few paleoclimatoligists would dispute that the prominent warm periods (or interglacials) that have followed each of the terminations of the major glaciations have had durations of 10,000 plus or minus 2000 years. In each case, a period of considerably colder climate has followed immediately after the interglacial interval.

"In geological prospective, the case for cooling is strong ... we may reasonably suppose the world is about due to slide into the next ice age." In 1997 I wrote that this was the prevailing opinion among paleoclimatologists.

Unless Al Gore and his fellow would-be masters of the Universe have somehow managed to repeal what history has shown to be an iron clad law of nature, we are heading not for increasing global warming but instead for a new period of glaciation.

What concerns me at the moment is that the media-fed hysteria might well cause the nation - and the world - to accept the most punitive kind of restrictions on our way of life - restrictions which will drive a dagger through the heart of our economy to prevent something from happening that is simply not happening.

See full article in the March 21, 2007 issue of Ether Zone.
Thanks to Adam Edwards for this link

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Phil Brennan is a veteran journalist who writes for He is editor & publisher of Wednesday on the Web and was Washington columnist for National Review magazine in the 1960s. He also served as a staff aide for the House Republican Policy Committee and helped handle the Washington public relations operation for the Alaska Statehood Committee which won statehood for Alaska. He is also a trustee of the Lincoln Heritage Institute and a member of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers. Phil Brennan is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.



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